Love Poem: A Family Affair
Buhagiar Victor Avatar
Written by: Buhagiar Victor

A Family Affair

Angry and confused, I climbed the stairs.
My family was dear to me
I could not help shedding tears.
Could the lighthouse provide me with a key?
Outside the tempest roared, stormy seas so deep.
Yet the lighthouse was a solace to me.

My daughter in her room asleep.
Why did my wife call her a black sheep?
A solution my wife had to find.
One can't keep her daughter confined.
They need to bond and be aligned.

Problems with family affairs.
One of course could only plea.
All she had to do was open the door and peep
Resolve to speak quietly and kind.                
The storm abated, so I returned to my family
With a hope that mother and child will find sanity.