Love Poems About Abated or Abated Love Poems
by Seth Diamond |
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Empty Spaces

Empty Spaces

I would,
to satisfy
my love for you -
fill your empty spaces.

To show your wonder,
all the prose there is.
To fill your wounds with health.
Your passions abated.

by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: family, love,

A Family Affair

Angry and confused, I climbed the stairs.
My family was dear to me
I could not help shedding tears.
Could the lighthouse provide me with a key?
Outside the tempest roared, stormy seas so deep.
Yet the lighthouse was a solace to me.

My daughter in her room asleep.
Why did my wife call her a black sheep?
A solution my wife had to find.
One can't keep her daughter confined.
They need to bond and be aligned.

Problems with family affairs.
One of course could only plea.
All she had to do was open the door and peep
Resolve to speak quietly and kind.                
The storm abated, so I returned to my family
With a hope that mother and child will find sanity.

by Rhoda Tripp |
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Gluttons, paupers, tis not thee I address,
Rather ye men, middle income meager.
Dames hast thine coffers slightly beleaguered?
Garments bejeweled, appetites sated?

Vultures dine thy muscles of toils weary.
Lazy bones remain roadside, pauper's soup.
Wages earned, eggs income, gathered hen coop,
Through petty tasks, worthlessness abated.

Gentlemen, tis advice long awaited.
Find ye equal love, damsels of mind fair.
If thee seek only fair face, silky hair,
Coffers of paupers surely tis fated.

Hasten, young men, to thy ladies true worth.
For prosperity not, befell thy birth.

by Cecil Hickman |
Categories: death, depression, devotion, faith, family, history, life, philosophy, social,


Aggravation waited.
Health always debated.
Material things created.
Mental capacity unstated.
History always elated.
Final breath is fated.
Future is overrated.
Partners never sated.
Love cannot be slated.
Compassion will be desecrated.
Desire falsely translated.
Life is overly stated.
From the day we are created.
While we are all interrelated,
We continually face each other abated
Awaiting our dignity to be dictated,
We fail each other blindly sedated.
If we are lucky we go through life conjugated.

by Marti Sutherland |
Categories: dance, love,

Prelude To Love

We've been slow dancing
    romancing in subtle prelude
Wooed by cravings in our eyes
    hypnotized in amorous flirt
 Assertive glances sparked by embers
    remembrances of a burning fire
desired remnants of heated passion
    Fashioned whispers, calling our names
claiming our hearts to beat as one
    none has requited or sated
Abated our harvests of love yet to reap
   Deep and lonely have been our nights
Blighted from cold and empty arms
   Palm to palm we feast on each other
smothered by longing; a sense of belonging

by Susan Gentry |
Categories: character, faith, friendship, friendship love, truth,

Friend Qualities

My closest friends came to be serendipitously
acquaintances through circumstances...
age deepened respect through several years...
honesty, laughter and tears abated fears...
now that we are here... by faith we persevere

It seems 'to take a village' to keep me in ink...
I appreciate each of you, all you do and think
Two, because of you, helped me want to stay...
The kindness of your ways, I still admire today

June 23, 2018

Sixth Place

by Brian Cochran |
Categories: desire, kiss, longing, love, lust, sensual, sexy,


He leaves me breathless,
Whimpering in near madness,
Desire abated…
Until my thirst returns,
An eternal, soul-searing fire that burns
Just under my skin,
I yearn for him within.
Passion is stoked
With every stroke and caress,
With every kiss I am blessed,
With every touch I am thrust
Upon the altar of sacrifice, 
Where love fails to describe
All that I am willing to give
To live for just a moment
In his grace.

by Laura Leiser |
Categories: love, sea, time,

Bond of the Sea

Was it only yesterday, or long ago
when we sailed through a crimson tide?
On a mesmerizing misty morn
together, just you and I?

We tossed and turned through brazen seas
'tween parted clouds of shadow and light
our hearts were enthralled, we felt it all
our love stronger than the sea current's might.

