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Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: friendship, hope, life, love,

Waiting to be free

             Waiting to be free

I am dying, but not like anybody who died.
     I am living, but in the rainbow, I do reside
How much longer will I go until secrets unveil?
     My mind cannot comprehend but my heart will decide.
My problems are too simple, my remedy complex;
     Love is my medicine, which I have identified.
Destination is unknown; the journey is too short,
     My vehicle is broken, our driver is mystified
My body is a cage, my soul is shackled inside
     Speak not of troubles, my pain will be justified.
The door is half open; I can see the ray of love, 
     My heart will take over until we’re all unified.
Tomorrow, I will fly with swallows, they know the path.
     Who can you trust “Haloo”? There is no one to confide.

March 1st, 2016   Haloo

I dedicate this poem to Daniel Turner, for all his love and friendship

Poem Details | by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: beautiful, environment, family, life, love, sweet, together,


IN THE MEADOWS IS MY DREAM Strolling, strolling we are in the meadow: airy and green where asters, dahlias, nod and wink passing their green With him by my side, the hours of dread and fear are gone His blue eyes speak: "we're a match in heaven, always green" Dandelion heads float like little parachutes while we walk, he spinning me round and round in the carpet of golds and green Eyes to eyes meet, no more words from A to Z, we need not speak for our heartbeats duet in vibrato of love so evergreen Afar we hear thumps of small feet and some thunder laughs, He and I turn round we behold our kids innocent and green Father God-- the author of love along blue feathers and yellow smile is watching over us in that vast green... _________________________________________________________________ 8:40 pm , April 24, 2015

Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: god, i am, love, spiritual,

I Am Why

                           I Am Why….

Why’s that nightingale sings all through the night, I am why.
How come rain makes a rainbow by kissing light? I am why.
I am why how the season changes on Earth, I confess.
A thousand mysteries for your vanished sight, I am why.
I am love that hurts and transcend beyond high, I confess.
With love every second is life, without a fight, I am why.
Lovers, they know my name with each breath of life, I confess.
I confess that the oneness is shining bright, I am why.
I am in you and you are in within me, I confess.
We are cause and effect that deals without plight, I am why.
I am here and I am there and everywhere, I confess.
You are dreaming to reach my neighboring height, I am why.
Go and ask “Haloo” since he knows who I am, I confess.
He might reach out to me, I know he just might, I am why.

5/20/18 Haloo

Note: The rhyming in Ghazal ends with AA bA cA dA eA etcIt comes in two different forms with and without refrain(Poetrysoup has a great explanation for this form of poetry)

Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: allusion, desire, dream, love,

Sour Fantasy

             Sour Fantasy…

I saw you there passing by.
   Walking graceful, kind of shy.
Body gorgeous angel face,
   Hair was so long, dim the sky.
Breasts like lemons marble legs,
   Rosy lips with tender thigh.
Looked at me with eyes so blue,
   Blue like ocean, my my my.
Words failed me to make a sound,
   I called you with yearning sigh.
I was silent, you disgust,
   You ignored me, I asked why.
You told me that I am mad,
   All I have to do is, try.
I am old or maybe drunk,
   I can at least dream to fly.
Let my fingers touch your skin,
   Kiss your valleys mountain high.
I am in love with my love,
   Even though, she thinks is, lie
Love that hurts will never pass,
   Cross my heart and hope to die.
Haloo, go to sleep, is late.
   She is gone, just say goodbye.

8/12/18 Haloo

Note: This poem is a short form in "ghazal" 7 syllables The rhyming in Ghazal ends with AA bA cA dA eA etcIt comes in two different forms with and without refrain(Poetrysoup has a great explanation for this form of poetry).

Poem Details | by Michael Dom |
Categories: introspection, love, relationship, urdu,

Sometimes in relationships

Sometimes in relationships our love defeats our lust, but sometimes not;
Sometimes in relationships our peace is kept by trust, but sometimes not.

Sometimes in relationships we, each to each, are hurt and held and healed;
Sometimes in relationships we share our heart and mind, but sometimes not.

Sometimes we are lost lovers, our lives blaze with brighter bursts of passion;
Sometimes we are best friends, we balance with compassion, but sometimes not.

Sometimes we are up-in-arms night and day, our battles are fought and won;
Sometimes we are at-loose-ends and struggle to be one, but sometimes not.

Sometimes we are with others, together we entertain family;
Sometimes we are you and me; two is good company, but sometimes not.

