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Poem Details | by J Clinton Smith |
Categories: passionnight, love, magic, night,

The Heat of Passionate Spirits

In her eyes from across the room

our glances make a spark,

the magic in our eyes, unmistakable.

Upon a brief exchange of chance, something more leads us away from who we are, to a 

chemistry unspokenThe magic between us continues through the night as we softly 

tear down the walls of inhibitionThe booth cradles us through obscurity as the wine with 

gentle sips warms our emotions Time does not exist, enchanted minutes and hours

become eternities Smiles and soft caresses of her arm, she lightly plays 

with her hair...each touch sparks our souls and pull us closer to the truth We are not 

making it out of this perfect night untouchedTo a small back room alone holding hands, 

lovers stop abruptSlowly and passionately a gentle embrace lead slowly to 

the light touch of lips The moment engulfs the now with fervours magnitude.

The passion burns our shadows on the wall with volcanic lust, the paint 

sweats like rainThe flowers bloom fills the room with sweet celestial heat as the love in our

hearts race to warm culmination A perspirant palm print slams, leaving behind 

the fingerprints of our flamesTrembling love exchanges with eyes agaze with no cares of 

what's to comeThe magic in our eyes at this moment would never come undone.


Poem Details | by Trudy Schrader |
Categories: loveme, me,

Passionate Love

I put myself in your hands
You put me in your heart
I ran away from your will
You pursued me with fervor
I dug my heels in against the pain
You washed my bleeding feet
I saw you loved me - I raged
You held me til my tears 
          washed away my understanding

Done with all my fears, I walked
You walked with me, and I found

Written by Trudy Schrader (in church, a bit bored) September 2010

Poem Details | by Leisa Ridge |
Categories: love, love,

Passionate Strength of a Woman

She will love him as he is leaving
without pain and tearful goodbyes
She know he will be coming back to her
She can see it in his eyes

As he turns a smile is given to her
a beautiful vision close she will keep
"Its only for a little while"
whispers her to sleep

She tries to be strong
as she longs for his sweet gentle touch
This passionate strength of a woman
has lived through so much

She feels she can touch him everywhere he goes
She hears his thoughts to her he calls
within her Soul the love she knows...
so she waits...

Poem Details | by Linda-Marie SweetHeart |
Categories: love, love,

Passionate Masquerade

"Passionate Masquerade" a romantic interlude evolved to torrid love affair taut triangle, impossible to win, we played our parts as flimsy as candlelight din heartache would stain, vicariously, all those unaware. secret rendezvous excited two bodies, bare, feelings fulfilled at the expense of sin whispered words of tender love and passion wearing thin throwing caution to the wind without thought or care. selfishly, we fed our lust in secluded hideaway emotions tend to fool lovers entangled in web of lies, cracks in tapestry swallow sweet joy like threads that fray disruptions caused by clumsy alibis, a happy home, dismantled, by a wanton stray romance has exited as swiftly as once 'twas wrought with sighs. *For Black-Eyed Susan's Any Poem Again Contest. *Sept27, 2012

Poem Details | by Jerica Sanchez |
Categories: addiction, anniversary, art, beautiful, body, care, creation, dance, desire, devotion, emotions, feelings, fire, first love, for him, happy, heart, how i feel, husband, i love you, inspiration, marriage, poetry, relationship, romance, together, wedding,

Passionate Love

I want you..
And I was made just for you
I'll make love to you
All the night with you

Feel my heart that burns in fire
Look my eyes that full of desire
As our bodies ignite in passion
Our souls chain in a strong union

Carressing every part of you
Gives me satisfaction
Dancing in the hymn of love
That just the two of us can hear it loud

Nothing seperate me from you
No one could make me feel like the way you do
Our passion for each other binds us together
And our love for each other makes us FOREVER!