As the tempest of winds and waves abated
we drifted beneath a harvest moon
listening to slow, steady slaps along the shore
reveling in the magic that was gone too soon.

Now, in night's solitude, I dream of you
I still see your face of rapture and grace
though details of that time be forgotten
our bond of love will never be erased.

Written on 4/10/2018

by Skyy Allen |
Categories: allegory, allusion, america, analogy, art,

Red Lights

Red lights flashing 
And my heart defaced
Fighting feelings I can’t describe
Tracing patterns within the rhyme
Out of empathy, out of time
Spiraling down the kitchen sink
Languishing in thoughts abated
Searching for a love
To reignite my spark
Stone faced and hard hearted
I know not from whence I came
Standing in an alleyway
With red lights flashing
Watching the dead reanimate
By a single tear of mine
By a solemn prayer lost in time.

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: love, memory, youth,

Her Letters, Lemon Scented

Her letters, lemon scented, sweetly handwritten
     were always eagerly awaited
They spoke of young love
     A portrait of tender emotion

Her letters, lemon scented, whispered affection
     my insecurities abated
The innocent words, an unbridled heart
     Conspiring a life long devotion

Her letters, lemon scented, tied up in ribbons
     For me, no longer fated
But beautiful memories they will remain
     of a cherished, sentimental notion

by David De La Croes |
Categories: love, time,

Old Love

The flames of the fire of our love
may have abated and subsided
but its embers still menacingly glow
and from time to time it's re-ignited
searing through us like lava's hot flow
until by joy fulfilled and delighted
it flickers, returning, mellowing slow,
into its normal pedestrian groove.

by Jeanie Bennett |
Categories: anger, depression, feelings,

Never Not

The day is now done
There were fleeting feelings of fun
Some futile battles were won
Some not
Anxiety was temporarily abated
Silly, stupid dreams deflated
Depressed mood finally elated
Then not
Pain occasionally improved
With measures mostly removed
Every joint & muscle soothed
All better forever
Nope, not
But love consistently prevails 
Through life's knives & nails
Through all the above
Not shaken by smirk or shove
Nor threat or ill intent to be free of
Or razor sharp tongue
To inflict pain & misery on some
Will I be one
Never, NOT !!!

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, anxiety, character, engagement, friendship, irony,

Found Him-

found him in mine thoughts cherishing my drought thirsty was my heart pleasured was those parts enhanced over joyed gatherings discredited hated and abated misconstrued unseen unviewed callus love unfound deluded embraced unalloyed enhanced with invisible cloy Love of lavender thirsty was my heart pleasured was those parts she found him she saw him she found him and they both were lost
8/30/22 written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2022© based off poetry inspired by Paris-Maree Boreham piece "caught her" 7/4/22©

by Augie Latorre |
Categories: angst, break up, love hurts,


I’m not one to boast
But this morning I was able to look up from the abyss
My mind clear and sharp
The wave subsided
The overwhelming rush of love and regret abated.
And for the first time in weeks
I didn’t burn the toast.

Looking ahead toward dinner
I may take some root vegetables,
Parsley , rosemary and olive oil
Preheat the oven to 400
Cut out my tortured heart, add it to the root vegetables
And let them roast.

by Skyy Allen |
Categories: allegory, imagination,


Red lights flashing & my heart defaced
Fighting feelings I can't describe
Tracing patterns within the rhyme
Out of empathy, out of time

Spiraling down the kitchen sink
Languishing in thoughts abated
Searching for a love to re-ignite my spark
Stone faced & hard hearted

I know not from whence I came
Standing in an alley
With red lights flashing
Watching the dead reanimated.