Poem Details | by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: hope, inspirational, life, love, people, social, thank you, urdu, me, me,

Words Whisperer

You’ve swallowed my misery, 
My old self, just by a smile;
By letting me feel the mountains move, 
You’ve freed me, just by a smile;
My twisted thoughts,
Have been untangled by you, with just a smile;
I offer my body and soul to you, O my words whisperer,
You’ve whispered me a new life, just by a smile;
I offer myself to you O, Jamlaila,
You’ve made me your man, just by a smile.

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: love, passion,

You Take My Breath Away

Seductive verses written with strong attraction, you take my breath away,
lingering kisses beyond Venus, loves distraction, you take my breath away.

Passionate intentions between two loving souls can last forever and a day,
you are my everything and that is only a fraction, you take my breath away.

Unleash my  desires swaying to our song, please promise to always stay,
sweep me off my feet, while we create interaction, you take my breath away.

We can create a steamy island with palm trees and become castaways,
intense devotion brought from strong satisfaction, you take my breath away.

My olive skin started glowing under the stars, there are no words to convey,
you long for the treasures in my secret contraction, you take my breath away

Date Written: March 16, 2016

For the contest, Second Chance II, Sponsor, Broken Wings

Poem Details | by Doris Culverhouse |
Categories: lost love, loveurdu, heart, longing, heart, me,


Such beauty set before these eyes, longing for closure of the desire of my 
beingMy skin aches for your touch, gentle and tender; desiring.

Lost as a warrior's bullet seeking a victim; lost as a comic without an audience on 
opening nightMy heart wants and needs like cherry red hot fire and desirer, desiring.

Your piercing eyes draw me though there is no heart beating in your hollow chest!
Exploding mines won't destroy this longing; it will follow me postmortem; dire desiring.

The bat of your lashes is stronger than a savage warrior, whose blows end a feeble 
lifeNo tenderness; you break all lives like Medusa turns men to stone;liar, desiring.

Drifting away on solitude, alone tonight and you are cozy by the fire, full with no 
regretsA dagger penetrates deep in my lungs taking the air away; danger, desiring.

Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: age, anger, conflict, love, pain,

I remain

                          I remain…  

What is this cane? What is this pain? I remain.
Within my house, mirrors complain, I remain.
My spring gone by, summer was dry, and now what?
The winter cold, my life disdain, I remain.
The sounds are dim, the sight is gone, the grey hair;
Nothing feels right, crying like rain, I remain.
My nights veil fear, the end is near and so death;
Within each step a major strain, I remain.
What is this life? Suddenly changed, mere lies;
The things I loved never sustain, I remain.
My youth is gone, the thing is left is called pain.
The life of pain it’s so mundane, I remain.
Nothing seems real, bitterness reveal, and so!
What else can do? If you explain, I remain.
Tell me “Haloo” from this life what I should seek?
It’s only love that will remain, I remain.

3/16/2016 Haloo

Give me a Ghazal poetry contest
sponsored by: Timothy Hicks 

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: life, lost love, loveurdu, heart, heart, love,

My Love for You Remained

My Love for You Remained

What torment is there greater than love so feigned?
For despite great pain, my love for you remained.

Thy passions, ignoring dreams, lust sought and claimed.
Crying, all the while, my love for you remained.

Dry promises, from your lips, enslaved my brain.
My heart clung to hope; my love for you remained.

Although thoughts void of hope endured great pain.
As joys slipped away, my love for you remained.

Secret lovers revealed that our love lie stained.
Contrived excuses, my love for you remained.

Friends told me that believing you was inane.
But without complaint, my love for you remained.

Lust, like a lion flaunting his mane… ingrained.
Wishes not yet won, my love for you remained.

Mockery, criticism and anger reigned.
Desertion came; and my love for you remained.

Adoration ended as my heart maintained 
Defeat proclaimed But my love for you remained.

© Name withheld for the Contest
January 29, 2010

Poetic form: Ghazal

Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: freedom, life, love,

The Cage

                  The Cage… 

I am caged in body shackled with my pain.
One of these days I’ll break this rusty old chain.
I will be so happy, flying in a breeze,
In the realm of light, dancing as it rain.
In the garden I will chase the butterflies,
I will laugh and I will play with no complain.
I will be so drunk drinking morning dew,
I will run with the wind, breaking my old cane.
There will be no tears, no more restless nights,
Only love will be there, not else shall remain.
Trust me my dear, escape from your cage;
The cage that is greed, ego, dies in vain.
Come with me my friend I know where it ends.
It is filled with the love, it’s hard to explain.
Our pain will be cured; our thirst will be quenched,
If you do not drink you must be insane.
You will be everywhere, here and over there,
You need never again, have worries or pain.
A thousand mysteries all will be child’s play,
Your knowledge will be all, all will be obtain.
Trust “Haloo” he knows death also will pass,
The soul will be the one destined to contain.
6/23/2017    Haloo

* I named this painting " The Cage"It is acrylic on canvas.

