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Love Poems About Poverty or Poverty Love Poems
by Patricia L Graham |
Categories: bullying, dark, depression, grief, murder, poverty, time,

Slaughtered Innocence

The hideous and the humble
Blood peppers falling snow
As world hurtles to the tipping point
Life chokes on ignited air
Wrenching love from hungry mouths
Stars fall without sound
Some weep helpless, day through night
Ever wondering how
Never knowing why ...

by Daniel Turner |
Categories: love, nature,

No Gold Nor Silver

No gold nor silver, weights my needy purse
Spun silk and finery I have no need
Such poverty of wealth be not God's curse
For bless'd the man who covets not for greed

My wealth is in the lilies of the field
The colors of the sunsets thrill my soul
Fruit trees and animals provide their yield
And stewardship to nature is my toll

But verdant forests do not warm a bed
The moon and stars, though friends, are silent stones
And lonely is the footpath which I tread
For one true heart, I'd share my pauper's throne

A golden heart and pauper's paradise
For love and happiness, a humble price

   July 31 2017

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 12th grade, anger, angst, anxiety, discrimination, imagery, immigration,

Go Away

wars, drugs, poverty famine, fear, rape, death and degradation that's the kind of world desperate immigrants flee and yet, we won't let them in go die on the other side of our new wall and stay away, this is ours we should be ashamed...they are fellow humans there's no kindness in our hearts no tolerance, even for God's commandment that we love our neighbors, as we love ourselves (Suzette Prime) Aug. 11, 2018

by Sandip Goswami |
Categories: feelings, love, pain, philosophy, symbolism, tribute, truth, woman,

Kashmir-The woman

Kashmir is the innocent beauty of nature
It lifted me above all mire dark and dense.

Kashmir is the divine smile
It gifted me a peace beyond all of my sense.

Kashmir is the sorrow
It showed me a combined pain of poverty, corruption and terrorism.

Kashmir is the beautiful helpless unmarried woman.
Whose neighbors are trying to capture her body not sweet heart.

Kashmir is the paradise on earth without dream...


by Sandip Goswami |
Categories: celebrity, deep, hero, inspirational, love, poverty, sensual,


They are not rich.
They have no car. 
They have no fat.
They have no dream.

They are not so-called educated persons.
They are not news.

They are struggling for existence.

They have not any exceed of life 
Which is poison. 

They live with their old parents.

They have innocent smile and intuition.

They created their poor house as rich home.

They are my celebrities.
But I am not communist.


by poesy relish |
Categories: child, childhood, evil, loneliness, poverty, society,

Young lambs in Poverty

In this dark and dreary world, the urchins forced to toil

Their  body bared and tarnished, gain little sleep and boil

Tiny hands and feets famished, no love they had meet

Like young lambs for slaughter, were they forced to cheat

Sold away by father, with no heart but only greed 
How my mind cries, watching this heinous deed

And sighs, its a discriminating fate unfair. 

© Nadiya (22 Jan '15)

*Won 4th place on 4 Feb 2015 in the contest 'Interlocking Rhyme' by Isiah Zerbst

by Apolo Amai |
Categories: absence, addiction, career, creation, dark, depression, emotions, freedom, identity, loneliness, soldier,

Cry of A Successful Man

With love comes consequence
With hope comes failure
With triumph comes fear
With peace comes worry
With riches comes pain
With poverty comes envy

by Bonnie Jennings |
Categories: appreciation, caregiving, character, courage, faith, family, poverty,

Fires of Life

Figuratively there is good and there is bad
Intuitively we know there are high paths and low
Rewarding goodness; not hatefulness when so sad
Eliminating love, the thief comes to take what you know

And there are consequences for each choice made
Children who wander lives without a mother nor dad
Destitute families who’s last night never laid
Unless a miracle occurs their lives will be bad

So, in the course of  suffering and destitution
Come magnificent family courage and strength
And some how a divine illumination 
Causes a peaceful and caring restitution

And the answers come often at the end of time
But, looking back, They’re no more blind 

©2016 All Rights reserved

by Nichole Schindewolf |
Categories: people,

I love because I can

I love because I can.
In a society that embraces 
those who have, not those to 
I am still able to share this 
I walk down poverty lane happy 
with a rich heart. 	
My calloused hands are all I 
need to create my world.
My happiness.

by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: poverty,

Fight Poverty

W-ith millions starving, 
W-e all must be united, 
W-alk with faith and love.