Poem Details | by Russell Sivey |
Categories: life, love, passion, heart, sweet, feelings, heart, love, sweet, together, trust,

My Passionate Heart

My heart is full of sweet, sweet emotion Simply I have love flowing in my head We hold together a great devotion To bring the best feelings that’s being said Simply I have love flowing in my head Peace in the heart, and great tranquility To bring the best feelings that’s being said My passionate heart will get you surely Peace in the heart, and great tranquility I open myself to your love that’s true My passionate heart will get you surely I accept you as you are, I trust you I open myself to your love that’s true We will forever be one, united I accept you as you are, I trust you My love for you is real, I’m delighted We will forever be one, united We hold together a great devotion My love for you is real, I'm delighted My heart is full of sweet, sweet emotion
Russell Sivey

Poem Details | by Joe Flach |
Categories: love, lust,

We Both Get Passionate

Next to me In ecstasy Touching skin to skin We both get Passionate Entangling our limbs Face to face In deep embrace Two becoming one No surprise We’re synchronized Until the dance is done Fall asleep And then repeat Until the morning dawns Glad to say With each new day Our love lives on and on

Poem Details | by Marquis MC Mills-Cooper |
Categories: love, romance, romantic,

The Passionate Poet To His Love

Based on Christopher Marlowe’s “Passionate Shepherd To His Love”

Come be with me and become my love
And we shall prove my dreams correct,
That if you join in love with me
Another woman I’ll never need

And we will sit among the trees
Seeing both the birds and bees,
By the water as it falls
The birds will sing as passion calls

And I will make you very happy
Try and please you ever gladly,
Send you flowers at anytime
Romantic moonlight as we dine

Off we go a rendezvous
A subtle point that no one knew,
We’d sit and talk and view the sky
Then I’d get lost inside your eyes

I’d whisper soft some poetry
By many poets including me,
And if these dreams of mine you like
Come be with me and become my love

I’d wish to see you everyday
To show my love a different way,
If these my dreams you like so much
Then be with me and become my love

Poem Details | by cecil hickman |
Categories: devotion, friendship, happiness, life, love, people, philosophy, socialmay,

Passionate Friends

Friendship is the deepest emotional gift that can be known.
You may have many friends in life, but there will be one.
This is the inner boundary of your soul, once they begun.
Sharing in your life, sharing so many things together alone,
There may be hazards of being so close; passions are shown.
In addition, there are joys and many benefits, loving to share fun.
By grace of true integrity, either shall never fall under the gun.

True friendships may falter with periods of loss from both lives.
However, they will and can be rekindled, for they are rich indeed.
Friends are like lovers the difficulties are sharp as knives.
That is truly, what makes a strong friendship building from a seed.
Friends indeed, never bleed; the endearment completely survives
Forever and beyond the attachments grow, true friends never concede.

Poem Details | by E. Pearl Anderson |
Categories: devotion, family, happiness, day, day, love,


Filled with fervor-
ardent love flows from within;
all sixy-four inches of me
stretches as an Oak tree
to praise my God the Lord Jesus
Perfect love exemplified
Who divinely created family
Generation after generation,
Until one day in 1938 I was born
from the Conway-Carpenter tree
A peasant girl free on farmland
Growing, learning, sharing, crying, laughing,
I grew and I loved
family ties with loyalty and honor
Wrapped in ribbons around my soul
until becoming intensely faithful as a Collie dog
with privacy valued highly-
I married; I became a mother;
"Every day is the cutest day they've had yet," I was told.
Over forty years later this is true-
The children get cuter and cuter in my heart
Continuously cuddled within,
Emotion lies deep 
toward my Lord, my family and my friends
attached by affection or esteem-
Loyalty and confidentiality streams ardently;
Colorful palette manifested in elder years
Through writing
Carefully assessing every word for accuracy,
History will know my passions-
On pages - for all time
shared out of fervent love
from within

Evelyn Pearl Anderson

Poem Details | by Frederic Parker |
Categories: love,

Passionate Embrace

The silver moon lighted the night like a lantern,
as we counted each step climbed to another world.
The room was filled with lighted candles,
and fragrant scent of fresh cut roses filled the air.
Europa played softly in the background,
as our eyes embraced the silent space between us.
In moments caressed, rhythm from the saxophone,
gave fluidity to our movements,
as hungry mouths merged into world of melted candles and sensual eyes.

contest Mixed Senses
Frederic Parker

Poem Details | by VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER |
Categories: boyfriend, day, fire, love, lust, rain,


Holding hands
Eyes locked in gaze
There a flare.
Hearts in flamed much engaged.
We're  in love with lust.