Poem Details | by Abdullah Alhemaidy |
Categories: heart, love,

Fifty Fifty

I asked my heart
Do you love her?
He says love, help, and save her.
My mind wonders!
After all that!!
All that were fifty-fifty 
My heart replied.

Poem Details | by Arden Gopela |
Categories: emotions, judgement, love, together, visionary,


                     Cold winter, sprouting spring, seasons they do not agree
                     Our love's defined inessential, citizens they do not agree
                     They talked of money and status - her intentions of love
                Happens in a heartbeat - whatever reasons they do not agree
                    Have you ever been in love where you're blinded and equal?
                        Conflicting to compatible - horizons they do not agree

                              For my eyes are growing old and gap is too wide
            I was accused and she was judged, our emotions they do not agree

                          However, we'll sing and dance like nobody's watching
                  Better to be hated for than to break a person they do not agree.

Poem Details | by Timothy Hicks |
Categories: anxiety, emotions, fear, feelings, first love, teenage,

The Lion Within

I've walked barefoot through boiling sand, you don't even know.
Tried many times to grasp your hand, you don't even know.

To letters written then burnt; signals typed then canceled -
I rode this crazy train unmanned, you don't even know.

Sent roses signed anonymous to inspire a smile;
I sat and watched but didn't stand, you don't even know.

A picnic atop the roof, watching stars reflect off
of blue eyes all this I had planned, you don't even know.

Timothy stutters at the words so instead he writes;
he's tried his best to tell you and you don't even know.

Poem Details | by Mohamed Salih |
Categories: africa, cousin, creation, feelings, happiness, love, wife,

The Deep-Rooted-Tree

It never falls never drys,greens forever
Whenever it extends,it grows moreover
Our love is like that tree,greens forever
On the deep rooted tree,friends forever
Each bird sings fruitly ,And sends clever
Each leave drops water and rains lever
We runabout  as pilgrims every year

Poem Details | by Michael Dom |
Categories: love, lust, passion, romance,


How fearlessly some charge into lust’s fervent flames,
Though they may burn to ashes and dust in those flames.

Oh, but the lengths to which lovers willingly go 
Cursed by Eros sweet madness they must dance in flames.

Each day and each night craving that special delight
No matter if all else may soon burst into flames.

How he smolders and burns with passion to ignite
Her, know the fragrance of her sweet musk in his flames.

How she yearns for his arms holding her close to him 
And the sound of their heartbeats at dusk in her flames.

Secret rendezvous, quiet chambers, their furnace,
With only each other’s charms to trust in those flames.

Sol sinks his mighty fire slowly into the sea
And their deep embrace is shadowed just as those flames.

In that furnace where they meet at last, both ablaze,
They exhaust and satiate with each thrust into flames.

It may be that one may appraise them with caution
And warn that they will burn in the gusts of loves flames.

But do they hold themselves in regret or wounded, 
Spent, from tumultuous hours at dusk in those flames?

Carnal pleasures in life they have known, to be sure,
May be far better than being a husk in the flames.

Across the skies as meteors flare, so briefly,
All of us come to ashes and dust in such flames.

So alas, although I may be Theophilus†
I too succumb to the fires of lust, lost in flames.

†Theophilus is a mystery figure in the New TestamentAmong many different views it is considered an honorary (academic) titleIn Greek “theophilos” means “friend of God” or (be)loved by God” or “loving God”[Source:]

Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: love, missing you, romance,

Please find me

                                Please Find Me…

Within my mind, I am nowhere, please find me.
   I am somewhere with grey despair, please find me.
When you’re searching, within the crowd, I am lost.
   No matter where, I am not there, please find me.
I am so lost, within my thoughts, I am gone!
   Show me that love because you care, please find me.
Where is this place? I am drowning, can you see?
   No more dismay, I want some air, please find me.
Thinking of love, is not for me, is just wrong!
   I am too old, to think of care, please find me.
The door is closed, the night is dark, desires gone.
   Yet I see you, to God I swear, please find me.
You let me go when I was young, now is late.
   I can be found, just ask me where, please find me.
With all my soul, with all my love, I am yours.
   You have so much, nothing to share, please find me.
Tell me “Haloo” where is this place, to be found.
   The truth is there, my love is fair, please find me.

3/17/16 Haloo

Poem Details | by Abul Ghazanfar |
Categories: how i feel, love,

Impossible Love

Lap of fancy fills with flowers,
Just to think of her tonight,

This is not an idle talk,
I'm in good humor tonight.

