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Poem Details | by Donald Hull III |
Categories: death, life, love, sad, me, day, me,


Weakness takes me apart like a blaze
Flames surround me as I lay
My weakness gives in
To the devil’s den

So many things I refuse to say
Day after day
Moments pass by like love
Float into the sky above

Weakness engulfs my rage
As I look and see an old mage
Waving his staff to the heavens
Counting by sevens

Reminds me of my first date
Reminds me of the evil’s den

Every word that comes out
Seems to have no sound
I scream at the top of my lungs
As rays hit my skin from the sun

Burning me from outside in
Turning my flesh red within
Demons sing about
About all of their doubt

As another day arrives
The 7th dies
Enrage with murderous thoughts
As another bad lung coughs 

Our weakness surrounds us all 
With a scary wall that stands so tall
No way out I say
As I wave away another day 

Poem Details | by Nagella Jean-Baptiste |
Categories: feelings, truth,

Love is weakness

Love is weakness I do not need.
Your love is fakeYou just try to still from soul that been through pain.

You try to distract with your fake love.
Towards heart that really need true love.
At least my love is really and can relate to those that been in pain.

I  do not need love honestly I don't.
I am strong like a warriorI just need to get rid of what's been hiding.
The truth need to be told one way or another.
For years I've been like a mute and you never noticed.

I've reached the breaking pointFeels like I am truly awaken.
I do not care about loveI can't never love you for you are just a showrade.

I only love one person in my lifeAnd that's how it will always stay.
My precious son of courseFor he doesn't know any better.
Young and stupid old and wise he learned them from meAnd that's a fact.

I do not need your love or should I say your lust.
For I've lived without it long enough.
And my life been fineFor I won't love you back.
You just wasting your time.

The Truth needs to be told for once.
For can't hold in any longer for those that had spread lies like a disease.
They say the truth will set you free.
Indeed it do for everything I've feel like a burden off my shoulders.
Even I can't believe I actually went through all this.

Keep your love I do not need.
For love is weaknessDon't touch me with it.
I will destroy you along with it.

Poem Details | by Deb Wilson |
Categories: heartbroken, love,

To Love In Weakness Or Grow Strong

In those tender hours before the dawn
I cry that I'm his tragic pawn.
He shreds my senses into tatters
then squashes all the hope that matters.

Yet I feel such a magical love
from him like he's sent from above.
My heartstrings play each song for him.
He fills my soul right to the brim.

Now I have made my tough decision.
He'll find me gone when he has risen.
Single and strong is what I'll be.
I grabbed the reins-set myself free!

written 1/16/2014
for contest Three or More Stanzas and Thoughts On Same Idea"

P>S> This is not my real life LOL !!

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: break up, conflict, forgiveness, hurt, lost love, pain, passion,

I Will Rise, Above Heart's Weakness

I Will Rise, Above Heart's Weakness
(I Will Rise Above -MY - Heart's Weakness)

Shall I bend, to your massive will
break chains of my aching heart
Or with infinite time wait until
life gives love's sweeter restart

Shall I cry, into your bad heart
show pain dripping in blood
Or wait until we dare race apart
in a deluge waiting to flood

Should I weep, for your mistakes
eat truth to save your soul
Beg forever even more hard retakes
and love burning like a coal

Should I grovel, in abject shame
a man dying in his despair
A fool uncaring of his family name
begging again without a care

I will look, again into dark eyes
fight blackness that stares back
Choose to forget your very bad lies
seek deeper love that you lack

I will rise, above heart's weakness
cut out my longing love needs
Forget your sexy body and sleekness
which my dream forever feeds

Robert JLindley 

Note: Written decades ago but edited
this morn to remove too many very personal verses
The original stays private within my journal.

Poem Details | by Jim Pemberton |
Categories: change, character, christian, conflict, confusion, corruption, culture, depression, discrimination, evil, faith, feelings, freedom, god, heartbroken, hope, how i feel, jesus, life, love, lust, people, political, religion, religious, social, society, sorrow, sorry, spiritual, urban, vanity,

Political Correctness Brings Spiritual Weakness

Political Correctness Brings Weakness!