We sat glazed in extreme love
A salacious passionate pair, we were
SATURATED with love of lust.
Never bashful, an EMBRACE OF

We held one another 
Can see.
We have TESTED ALL actions to
Love for lust.

YOU see, we breathe  ECSTASY.
WE bleed arousingly  eternal  erotically

Surely a once in a life time heated desire
We will never  RELINQUISH  this It is
No anatomical  accident Lust energy
Exquisite  OVERWHELMING We will for
Life times  be immortalized in  this  SWEET
Agony of a lovers EMBRACE

Notice  the fire in him Nothing can change
This Heat rising 
The fire
Stoking the flames of pleasure.
There, she says.
We have  succeeded, he says.
They say.

A declaration of  DEVOTED DEDICATION
If we should one day set this passion 
Free  there exist  no other  love for 
You and me.
No other as this on a  MONDAY MUNDANE
Delicate  DESIRE.

A life of love A loving  life of lust
FORMULAR proves us  ALIVE!


Poem Details | by Marquis MC Mills-Cooper |
Categories: i love you, love, romance, romantic,

The Dame's Reply To The Passionate Poet

(Reply To The Passionate Poet To His Love)

So come with you and become your love?
Intrigued am I, I must admit
For you have chosen me to be
The only woman you’ll ever need

But you must stop and understand
The woman chooses and not the man
The birds and bees that you refer
Their flight of passion I will defer

The man I want, the one I yearn
My every mood he’ll need to learn
Address my doubts with words that soothe
While wanting too my mind to use

A rendezvous, a subtle place,
A chat, the view, your handsome face
Your words paint pictures of such delight,
But I want more within my life

I’d love to see some poetry
Your words of beauty I’d love to read
And if my wants you look to fill
I’ll come with you and become your love

You offer passion, but I need more
Your passioned love, will it endure?
If my desire you care so much
Then I will come and become your love

Written in Texas -2012

Poem Details | by Amada Gonzalez |
Categories: desire, emotions, longing, love, lust, paradise, romance, romantic, senses, sexy, social,

Passionate Desire

Joyful, deep, Healing,…..
Two bodies joining
In sound and movement-
Flowing, discovering,  knowing…..
In an erotic  fantasy of
Exhilaration and heat-
Drunk by the fumes
of sexual odor
surrounding  their erotic world.
Passion, excitement, fulfillment,
Ecstasy, rejoicing, relief,
Rejuvenation , rapture, harmony,
Lust, bliss, happiness, recognition,
Union, love…..
This is the erotic life.
Power, control, strength, weakness-
Unyielding, and out of control-
And then control……..
Two bodies, skin drowned
In the scent of sweat and passion.
Moving in perfect rhythm of the universe-
Reaching the peak of their
Volcanic erotic passionate expolsion…..
And then collapsing ,
melting, embracing……
Soaked, labored breathing,
rapid heartbeats
Intimately connected-
Sexual erotica—
Moments of timeless pleasure

Want it!!

© Amada Gonzalez

Poem Details | by Cody Chancey |
Categories: lovewords, heart, wife, heart, love, boy,

The passionate boyfriend to his love

My love, come marry me, and be 
My wife forever, and we will 
Cherish and treasure each others 
Company and compassion eternally.

And we will sit and watch as other 
Couples try to Follow and strive to 
Have a Loving marriage and 
Relationship Like ours.

