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Love Poems About Passionate or Passionate Love Poems

Passionate love poems and/or love poems about Passionate. Read, share, and enjoy these Passionate love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Passionate Poems.

Poem Details | by Trudy Schrader |
Categories: loveme, me,

Passionate Love

I put myself in your hands
You put me in your heart
I ran away from your will
You pursued me with fervor
I dug my heels in against the pain
You washed my bleeding feet
I saw you loved me - I raged
You held me til my tears 
          washed away my understanding

Done with all my fears, I walked
You walked with me, and I found

Written by Trudy Schrader (in church, a bit bored) September 2010

Poem Details | by Leisa Ridge |
Categories: love, love,

Passionate Strength of a Woman

She will love him as he is leaving
without pain and tearful goodbyes
She know he will be coming back to her
She can see it in his eyes

As he turns a smile is given to her
a beautiful vision close she will keep
"Its only for a little while"
whispers her to sleep

She tries to be strong
as she longs for his sweet gentle touch
This passionate strength of a woman
has lived through so much

She feels she can touch him everywhere he goes
She hears his thoughts to her he calls
within her Soul the love she knows...
so she waits...

Poem Details | by Jerica Sanchez |
Categories: addiction, anniversary, art, beautiful, body, care, creation, dance, desire, devotion, emotions, feelings, fire, first love, for him, happy, heart, how i feel, husband, i love you, inspiration, marriage, poetry, relationship, romance, together, wedding,

Passionate Love

I want you..
And I was made just for you
I'll make love to you
All the night with you

Feel my heart that burns in fire
Look my eyes that full of desire
As our bodies ignite in passion
Our souls chain in a strong union

Carressing every part of you
Gives me satisfaction
Dancing in the hymn of love
That just the two of us can hear it loud

Nothing seperate me from you
No one could make me feel like the way you do
Our passion for each other binds us together
And our love for each other makes us FOREVER!

Poem Details | by Joe Flach |
Categories: love, lust,

We Both Get Passionate

Next to me In ecstasy Touching skin to skin We both get Passionate Entangling our limbs Face to face In deep embrace Two becoming one No surprise We’re synchronized Until the dance is done Fall asleep And then repeat Until the morning dawns Glad to say With each new day Our love lives on and on

Poem Details | by Frederic Parker |
Categories: love,

Passionate Embrace

The silver moon lighted the night like a lantern,
as we counted each step climbed to another world.
The room was filled with lighted candles,
and fragrant scent of fresh cut roses filled the air.
Europa played softly in the background,
as our eyes embraced the silent space between us.
In moments caressed, rhythm from the saxophone,
gave fluidity to our movements,
as hungry mouths merged into world of melted candles and sensual eyes.

contest Mixed Senses
Frederic Parker

Poem Details | by Renee Kelly |
Categories: love, passion,

Passionate Purpose

You are the reason
why each morning I awake
full of hope and love

Poem Details | by Russell Sivey |
Categories: life, love, passion, romance,

Passionate Romance

I’ve got the red candles ready, the soft music going
Everything’s under control for passionate romance this evening
Here she is, there is but one last thing to do…my heart my kiss

Russell Sivey

Poem Details | by Jessica Johnson |
Categories: feelings, love,

The Passionate Kiss

The night we met
was oh so magical,
and our fate was set
for once life seemed logical.

That passionate kiss
sealed the deal for us,
a special moment of bliss
connected us forever like love does.

I will never forget
the night I fell for you,
and I have no regret
the day I said "I do."

For no reason or rhyme
we were meant to be,
we took one another's time
my locked heart you had the key.

Poem Details | by Jayne Eggins |
Categories: desire, love, passion,

a passionate rebirth

Languorus strokes
trace the texture and curves, 
the heat gently burns
deep in the pit of my soul 

Wooing areola 
the tip of your tongue
glides to its target 
teasing tips to a frenzy 

All reason flees
as straps feather,
brushed lightning 
dimples my arms 

I am lost in desire 
I'm a slave to need, 
the langer presses
urgency in its pulse 

a spark ignites 
as passion collides,
arising to your mouth 
lips fire the flames 

Undressing my soul 
I again loss control, 
my vow to never again 
is lost to passions spin 

Languishing light
tips the veils of morn, 
a day of rest awaits 
and I feel newly born 

Poem Details | by JustcallMe Britt |
Categories: adventure, art, love, music, romance, me, love, me,

Passionate Art

I love art in its many forms
Schmooze me while I relish the sights of the unity of our slippery bodies 
And bask in the grunts of our love making
Allow me to revel in your excitement for it excites me as well
When you swell
I melt 
And your embrace enables me to swell 
And you to melt
And then together we OOZE . . .
The AAAHS have subsided 
Silence, formerly awkwardly felt
Unites with the humidity lingering the room
Side by side we daze into each other’s eyes 
With a smile, each other’s caress and no regard for our unkempt appearance
For to each other, we couldn’t be any more beautiful

Poem Details | by Princess Corazon |
Categories: devotion, love, passion, romance, voice, voice,

Passionate Heat

eyes like stars, voice like velvet 
my dream sings a lullaby in my ear, 
its his voice i long every night to hear,
sweet rhythms and warm melodies, 
he sings our song like a curing remedy.
tender hands interlace with my own 
scent of lilac hovers around me as i
breath in with soft breaths
a curtain of black surrounds my face
i feel his heat through my nighty of lace
ne'er have i everfelt passion this sweet 
i've met this man in my dreams, 
it's reality i hope, soon, we'll meet.