In our country’s pursuit of “political correctness…”
We’re not in a position of strength…  But weakness!
It’s like you can’t hardly say anything anymore…
And you find yourself outside the courtroom’s door!
We may think we’re strong…   But we’re weakened!
You may ask; “how could all of this happen???”

We’ve attempted to replace God with a “new morality.”
This has brought a new generation of “moral depravity.”
We bend our laws to what is called; “constitutional.”
And forget about what is truth!  And what is biblical!
Even the ten commandments are often ridiculed and scorned.
As a great rise of ungodly living has been formed!
A tide of sexual perversion is what has taken place!
Bringing into my homes, much heartache and disgrace!

God’s truth is often “thrown out,” and avoided!
While a “new kind of living” has often been decided!
We need YOU Jesus!  Now!  More than ever before!
Our sins, on the old rugged cross, is what he bore!
Jesus is the answer to our problems!  He is the solution!
His blood can take away all of the sinful pollution!
Please dear lord, touch and convict us with your power!
Please heal this nation!  We need YOU this hour!

By Jim Pemberton   09/30/13

Poem Details | by nadia rabehi |
Categories: sad love,

The weakness of love

As out the window I saw him, and without asking permission
I fell in love with him,
The butterflies of my heart fluttered, 
My conscious disappeared in the deep shadows of his mystery
My heart melted on the flames of lust with blowing winds of fears
My soul filled with so much darkness so much cold,
I became a wayfarer wandering the lands,
Tracing the crumbs of his existing

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: angel, beautiful, blessing, emotions, feelings, heart, love,

I surrender to you my weakness

Crying seagulls haunting over sea waves chant 
As they moan and groan whispers churn eloquently 
Carrying an echo to the heart bound sounding magic 
oasis of my desert blows with a murmuring voice music spells 

As footprints always remain solid treading upon deep sands 
An imprint etched inside cavern walls once sewn marks your spot 
 Churning emotions playing with feelings grow with pure tenderness 
we will forever walk together hands joined in freedom's name 

As one heart flies uniting deeply forgetmenots dance wildly 
Warm waves upon summer's breeze strike a tune rejoicing bells ring 
Turning tides breathless light filled with sweet fragrance opens up 
Gates of eternity when the arrow of Cupid struck home eternally grateful

Poem Details | by Lesa Donaghy |
Categories: deep, desire, feelings, first love, meaningful, relationship, romantic,

Heart's weakness

Let me wipe away your tears 
In the midst of your despair 
Let me hold and and love you
Just let me be there
Every part of me is screaming for your attention 
But scared to death that love and affection will soon turn to rejection 
Your loving heart and mysterious ways
Make me dream of better days
As my want for you to be mine
But seems I'm left with no time
As you are taking all space in my mind
You may think I'm wierd
And in some ways you might be right 
But everyday that goes by
I'm losing my will to fight
Because your pulling me in
With your strong presence of romance 
But when it's to good to be true
It usually is and this can't possibly last
My defense is low and my vulnerability is high
Shot down hard with cupids arrow
As I'm now falling from the sky
So help me, guide me, just anything 
I'm silently begging you please

Poem Details | by Darren Robinson |
Categories: life, love, love, lust,

The Weakness of Man

 It’s unfortunate that I fall for your type
 Because it always means there’s more than one
 A decision to make, moments of weakness
 Where my mind flutters like a butterfly in the sun.
 I try to remain strong
 But, succumbing to my weakness, I fail
 Fluttering aimlessly, I don’t consider the
 Consequences my actions will entail.
 Now we’re here, same bed but
 Facing in different directions
 So we see the same situation differently.
 I see weakness, you see failure in my imperfections.
 In the vein of love, I look deep in your eyes
 And gaze at your heart with the purest smile
 But, in the vein of weakness, I look into eyes, 
 Not yours, as temptation beguiles.
 In the vein of love, I caress your
 Soul with my being, all of me.
 In the vein of weakness, I caress the body
 Of another, not yours, then becometh of the fall of me.
 Love for you, lust for another.
 Some say it’s the weakness of man.