And I will make life as unsurpassed 
As I can, I will bring you more love 
And happiness then you could ever 
Conjure in your peaceful mind.

I will give the finest vows with the 
Most trustworthy words on our wedding 
Day, my love for you princess is true and 
It will shine though on this very special day.

I need a women with your prestige and 
Beauty and it will always be my duty 
To be there for you in every stumble and 
Tumble you may come across.

My heart would be complete if I had the 
Chance to be your husband, and you would
Never have to worry about any thing again 
Because I would always be there to lend a hand.
These words on this paper are my heart and souls
True feelingsWith every word you read I truly pray 
That you will be my wife and true love forever someday.

Poem Details | by christie mills |
Categories: love, passion

Passionate eyes tell a story

I watch you silently.
Indulging in the heart felt emotions that quake within my heart.
A blanket of peace covers me.
Your eyes are as detailed as a book; Revealing the climax of the day.
The expression on your face is enticing
The touch of your finger tips relay a quiet message,
 that pulses through out my body.
A passionate, yet delicate kiss engulfs our surroundings;
Erasing all but the two of us.
For just a moment our souls have entwined.
No longer two but one.
Our hearts race.
Chills run up and down my spine,
Leaving tracks of goose bumps on my arms.
The hormone levels are hot enough to top off a thermometer.
The music, the dancing, the orgasmic combination convulses through out my veins.
Leaving me temporarily paralyzed!
Which leaves us ending another chapter with an exclamation.

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: beauty, deep, destiny, devotion, love hurts, sea, symbolism,

Drowned In Passionate Depths Of Our Deep Love

Drowned in Passionate Depths Of Our Deep Love

So much I wanted to say but could not
speak of moments dancing in pouring rains.
You gave more love than I had ever got
now you gone, it matches depth in great pains!

I know now, your desire in flying free
from your memory I now wish it too.
I, proud ship master, you the storming sea
when enraged together, what fierce winds blew!

In my sinking, your waves played their sad part
I saw storm come but sailed in with my pride.
Your hidden rocks broke me, tore me apart

You hold me, embraced in watery grasp
why no longer, are our loving hands clasp?

Robert JLindley, 1-15-2017

Poem Details | by Jeremy Jeffers |
Categories: boyfriend, desire, fantasy, love, lust,

Passionate Love

Passionate Love
There's a heat burning intense inside;
inside my soul,
and inside my groin.
Not the heat of temperature but of lust and desire
causing a shortness of breath and judgement;
scorching all logic.

The sweat wet and shining that drips
from your brow,
and from your body;
is fanning the flames causing my palms to sweat,
and my body to quiver.

You pull me close to first, kiss my lips,
then my cheek 
and then my neck.
Working your way down my body you reach my inner thigh,
stopping there to worship your conquered prize.

After saying your thankful prayers, you gently slide
in and out,
and in and out.
with each thrust stoking the growing fire.
Finally it causes us to erupt in ectasy and pleasure.

With all our fuel exahusted we collapse;
leg over leg,
and arm over arm.
With our limbs entangled toether, leaving only smoldering desire.
We both glance in each other's eyes
falling into a much need and peaceful slumber.

Poem Details | by Renee Kelly |
Categories: love, passion,

Passionate Purpose

You are the reason
why each morning I awake
full of hope and love

Poem Details | by mohannad khufash |
Categories: loveme, may, me,

The Passionate Shepherd to His Love

Come live with me and be my love,
And we will all the pleasures prove,
That valleys, groves, hills and fields,
Woods or steepy mountains yields.

And we will sit upon the rocks,
Seeing the shepherds feed their flocks
By shallow rivers, to whose falls
Melodious birds sing madrigals.

And I will make thee beds of roses, 
And a thousand fragrant posies,
A cap of flowers and a kirtle
Embroidered all with leaves of myrtle;

A gown made of the finest wool,
Which from our pretty lambs we pull;
Fair-lined slippers for the cold,
With buckles of the purest gold;

A belt of straw and ivy buds,
With coral clasps and amber studs;
And if these pleasures may thee move,
Come live with me and be my love.