Topic: Worldwide Walk To Fight Poverty 
Form: Haikustic

by Verlena S. Walker |
Categories: best friend, character, image, imagination, introspection, muse, remember,


Amuse... In a world of splendor, I want to share thoughts.
To capture others with a creative voice
To embrace emotions as a writing tool
To ruminate another’s introspection

I am just a muse.
I want to be your best friend.
I want to enable you to write again.

Within the universe, are beautiful landscapes to provide stories to contemplate.
Why not ponder romantically and write about the love you found in Greece.
Be your reason to fulfill your dreams.
I am just a muse.
Think please.

The multitude 
In famine
Poverty stricken
Economic disparity
Just topics to theme

I am just a muse meditating ideas.

~Be My Reason Free Poetry Contest Entry~
~Entry Date: March 06, 2014~
~Motif: Muse~

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: dedication, faith, future, poverty,

She Walks

Amidst the broken windows  
   The blowing trash on the sidewalks
She walks, cheekbones prominent
   Head held high

Past drunks, huddled against the cold
   Past the shrunken veins of stoned addicts
She walks, leaning into the wind
   Her step steady

Empty lots littered with glass to her right
   On her left, boarded-up residences, nevertheless
She walks, her love for her children
   Filling her tear-stained heart

To a bus stop, then a train station,
   Another bus stop, and then finally
She walks, to those pretty, far-away castles
   To polish her diamonds' futures

by janelle barker |
Categories: strength,

inner strength

I hope you heal – from no apology
I hope you heal – from Un - reciprocated love
I hope you heal – from the emotional abuse
I hope you heal – from being scared
I hope you heal – from no self confidence
I hope you heal – from poverty
I hope you heal – from the pain you didn’t deserve
I hope you heal – from being scarred
I hope you heal – from being to vulnerable 
I hope you heal – from loneliness 

I hope you find – the courage 
I hope you find – your strength
I hope you find – your selflove
I hope you find – your new beginning 
I hope you find – your smile
I hope you find - your way 

by Elizabeth O'Driscoll |
Categories: care, caregiving, children, education, family, food, love,

Nobody is born bad

Nobody is born bad
Lack of love
Lack of compassion
Lack of education
Lack of jobs
And lack of care
Drives people to take desperate measures to survive

by Blake Holland |
Categories: addiction, adventure, allusion, anger, art, child, childhood, children, community, corruption, crazy, dark, death, deep, depression, desire, evil, fantasy, fear, freedom, future, gothic, grave, grief, imagination, lust, murder, pain, pollution, poverty, power, sad love, science, society, spiritual, spoken word, visionary,

The Future Starts Here

The innocence is transfusing
and overturning 
the goat skin drums
children of the mills,
children of the junkyard,
and savaging
and we keep filling them with
mercury, nitrate, espestice, baby bombs
blasted out of their shaved heads
and foraging

by john freeman |
Categories: lost love

Silver and Gold

classy lassie I love…never will I ask her hand in marriage, just poverty stricken Redneck boy…she would turn me down, though I have silver in stars above and gold in the morning sun!

by Grace Faolian |
Categories: abuse, age, angel, anger, angst, betrayal, childhood, dad, daughter, depression, father daughter, grief, hate, loneliness, lonely, murder, poverty, teen, teenage, women,


I live where angels fear to walk
Don’t ask questions, no one’s gonna talk
Another kid’s innocence is being take
Their thirst for blood will never slacken
Love is something only found in a fairytale
But those don’t comfort, when home is spelled H E L L
Left alone for days on end
Nothing else to do but play pretend
Trying to get lost in a dream
But when that doesn’t help, all you can do is scream
I’ve called the devil by his first name
His eyes are cold, mine are the same
I live where angels fear to tread
By the time you find me, I’ll probably be dead

by Jeffrey Lee |
Categories: friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, husband, inspirational, love, peace, people, uplifting, wedding, wifehappy, happy, love,