 We make love and there’s the deepest connection
 While I embrace you, tight as though I just can’t lose you.
 I treat you like the most fragile glass, handling you
 Gently as I softly gaze through you.
 I see all of youWhere you need to be touched
 And where you need to be kissed,
 Ensuring, as I negotiate every one of your curves
 There’s no area missed.
 I ensure to look straight into your eyes, the
 Windows to your deepest emotion
 So you can look straight into mine and only
 See tender devotion.
 The admiration of your perfection
 But there’s a weakness of man.

 The love and drive for one can easily
 Become the lust for another.
 Don’t act as though you don’t understand.
 I believe we ALL have that situation where we consider a lover.
 The stand-in, the partner that
 Covers that invented 20 percent
 Like in reality, I break from the rhyme form
 To cover the 20 percent.
 For it’s a wandering from,
 Not a wandering to.
 I know breaking away doesn’t find the twenty.
 In fact, of percentage, it doesn’t find any
 But it’s never the truth when confronted, in weakness,
 Often induced by the Henny.
 Have you noticed I called this
 The Weakness of Man?

 In your search for the 20 Percent, at the bottom of
 The bottle, you’ll find about 8 Percent volume
 Total emptiness as you discover you don’t know
 What you’ve got til it’s gone.
 Then the 20 Percent is over and you realize
 Taking 8 Percent from 100 is wrong.
 Did you catch the math?
 The weakness of man.

 For those that don’t get it, I mean mankind
 The human species, that’s all of us
 And the weakness is ourselves.
 We can only ever go before the fall of us.
 Love, lustThe battle will never cease.
 While there is life, the weakness of man will ever be
 But where there is weakness, there is strength to be gained
 So, never lust but love, love we strive to see.

Poem Details | by Ann Okotha |
Categories: confusion, love, passion, romance, me,


Mixed feelings
Boquet of thoughts
Hot now
Cold then
Infusion of emotion

Want to let you go
Want to hold you near
So far
But close

Make me cry
Make me smile
Leap for joy at thoughts of you
Your voice
my sinful delight
Guilty of missing you

Terrible weakness
You are to me

Poem Details | by shan watson |
Categories: angel, beauty, for her, happiness, love, sunshine, sweet,

my weakness

That lightThe one that made your face glow and your eyes glimmerIt seemed as if the light knew youAs if, it knew how beautiful you were, and wanted the entire world to become mesmerizedAt that very moment, I was the entire world, and noticed something everyone else would've missed, the impeccable being of perfectionThis, creates my pulse..

Poem Details | by Abeer Badr |
Categories: happiness, love, passion, romance, sympathy, me,


No longer I could resisted your love Could not avoid your eyes You own my heart My resisting loosed Your warmth surrounded me I surrender into your arms My body burn in this arms How can I fade away from your passionate love Let your wet kisses turn off my burning Hold my tightly, hug me strongly I become prisoner in your love; Make me the queen of your heart…

Poem Details | by Elliott Bowe THe DrUnKeN POeT |
Categories: lost love, me, night, me, night, red,

A royal weakness

Oh mother your absence make me weak.

from my lonesome heart i speak.

To your clement bosom i cling.

In a distant land you lay.

Feeling your presents,again i pray.

This aloof sight of all memories

A physical embrace,i do wish to indulge.

From my chess this pain will bulge.

Oh what burdens to carry.

 Once you did help me carry.

At dawn a sparrow sings the unknown on the brink of a branch.

It fly's away,but its tweeting notes stay with me.

They reminded me of the mysteries you once did speak.

Joined with a kiss placed upon my plush red cheek.

Many nights spent awake drawing the sent up my nostrils

The sent of your rosy red and amber night gowns,The night frowns and crowns a queen in memories

                                 Royal gowns,sent of a motherly queen.

