Love Poem: Bond of the Sea
Laura Leiser Avatar
Written by: Laura Leiser

Bond of the Sea

Was it only yesterday, or long ago
when we sailed through a crimson tide?
On a mesmerizing misty morn
together, just you and I?

We tossed and turned through brazen seas
'tween parted clouds of shadow and light
our hearts were enthralled, we felt it all
our love stronger than the sea current's might.

As the tempest of winds and waves abated
we drifted beneath a harvest moon
listening to slow, steady slaps along the shore
reveling in the magic that was gone too soon.

Now, in night's solitude, I dream of you
I still see your face of rapture and grace
though details of that time be forgotten
our bond of love will never be erased.

Written on 4/10/2018