Me with you and you with me
You are what set me free
Together we can face our fear 
Our love can take us any where 
You make my world complete,
Together always you and me. 
Through sickness and in health 
In poverty or in wealth 
We are unstoppable 
But so loveable
Without any reason
Anytime or any season
We love each other, 
Care for one another
Together forever in harmony 
Once we are together things fall into place and we are happy 
In anger or in kindness
Whether all seeing or in blindness
Together we are strong
Loving hearts keeps us young
Yes now my dream has come true 
Now I can be happy and be with you

by ahellas Alixopulos |
Categories: love, mother, philosophy,

What youth doesn't know or care to know

Oh, how we keep
the level of our
as, age, sickness, and
loss of dreams
take their toll.
You ask what it matters,
if you do not graduate.
Truth to tell, little,
in these times,
in this society.
School is only one 
small measure of success,
imperfect at that.

But for a mother,
whose life has been 
a weary negotiation
between poverty
and expectations,
the apparent success 
of her children
becomes the last measure
of a life's value.

You, in your determination
not to have anyone
judge the value 
of your young life
until you hit your
high expectations
refuse to give
one small gift
to one that has lost hers

by Daniel Human |
Categories: hope, loss, love, poverty,

Gain and Loss

To gain a friend is to lose loneliness
To gain poverty is to lose many friends

It’s sad to see the edge of selfishness
To see the waves and tides and trends

But one who gives, gives love so simply
And one who goes, goes alone

Yet here you stand alone, but loved
Even if you stand and beg

For someone to throw an empty bone

by Kevin Clark |
Categories: introspection, planet,

We must change our ways for all mankind

Look at your world now torn apart

We've destroyed it all from the start

Fighting each other with every last breath

Disease and famine and we easily run and hide

When we need truth we always lied

Poverty overlooked while we laugh and scorn

Not a future for us or the new born

Success and power over love and happiness

Where will it end is anyone's guess 

Where the greatest victory is the triumph of war

We should live in peace now and forever more

The Planet is angry and we must pay it mind

We must change our ways for all mankind

by Adrian Robinson |
Categories: miss you, pain, pashto,

My ink is my blood

Lick these writings of mine  
Let my ink stain your taste buds 
Can you stand the taste of my pain?

Wounded by the sharpness of thy mind       i bleed continually- my ink is 
my blood
The words of my qull flow from my vein

I'm standing below the poverty line
Will manna fall from above?
There's no nourishment in the rain    

The freedom I search for is yet to find 
I want to be free like a dove
Free my brain from the mental chain    

Racism should be once up on a time
Pour me hate and i dilute it with love 
Hate me with passion- what's your gain?

by William Hernandez |
Categories: addiction, growing up, poverty, society, urban, violence, world,

My Block

Sirens and metro buses
Detectives and narcs
Hustlers and thieves.
Friends and foes
Currency and narcotics
Bums and dope fiends.
Soft or hard
Packaged or dumped
White or green.
Love and disdain
Loyalty and trust
Hope and shattered dreams
This is my block.

by Chukwuemeka Anyikwa |
Categories: love, poverty,

Love of the Ordinary

"Though common, we love.
Ours is one as the cloud that 
holds the rain, when it looses, 'it' 
becomes never-ending.
We love as from the birth of our 
We are the unforseen grace of the 
globe that gilds the graceful and 
the graceless.
Who is pro rata to love?
We love carelessly.
Who loves non-to fear none?
In death, we need not orders to 
Our love is prosaic".

by marvin celestial |
Categories: adventure, blessing, child, children, dad, family, father,

My Family

Five long decade past
Two unique souls become one
Create nine off springs

Differ in nature
Attain success though deprive
Unjust ridicule

Loving father rest
Siblings help one another
Eldest do his part

Mother love persists
Take good care of her children
Struggle is normal

Teaching to be still
Poverty cant halt fulfillment
Happiness goes through

Everyone has choice
Take and finish course at once
Make each dream come true

Love and light in us
Sharing them all to mankind
Noble task to do.