                                                      Weak i speak.
                                                      Weak i speak
                                                        of a queen.

Poem Details | by Teresa Harr-Pena |
Categories: confusion, hope, inspirational, life, lost love, love, sympathy, uplifting, me,

My Only Weakness Is Him

Time to move on
Love has come to an end
A week has passed
Nothing received, nothing to send

More memories to bury
Deep within thy soul
Many years to live
Focusing on my goal

For just a brief moment
I thought there was a chance
To have the man I've always loved
But I only got a glance...of his

soft lips
hard work
warm hands

and he walked with me just to let me walk away...again

Poem Details | by cortney bartholomew |
Categories: friendship, love, time, god, people, god, may, people, relationship,

love in weakness

the very moment i search for you lord, all my pain starts to dissipate,
the hunger i have comes back in full throttle, and so i start again on a clean slate,
i guess we all go through it,
in our weakness, we tend to back away,
if we only remembered your consistency, we would never tend to stray,
we all have our own fix-it mentality, we don't accomplish things, and then we're let 
our guilt and our abandonment become our full focus that moment, until we then 
become chained and bound,
many people put on that fake smile, and act as if there's nothing to say,
pouring your heart out may mean nothing to others, so to ignore it will take it 
this is what we all tend to believe, so we give up before we even begin to try,
evil wants you to think there's no one who will understand, while your so hurt you 
can't even cry,
we are here to gain a relationship with god, and serve others, it is the dress 
rehearsal before the play,
some people will stay in our lives forever, and some may leave or walk away,
sometimes we don't understand god's purpose or his will,
but when we have intimate fellowship with him, he'll go ahead with what he 
wants to fufill,
he'll place us in a spot, when all is lost, he's the only one that sees the truth, and 
really cares,
he was denied by all humanity, where you are now, he once was there,
sometimes we often think how can god possibly relate to my pain?,
the answers you need are in your relationship with him, his wisdom and 
knowledge you'll then attain,
forgetting may seem comfortable and inviting, because facing it just hurts too 
our pride doesn't want others to fully see our weakness or burdens, feeling we're 
using them as our crutch,
but isn't that why god placed us all together here, to help catch the other if they 
may fall,
to brace one another when weakness tries to creep in, and lift our burdens no 
matter how great or how small,
when judgement surrounds us constantly, we really don't want to talk,
and when others focus on just our difunctions, we feel it's impossible to get up 
and walk,
when we stereotype society as a whole, we may miss that one true friend,
that looks way beyond our weaknesses, and will stay with us till the end.

Poem Details | by Tasha McGhee |
Categories: lost love, lovefarewell, farewell, love, me, time,

The Weakness of a Heart

crash and burn?
live and die?
the things i ponder in my mind
i wanna win i'm gonna fight
i swear i willhell ITS MY LIFE
take me for granted ??
not again
this battle is one you will NOT win
i held on tight for far to long
maybe now it is time to move on
i bid farewell to you my dear
with out regrets, sorrows or tears
the love i hold for you so close
is the one i will always cherish most
no hard feelings?
no bad good byes??
please lets not let this friendship die
i loved you then and still do now
but this time is different.
for some reasonsomehow
i let you go with tear filled eyes
but know this is how you must go with your life
i will always care.and miss you so
but i will feel better, just that i know..
that your smiling face is what keeps me strong
and if your happy i'm happy
now i can move on
thanks for all the laughs and cries
not one was bad..not one single time
you made my life better somehow
through everything then to everything now
so i bid you farewell with tears in my eyes
and a smile on my facethat would be no surprise
enjoy what you can && love with your heart
this is for yours.and my own fresh start.

Poem Details | by Michelle McDermin |
Categories: love, music, on writing and words,


You sing me a song
and my heart melts
but right now
that's only a dream

I hear music
and something happens
I'm in this mood
that I just want to be with someone I love

My genre's love songs
I find that hope in Disney.
Secret meanings
have powerful effects.

