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Love Poems About Weakness or Weakness Love Poems

Weakness love poems and/or love poems about Weakness. Read, share, and enjoy these Weakness love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Weakness Poems.

Poem Details | by Deb Wilson |
Categories: heartbroken, love,

To Love In Weakness Or Grow Strong

In those tender hours before the dawn
I cry that I'm his tragic pawn.
He shreds my senses into tatters
then squashes all the hope that matters.

Yet I feel such a magical love
from him like he's sent from above.
My heartstrings play each song for him.
He fills my soul right to the brim.

Now I have made my tough decision.
He'll find me gone when he has risen.
Single and strong is what I'll be.
I grabbed the reins-set myself free!

written 1/16/2014
for contest Three or More Stanzas and Thoughts On Same Idea"

P>S> This is not my real life LOL !!

Poem Details | by nadia rabehi |
Categories: sad love,

The weakness of love

As out the window I saw him, and without asking permission
I fell in love with him,
The butterflies of my heart fluttered, 
My conscious disappeared in the deep shadows of his mystery
My heart melted on the flames of lust with blowing winds of fears
My soul filled with so much darkness so much cold,
I became a wayfarer wandering the lands,
Tracing the crumbs of his existing

Poem Details | by Ann Okotha |
Categories: confusion, love, passion, romance, me,


Mixed feelings
Boquet of thoughts
Hot now
Cold then
Infusion of emotion

Want to let you go
Want to hold you near
So far
But close

Make me cry
Make me smile
Leap for joy at thoughts of you
Your voice
my sinful delight
Guilty of missing you

Terrible weakness
You are to me

Poem Details | by shan watson |
Categories: angel, beauty, for her, happiness, love, sunshine, sweet,

my weakness

That light. The one that made your face glow and your eyes glimmer. It seemed as if the light knew you. As if, it knew how beautiful you were, and wanted the entire world to become mesmerized. At that very moment, I was the entire world, and noticed something everyone else would've missed, the impeccable being of perfection. This, creates my pulse..

Poem Details | by Abeer Badr |
Categories: happiness, love, passion, romance, sympathy, me,


No longer I could resisted your love Could not avoid your eyes You own my heart My resisting loosed Your warmth surrounded me I surrender into your arms My body burn in this arms How can I fade away from your passionate love Let your wet kisses turn off my burning Hold my tightly, hug me strongly I become prisoner in your love; Make me the queen of your heart…

Poem Details | by Teresa Harr-Pena |
Categories: confusion, hope, inspirational, life, lost love, love, sympathy, uplifting, me,

My Only Weakness Is Him

Time to move on
Love has come to an end
A week has passed
Nothing received, nothing to send

More memories to bury
Deep within thy soul
Many years to live
Focusing on my goal

For just a brief moment
I thought there was a chance
To have the man I've always loved
But I only got a glance...of his

soft lips
hard work
warm hands

and he walked with me just to let me walk away...again

Poem Details | by Crystal Wilkins |
Categories: confusion, devotion, lost love, love


I’d rather just leave it
So turn around and believe it
Don’t wanna be your fool no more
Don’t think I can stay here
I have to go there
But I don’t I'm strong enough
i am just not that tough
Because you are my weakness
The light in my bleakness
But I'm not your fool no more
So here is the door

Poem Details | by Michelle McDermin |
Categories: love, music, on writing and words,


You sing me a song
and my heart melts
but right now
that's only a dream

I hear music
and something happens
I'm in this mood
that I just want to be with someone I love

My genre's love songs
I find that hope in Disney.
Secret meanings
have powerful effects.

I try to put my feelings 
in word.
I try songs but I only get poems,
that aren't really poems.

Poem Details | by Corine Wilson |
Categories: love, romance,


I can’t help but feel the way I feel for you, the weakness I do get is cause by something that is really true.
When I see your smile I try to put on a frown, but the weakness inside turn it the other way around.
The tightness I try to keep in my stomach from me having butterflies always fail, I know you experience my weakness more quickly than an overnight mail.
My best is always tried when I cover up what I have for you deep within me, even the excruciating pain from the weakness grows very intensely.

Poem Details | by Cheryl Eldridge |
Categories: husband, love, passion,

Appetites Weakness

Sharpened fear settles upon me
in pools of dripping pleasure.
I toy with affections haunting,
inner flavors of temptation.

Solitude confinement concurs
my inability to resist it’s taunting.
As my thirst gathers tortured time,
restless winds glaze my atmosphere.

Whistling sensations chill tingles
within my bloody souls chambers.
Calling out passions screams of honor,
groping every blade of bitterness.

With a sweet savory desire
of appetites weakness,
I can stomach of your love.

Poem Details | by euknecka Washington |
Categories: lost love, love,

My Weakness

The love had is gone,

The love I have is leaving,

Love is my weakness, it is my strength,

Pain is gain, romance is my aim,

The balance is inevitable but desirable,

With being afraid of love,

Does that make me more less vulnerable to pain,

Depending on the intensity,

But to live life fully it is my necessity. 

Poem Details | by Liz Mckenzie |
Categories: lost love, passion, me,


see my weakness!
Like an open sore,
it weeps in pain,
Pain I cant take no more.
I open my unhealed heart,
so you can take a bite,
but what of me
my pain!
Is it not enough that I cry?
I still lay down and wait
for that awful intrusion
false illusion.
You taste me with sweet words,
make me still my breath.
But I know I will fall
will taste so sweet!