I would not reveal my secrets,
To enchanting eyes of hers,

But she took away my power,
I could not resist tonight.

Beauty's garden I'm traversing,
Half-inclined to soar up high,

Heaven don't throw at the wings
Of my joy your rocks tonight.

I have no pre-occupation 
But her deep mysterious eyes,

I am stealing black collyrium
From the eyes of deer tonight.

The heart's mirror takes its luster
From her splendor, may be somehow

Supplicant, it rubbed its face 
On the feet of Love tonight.

My good thoughts are a reflection
From the scripture of her face,

In the vault of chance and fate,
I see evil shunned tonight.

Keeping far from grape's daughter,
And with good luck being in bed,

The first option I forbid me,
Second one my right tonight.

Reason, you think only of one thing, 
The impossible, so leave me,

Don't you talk to me this once,
Of forbidden love tonight!

                Qasem Ghazanfar,

                Translated from the Persian by the author

Poem Details | by Rajiv Jha |
Categories: beauty, hindi, romantic, sad love, urdu,


Ghum-e-aarzoo dil se, kabhi to rukhsat hogi
Kabhi to sahar hoga, shab-e-intezaar guzaregi |

Palkon me jiske, simat ti ho ghataein
Saawan pe bhi uska hi, ikhtiyaar hoga |
Kab tak rahe viraan, dil-e-anjuman aakhir
Kabhi to bahar chupke se, is or bhi badhegi ||

Guzarte waqt ke saye, kuch bechainiyan hongi
Betaab dhadkano ko, mera intezaar hoga |
Kab tak khafaa rahegi, wo shokh nazar aakhir
Kabhi to dast-e-dil se, shabaa pyar ki uthegi  ||

Is umeed par chale, har sham meri sansein
Kal ke ujale shaayad, milne ki ghadi hogi |
Andhere me ghira main, sochta hoon ye har waqt
Hogi raat ye badi, ya meri umra badi hogi ||

Poem Details | by C.N. VunC |
Categories: lost love,

Yellow Tulips

There is sunshine in your smile, my love
Though I do keep asking myself, "why love?"

All this pain when I have little to gain
In my heart all I can do is sigh, love

Your lovely presence makes me feel pleasant
And thoughts of you makes me want to fly, love

Reality hits me and thus I flee
Your refusal makes me want to cry, love

I remember times we were together
That is all it takes to make me high, love

Hold in my heart what we had from the start
All the way until the day I die, love

These thoughts I keep it, hold it in secret
Hopeless love, I bid farewell, good-bye, love

Poem Details | by Juliet Ligon |
Categories: beauty, garden, heart, kiss, love, romantic, rose,

Take The Leap Into My Heart

Frolic into these open arms that need you.
Melt into my lips, and let them feed you.

Let the breath of love's kiss
and my eager feet lead you

into my heart's majestic garden.
Bloom freely, my beautyI'll never weed you.

There is one trophy in this growth,
and it is, indeed, you.

Should my rare rose be cut,
my garden will truly bleed you.

For Debbie Guzzi's "Take The Leap" contest

Poem Details | by Dear Heart |
Categories: lost love, stars,

In The Stars Above

My loved and beloved are sparkling, in the stars above, all my lost star people are shining, in the stars above. Sadly they have left me far below, so I now write of, them, the beautiful people dwelling, in the stars above. I write my sorrowful poems that are full of deep love, and at night I climb high up, floating, in the stars above. And all my star people tell me how they are proud of, their earth girl who comes soaring, in the stars above. We leap from star to star to star and night is a dark glove, comforting and silky till morning, in the stars above. As the dappled light breaks and it is time to let go of, this dream and beloved existing, in the stars above. _________________________ December 11, 2015 Ghazal For the contest, Star People, sponsor, Anthony Slausen Sixth Place

Poem Details | by Diane Forth-Eglon |
Categories: death, devotion, husband, love, urdu,