The shepherds' swains shall dance and sing
For thy delight each May morning;
If these delights thy mind may move,
Then live with me and be my love.

Poem Details | by JustcallMe Britt |
Categories: adventure, art, love, music, romance, me, love, me,

Passionate Art

I love art in its many forms
Schmooze me while I relish the sights of the unity of our slippery bodies 
And bask in the grunts of our love making
Allow me to revel in your excitement for it excites me as well
When you swell
I melt 
And your embrace enables me to swell 
And you to melt
And then together we OOZE
The AAAHS have subsided 
Silence, formerly awkwardly felt
Unites with the humidity lingering the room
Side by side we daze into each other’s eyes 
With a smile, each other’s caress and no regard for our unkempt appearance
For to each other, we couldn’t be any more beautiful

Poem Details | by theresa stephens |
Categories: i love you, lust, passion,

Passionate Pair

The woodland's sights and scents add a piquancy to the affair

By the moonlight's inky, starry gaze, so fleeting to retain

To dawn's fragile light shadows benignly filtering through

The damp, earthy undergrowth a mossy bed convenient

An ample, rough bark, redwood tree and gnarled, dry spreading roots.

A humble haven for primal, abandoned, wanton display

The foliage green canopy conceals a multitude of sins

Anton, my lover, you are the saviour of my heart and soul

Truly I love to breathe your masculine scent and hair

Struggling to restrain my appetites when you are nearby

Alone I desperately yearn for you, it's my private fear

But today I am ecstatic , for you have proposed to me

To imagine having you all  to myself in body and soul.

Anton, I shall prove my love for you is of the constant kind

All those sacrifices we have made could surely only bind

Let the headiness I feel pirouette me into your arms

To feel your consuming ardency continue on and on

I love our bit of heaven we experience when alone

Continually let us revive that special passionate spark

Passions do fade allocated to dusty memory banks

But my love so rejuvenates me as we meet every day

My dear Anton I am afraid to live this life without you

I want you to reiterate that you feel the same for me

Totally enveloped in your entire world implicitly 

Once an old fortune teller asked me to cross her hand with gold

As she had a precious gem of knowledge to impart to me

Her vivid, streaked, carmine red mouth grinned amiably

As she tightly held my hand and peered at my outstretched palm

Perusing it lengthily said advantages there would be

"Look into my eyes, oh yes I see a grand passion madam"

Seeing my doubtful gaze, she said "it is all here in your hand"

"You must tell me when shall it be" I vocally did demand

"Patience, soon, very soon, the man is quite a suitable match"

Excitedly I jumped for joy "in life you mean", I questioned

"No, never that, it shows an equally passionate pair".




Poem Details | by Darius Knight |
Categories: love, passion, romance, me, heart, heart, life, me,

Passionate Spirit

I sense a gentle spirit with great notorious instincts,
Naturally caring for life and not allowing the loved ones to sink.
Eye contact alone flushes out any negative waves,
And that smile can bring forth happiness that can last for days.

Your, simply knowing your existence has made my life brighter,
Now that you have a part of my heart the weight on my shoulder has become lighter.
What you do for me is physically and mentally gracing me with the experience of true
What you mean to me is someone who enlightens my soul and breaks me away from my stress.

All the days going by without seeing you...feeling your touch...embracing the joy of your
Causes me to miss you on a level to where the pages in my mind starts to tear.
You have my mind racing across corners I didn't realize I had,
Knowing that without you being around makes my heart skip at times makes me sad.

Should I be more direct and say you should be with me?
I could but the real man within me would rather you decide I'm where you want to be.
The thought of possibly being boyfriend number two is better than not having you,
But the realist in me prefers to be your number one than some sloppy number two.

