Love Poem: Recipe For a Life of Love
Gershon Wolf Avatar
Written by: Gershon Wolf

Recipe For a Life of Love

Wake up every day, give thanks to the Lord
  An expression of gratitude you can surely afford

Then take a minute, just a minute, to contemplate
  Is there anyone on this Earth whom I think that I hate

If so, purge that hate from your heart; it has no place there
  Consign it to ashes; of its return - please beware

After that one more minute - OK - maybe two
  Infuse your heart with love for every person you knew
and now know... at home, at school, at work, on the street 
  Vow to receive with good cheer every new face you meet

Manifest the image of God; He's yours to glorify
  Fill your heart with pure love ~ in abundant supply