When You Go To Sleep

I dread the day when I get "the call"
When they tell me that you've gently slipped away
Well, at least I hope it will be gentle
As you close your eyes and say goodnight
Despite my fear of your imminent passing
My darling, you don't know the times I've prayed
And asked God to take you Home to Him
To come and rescue you from this hellish world
A world in which you've been imprisoned
Unable to walk or talk; your two greatest assets
Enslaved to the bonds of Alzheimer's disease
When you go to sleep, my love
Your spirit will soar to the highest heights
And there you'll be with our Father in Heaven
No more the feeling of indignity
Forget about forgetting!
You'll remember every glorious experience
And spend your time singing praises with the angels
You'll also get to meet our relatives
Who have gone to sleep before us
Our little son is waiting excitedly
To run and fling his arms around you!
He'll take you on a guided tour
Of the endless gardens and babbling brooks 
Flowing with life that will never cease
Pain will not be familiar with your name
Fatigue? Just a distant memory
Sickness and disease cannot touch you
And the prospect of death, you'll never know
You can wander around from country to country
Fulfilling your desire to travel the world
Then off you go and explore the stars
That light up the beauty of this earth
Examine the moon, planets and galaxies
Discover Daddy's handiwork
And witness first hand, the beginning of life
As the Big Bang is replayed
Please make sure to keep an eye on us here
Just to see that we're doing okay
Find out what your children are up to
And watch their kiddies turn into parents themselves
Of course, you'll be waiting for the day
When I come and join you for eternity
Until that day, I will always miss you
Thank you so much for coming into my life
Now, lie back, relax, and close your eyes
Go to sleep, my love, you have nothing to fear

Poem Details | by M. Shahid H. Chouhdry |
Categories: arabic

My Love Story

et me begin the amorous tale of my love 
In seven of ages a heartrending pillory,

With maximum make believe of childhood 
Cycling after her with no worry,

To the taste of truffles and muffin,
Felt her each wave sweet to savory,

On slide following her with peeping eyes,
Seeking a vivacious look till I touched the 
teen glory,

With shorthanded life and full of misery,
Couldn’t even bought a gift or flowery,

But could promise to honor love for life,
And this ain’t false statement of 

At mid of twenty two, with smashing and 
evaporating love,
Still remembered cherish liped smile of 


And snake of love has now bitten my 
The anti-dote is her smile whether it might 
be illusory,

Hence the feelings pining and revolving in 
As gravitation, influence everything 

In cold night with shattering fog and 
cracking leaves
Shahid is right here with a flowery and 

Shahid Ch.

Poem Details | by Nigel Fox |
Categories: love, romance,

My Muse

I beg for a haven prison please let open your gates
freed of enraptured weak thoughts now still your love dominates

My rivals for your love shall all be all rejected 
thoughts love turning their vintage wine a sour inflected

Smashing statues broken mirrors just convexities
captive my loves wounds just absorbing concavities

The hunt is over and I hear the call to prayer
lover a man contented now no more solitaire

Poem Details | by Cynthia Alvez |
Categories: love, urdu,

I'm Going To Write You A Love Song

Not by request
Not even my best,
Hoping you'll just select a poem
With no sense in the title...
No clue in the first line
That it is divine.
Pick one at random,
Perhaps previously ignored
By those who do not tarry...
Without songs or rainbows
No butterflies and no lies.
Only words needing to express
The current stress of my life
At this particular moment,
Sent out in poetic line
To be classified as good, bad or
Browse here, through my pages
Of verse
Not rehearsed...
Tell me what you think or not
But Ive got to move on now
To the next twist and turn
Of thoughts
By  circumstances beyond my control
My bold mind running free.


Poem Details | by saqib rao |
Categories: friendship, urdu,


o Far Stars Say How To Beautify,
So Near Earth Says How To Modify,

So Many Birds Say How To Justify,
So Many Buds Say How To Glorify,
Drops Of A Rain Say How To Purify,

A Lot Of Animals Show How To Serve,
Nature Of Light Says Don’t Be Curve,

Our Body Also Says Support As Nerve,
Soil Of A Desert Shows How To Absorb,
Eyes Of The Eagle Say How To Observ

Poem Details | by M. Shahid H. Chouhdry |
Categories: first love,

In Love

No mean for all,
even a single fear
How decent guy trap
silently in love,

O’er this anthology
might we be hear,
Might you with me
and I with you be in

And end to begin,
and beginning to
We are resurrected
again and start in

Lo and beheld, if
you come
illuminatingly my
As autumn swerve to
spring in love,

Your tawny white
tint was transiting
As sprinkling,
happens silently
from clouds in love,

May our defamed love
recover without
Oh the world not
easy to apprehend
scorching in love,

O’er a love tale and
passion full of
In return I died and
die each span in

And If I am
authoritative in a
decision of this
Make it grow towards
heaven dwelling, in

Last but not least
this year,
A lanky man can rime
thousand poems in

And Shahid is not a
replica of
Shakespeare Lear,
Won’t forget at all
if betrayed in love.

Shahid Hussain

Poem Details | by Abdullah Alhemaidy |

Is it love

Is it love?
Love to see her name in the list.
I forgot mine!
Yes it is.

Poem Details | by Destini Williams |
Categories: loveurdu, me, me,

Love Killer

Slay me with your love
Stab me with your touch
Bite me with your lips
Break me with your tight clutch