I try to put my feelings 
in word.
I try songs but I only get poems,
that aren't really poems.

Poem Details | by Crystal Wilkins |
Categories: confusion, devotion, lost love, love


I’d rather just leave it
So turn around and believe it
Don’t wanna be your fool no more
Don’t think I can stay here
I have to go there
But I don’t I'm strong enough
i am just not that tough
Because you are my weakness
The light in my bleakness
But I'm not your fool no more
So here is the door

Poem Details | by Joseph Silva |
Categories: confusion, death, lost love, sad, light, light, time,

my weakness

Feelings of insecurity, wishing not to be nervous
Looking into the light for the first time in years
So much time spent in the darkSpent keeping all the light out
Wishing all could come to an end or at least a stand still
Wishing for the possibility that maybe, just maybe the pain could stop.
 Wishing all this in the past, for god knows how long.
 Then breathing air again, like it was for the first time.
 Seeing sunshine in all of its gloryRemaining a man in a hole no longer.
 Bringing the day light in to cast out the darkness.
For the darkness dares not venture into the light
Waiting for these things pause nowWaiting in quiet desperation
Wishing to return to it, to return to the darkness
The darkness is so cold, the darkness is so scary
The darkness is so painfulBut the darkness is known.
 The unfamiliar is being rejected.

Poem Details | by Corine Wilson |
Categories: love, romance,


I can’t help but feel the way I feel for you, the weakness I do get is cause by something that is really true.
When I see your smile I try to put on a frown, but the weakness inside turn it the other way around.
The tightness I try to keep in my stomach from me having butterflies always fail, I know you experience my weakness more quickly than an overnight mail.
My best is always tried when I cover up what I have for you deep within me, even the excruciating pain from the weakness grows very intensely.

Poem Details | by Jillian Keen |
Categories: loss, love, me, me,


Alone I battle the world.
Guarded by a armor I made myself.
I have fallen many times.
But I`ll never give up.
Stop stripping my of my armor.
You are making me weak.
Don`t let me show you that I have a heart
or that I get nervous when you speak.
I won`t admit that I need someone to tell me I`ll be alright.
I won`t admit I need someone to keep me warm at night.
I am not suppose to let you past my brick wall.
But your eyes seem to know it all.
You are too good for me.
Please go away.
I`m not ready now and I won`t be any day.
All you want is love,
the real kind.
Not my body, but my soul.
Leave me now before I fall.
Don`t hold me in your arms.
Set me free to face the world.
Don`t even speak because I know what you`ll say.
You`ll respect me, your say everything so perfectly
and I will always want to stay.
Leave me now
Not another second has to pass.
Your making me weak.
And weakness never lasts.

Poem Details | by Cheryl Eldridge |
Categories: husband, love, passion,

Appetites Weakness

Sharpened fear settles upon me
in pools of dripping pleasure.
I toy with affections haunting,
inner flavors of temptation.

Solitude confinement concurs
my inability to resist it’s taunting.
As my thirst gathers tortured time,
restless winds glaze my atmosphere.

Whistling sensations chill tingles
within my bloody souls chambers.
Calling out passions screams of honor,
groping every blade of bitterness.

With a sweet savory desire
of appetites weakness,
I can stomach of your love.

Poem Details | by euknecka Washington |
Categories: lost love, love,

My Weakness

The love had is gone,

The love I have is leaving,

Love is my weakness, it is my strength,

Pain is gain, romance is my aim,

The balance is inevitable but desirable,

With being afraid of love,

Does that make me more less vulnerable to pain,

Depending on the intensity,

But to live life fully it is my necessity

Poem Details | by Liz Mckenzie |
Categories: lost love, passion, me,


see my weakness!
Like an open sore,
it weeps in pain,
Pain I cant take no more.
I open my unhealed heart,
so you can take a bite,
but what of me
my pain!
Is it not enough that I cry?
I still lay down and wait
for that awful intrusion
false illusion.
You taste me with sweet words,
make me still my breath.
But I know I will fall
will taste so sweet!