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, engagement, god, inspirational love,

Abated Blessings of Continued Drums Beats the Heart With In Love-

I just want to write you weekly,
Verses from the heart of one of God’s Son
Abated blessings of continued drums,
The rhythm beats of His created anatomical heart
Impart electric, eclectic, energies, sparks… Quietly True

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2023©
from  anthology booklets  … Quietly True

by Melissa Gregg |
Categories: confusion, life, lost love, love, people, sad,


Unlocked memories
Quietly tears warm my cheek
Your embrace cold and abated
I cry

by Dave Timperley |
Categories: emotions, love, romance,


Love drenched,
Thirst quenched,
Heart clenched.
Desire sated,
Pain abated,
Feel elated.
Tearful fears,
Yearning sears,
Love endears.

for Lin Lane

© Dave Timperley 07 June 2017

by Terry Ireland |
Categories: age, humor, lust,

Generation Gap

Oh you can't have sex after sixty
She said with a bit of a blush
You can't have sex after sixty
It's meant for the young folk like us.

So if I get that testosterone rush
When we're lying together in bed
We'd better not start making love
But you take out your knitting instead
And I'll get out my journal
And pass a bit of the time
Wrestling with the words
To work up a bit of a rhyme,
But if after half an hour
The desire still hasn't abated
Lets hug and cuddle and love
Until appetites are fully sated.

But we won't tell the young folk
Just leave them feeling contented
Like all younger generations they think they're
The ones by which making love was invented.

by Rick Howarth |
Categories: loss, mother,

A Mothers Love

I feel her love and know its there,
often I've recognised the care,
no words, no kiss, no touching hand
nor shadow cast where she might stand.
Was once the infant in her arms
protected from a war of harm,
yet fate for us a drama wrote
when death, impatient, young life smote.

Her memory abated storms,
guiding through reefs of life’s alarm,
so in old ages eve of night
I sense her courage dull the fright.

by Albert Ahearn |
Categories: lost love, lovelost, lost,


An indelible tattoo of Mary
Faintly graces my upper left arm.
I loved her but we never married,
Our love lost its meaningful charm.
So long! To the faded memories
Those years of yore all but disappeared;
Bygone are the glints of yesterdays
As I gaze at the scar once revered:
Abated colors now take the place
Where once her name etched brilliantly:
M-A-R-Y inked in upper case
Is now lost unrecognizably.
As long as this mark’s a part of me
Mary remains in my reveries.

by Tony Bush |
Categories: life, love, sad, love,

Tomorrow Never

Tomorrow never comes, my love, 
  for time relates unto itself 
  and all that sheds an earthly shadow 
under star crossed skies above.

Tomorrow never comes, they say, 
  thus worlds collide within the claw 
  of all that gravity and space 
prescribes of living for today. 

Tomorrow never comes, we cry 
  the tears of gleaning transience, 
  the inconclusive, febrile pulse, 
the when and how we die.

Tomorrow never comes, and pain 
  abated by the penchant cure 
  of love defined the fleeting spark 
for who can know if love will come again?

by Kurt Philip Behm |
Categories: love,

Until Then

Until you really love someone,
you don’t know what you’ll do

The old rules self-abated,
priorities renewed

Until you really love someone,
you won’t see past yourself

Your life upturned, your role reversed
—your soul to someone else

(Dreamsleep: February, 2020)

by Nathan Wilson |
Categories: allegory, cancer, death, grief, my child, soldier, sorrow, trust, war,

The Bio-Wars: A Son Lost

A tumour abated alters and waits.
Pathway incised, a new one it makes.
Spreading and forming, roots growing down.
The moment’s now here, a mighty rebound.

Battle exhausted, the bones ache and crack.
The units expended; yield to the plaque. 
Inquiry, anger, negotiations above.
But the body is weakened, aching and done. 

“I’m sorry - I’ve tired - but failed in my plight.”
“Nonsense, my son, no fighting tonight.
No orders, no mission, nor failure to bare.
Just love from your father, of that I do swear.”

Dead now, but living. Eyes open, but grey.
Pallid and wasted, a ghost in but name.
A horror unyielding, a memory maligned.
Of which we endure, for moments of time.