Love Poem: Are You Saved?
Regina Mcintosh Avatar
Written by: Regina Mcintosh

Are You Saved?

At the end of each moment,
Lies a seed – sometimes an echo,
Stirring the depths of yearning,
Breathless as prayers, burning.

At the end of each nighttime,
Lies a weed – sometimes a thought,
Reflecting the music, the hues
Peaceful mysteries, enchanting stillness.

At the end of each risk,
Lies a deed – sometimes a dream,
Whispering of life, silent and meaningful,
Despairing of the star strewn skies.

Beyond the moments, the nights, the risks,
Abides a wisdom, reassuring and flavored in kisses,
Abundant as the gentling of a tenderness,
Brought to life by the urgency of God’s grace,
His life, breathless as praise, poured out so the world,
Can be saved…