Poem Details | by GOODNESS LANRE |
Categories: love, love,


I leap for joy
When my heart chose yours
Your love, I forever employ
The feeling of a coat of many colours

I feel the love eruption
I can feel like this forever
Floods of illumination
Let's tour here ever.

The silent rivulet of peace
My soul gladly love- trips
My golden fleece
I so much love- drips

Beloved, a love song
A love story, we etch
I have got rhythm in my tongue
A Perfume for my lonely stench.

-How do you feel today Contest.

Poem Details | by Matthew VanDeburgh |
Categories: adventure, dedication, devotion, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, life, love, passion,

Passionate Wonder Awakens

laying in the pre-dawn quiet wondering

if your steady shallow breathing is untroubled sleep

or a wandering mind prone to thoughts of our nakedness

like mine is

blissfully knowing the only thing keeping

us from each other and our physical ecstasy

is allowing time to decide who will make the first move

because once we begin we both know we can’t stop

until we’ve topped the world

and come back down to earth in breathless abandon

sweaty and satisfied and comfortably weary

tangled and peaceful

welcoming the dawn is a treasure

we discover together again everytime

our bodies and minds entwine all of our senses

passionate wonder awakens

Poem Details | by Carma Reed |
Categories: beauty, love, romance,

Passionate Vibes

Cup my breast,
 with a gentle glide,
of your hands, 
seductively kiss,
 my neck down,
to the inner,
 of my thigh, 
Heavily ponders,
as my...heartbeat skips, 
all because,
you take,
my breath away, 
every time you touch me, 
with passionate vibes, which 
soothes my soul in a calming 

Poem Details | by Maggie Brown |
Categories: love,

As passionate as the deep red of the Damask Rose

    Words have power
    and strength
    They have a gentleness
    As soft as a downy feather on a breeze
    As passionate as the deep red of the Damask Rose
    They also have the power
    To cut
    To wound
    And kill dead
    That was once so precious
    How harsh and oh so gentle
    Is the tongue

Poem Details | by mark junor |
Categories: lost, lost love, love, romance, romantic,

the passionate knowin

a beautiful ballad plays
one of memories
one filled with loves tenderness
if i could follow it on down its fabled road
if i could live the song and its beautiful places
walk with its colorful characters as they laugh together
be the young lovers once again as they discover that first kiss
if i could stand for but a moment where the singer stood
see the beauty of the passing days
feel the passionate knowin eachother
you can hear it in the guitar playin
hear it in the softly sweet words
oh to walk there a moment
to breath that air
to be there
if i could be the song

Poem Details | by JANICE HERZOG |
Categories: love

My Passionate Lover

I crave a passionate lover
One I'm still waiting to discover
Someone that can spark my inner fire
And bring out my sexual desire
I'll wait for the pleasure to begin
While he caresses my soft skin
Then he'll give me intense ecstasy
When making love to me
It'll be sweetly rapturous
For the both of us

Poem Details | by Greeshma Jagan |
Categories: dream, growing up, love,


To my eternal love,
You have risen from the grave
Several times,just for me.
You are still alive
The most passionate love for you
Have lived in me
And still continues.
The occult power kept you high
When I myself was about to die
You made me live
Yes,I live for you,
For you,whom I have placed 
Above the stars,beyond this universe
You the firefly,I became 
A high flying butterfly .
When you die in me I revive you
Just you keep me moving every second.
The pain,the suffering and the passion
Is just for you 
Because I do believe I 'll reach 
You one day,of sure
My dream will be my reality 
I 'll conquer the land beyond stars. 

Poem Details | by Lon Henson |
Categories: love, passion, joy, life, love,

Passionate Love

First attracted by beauty, and nurtured by lust
Two hearts grew together, to share love and trust

Such a beautiful woman with intelligence and charm
I was so proud to have you on my arm

No longer in life was I just passing through
All things in life became exciting with you

The joy of your touch, the joy of your scent
Filling my senses with what true love meant

You brought love with passion into my life
My hope?  Someday… you as my wife

Passionate love, for it we all dream
With you I found it, I love you, Eileen

Poem Details | by Russell Sivey |
Categories: life, love, passion, romance,

Passionate Trail

Passion like the filling moon Deeper than the romantic Eyes pulse at its golden cast A sensuous linked path Piece of the luscious heart Binding a sure fierce union Opening the feel of love Exuding passion
Russell Sivey

Poem Details | by Janet Bingham |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, cute love, desire, emotions, good night, meaningful,

A Passionate Retreat


My mind was merely pondering
waves caressing rock.
Moonlight came dancing
through caves that pirates sought.

Everything is magic
to lovers after dark
who hover in the shadows afraid
someone will know their heart.

Your longing eyes lead me
away from the bright light.
My warm lips open softly
to you on this cold night.

The sea unfurls her petticoats
and throws them at our feet.
You hold me close within your arms,
a passionate retreat.

Time becomes an enemy
counting out each kiss.
Who could say goodbye
on a night like this?

Janet Marie Bingham