Better yet...tell me what's going on inside your heart,
I know it's hard but admit to those feelings that's connecting our hearts.
I will prove how much I care for you by leaving this small clue,
I'm willing to give you the power to destroy me but I'm trusting you not to...

Poem Details | by Jessica Johnson |
Categories: feelings, love,

The Passionate Kiss

The night we met
was oh so magical,
and our fate was set
for once life seemed logical.

That passionate kiss
sealed the deal for us,
a special moment of bliss
connected us forever like love does.

I will never forget
the night I fell for you,
and I have no regret
the day I said "I do."

For no reason or rhyme
we were meant to be,
we took one another's time
my locked heart you had the key.

Poem Details | by Princess Corazon |
Categories: devotion, love, passion, romance, voice, voice,

Passionate Heat

eyes like stars, voice like velvet 
my dream sings a lullaby in my ear, 
its his voice i long every night to hear,
sweet rhythms and warm melodies, 
he sings our song like a curing remedy.
tender hands interlace with my own 
scent of lilac hovers around me as i
breath in with soft breaths
a curtain of black surrounds my face
i feel his heat through my nighty of lace
ne'er have i everfelt passion this sweet 
i've met this man in my dreams, 
it's reality i hope, soon, we'll meet.

Poem Details | by Russell Sivey |
Categories: life, love, passion, romance,

Passionate Romance

I’ve got the red candles ready, the soft music going
Everything’s under control for passionate romance this evening
Here she is, there is but one last thing to do…my heart my kiss

Russell Sivey

Poem Details | by Jayne Eggins |
Categories: desire, love, passion,

a passionate rebirth

Languorus strokes
trace the texture and curves, 
the heat gently burns
deep in the pit of my soul 

Wooing areola 
the tip of your tongue
glides to its target 
teasing tips to a frenzy 

All reason flees
as straps feather,
brushed lightning 
dimples my arms 

I am lost in desire 
I'm a slave to need, 
the langer presses
urgency in its pulse 

a spark ignites 
as passion collides,
arising to your mouth 
lips fire the flames 

Undressing my soul 
I again loss control, 
my vow to never again 
is lost to passions spin 

Languishing light
tips the veils of morn, 
a day of rest awaits 
and I feel newly born 

Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: allegory, imagination, language, love, native american, poetry, words,

Passionate Poemaglyph

Scrabbled upon the dark cave wall                                                                                     A stickish figure of a long haired woman                                                                               Her hair a flowing stream of flowers, inside a circle                                                                   with lines radiating outShe is his sunshine                                                                                     Written open the rock, shining stars for eyes,                                                                                    while two hands hold up the sun                                                                                                He dreams, she will be eternally his                                                                                                 Hoping, she can read between the carved lines                                                                                 as he invites her into his humble cave                                                                                   before the written word was                                                                                                       there still was a poet

Poem Details | by GOODNESS LANRE |
Categories: love, love,


I leap for joy
When my heart chose yours
Your love, I forever employ
The feeling of a coat of many colours

I feel the love eruption
I can feel like this forever
Floods of illumination
Let's tour here ever.

The silent rivulet of peace
My soul gladly love- trips
My golden fleece
I so much love- drips

Beloved, a love song
A love story, we etch
I have got rhythm in my tongue
A Perfume for my lonely stench.

-How do you feel today Contest.

Poem Details | by louzana nubani |
Categories: love, mother, passionday, day,

Passionate Hug

After the day is over
Withdraw the night to come 
Of overwhelming tiredness
Covered up, wrapped my bones
I return to her 
After every event 
I return to her 
After every tear
I return to her
After every cheer
I return to her
After every discussion 
I return to her 
After every argument 
I hug her so intensely
Never want to let go 
I hug her with every pleasure
Of my thoughts
With every agony she had suppressed
With every tear she has shed
With every day that has passed
With every hour that clarified
Her devotion 
Her will 
To never let go 
I hugged her with every will 
That lasted because of her
I hugged her
My mother
So frightened of the thought
That one day I may wake up 
And never find a reply