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Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: birth, change, conflict, death, eulogy, life, longing, love, sun,

Death of the Poet Destroyer

~The Untold Fatal Attraction Poem~

Mid-morning she sees the sun ahead
Her death flowed in a messaged bottle
Gazing into her brown eyes upon all open sores,
Her conscience dark and gray a never-ending war!
A giant cyclone of a thousand thoughts swirled around this little girl.
Inflicting away the pain, through the comfort of others pen
The way she twisted and twisted life’s perception was out of her control
Inside she knew the glass slipper was never hers to show off
She is baring nothing but a tainted pen, walking throughout eternity’s sand
A prosecutor of misdeeds, accomplishing what, without knowing the way
Departing from her fractured self, she begins to slip into a righteous form,
Twirling her twilight's pen like a baton, spinning it to one final stand
She awakens in a dream, where her sadness does not allow the light to reform
Her body is weak and pale against the birth of her undying sun
Staring down into the deepness of every-bodies abyss
Inside all souls is where she felt lighter, than the retarded sun gives
A crimson sky follows her just to reveal her diminished soul,
A life of shunning out the city glow will always dwell deep inside her
Sleeping under society as one, insulting the taste of innocent blood
Forgetting the vengeance, in a dimension where the pen is mightier than the sword
How did she let it come to this?
In one feeling she fell in love with the spirit of the living rhyme 
Watching from a cave, with a diabolical look
Refusing to grasp the self - nature and kill off the destroyer's will
A price beyond this enigmatic world, craving to be just like them
Condemning her meaning to a blasphemy of white butterflies
Destroying her poetic meaning that was destined to dance a tangle of endless rage
In love with the essence of her deceased will
She clings on to the dimness and brilliance at the same time
All corpses lost beyond the girl in question,
Sympathetic in a bizarre language, she mutters out sweetness
Her heart mended, recognizing all the adoration and poetic addiction
Exchanging the real terror, fixated by the life force of her poetic destruction
Giving birth to a new revelation
Now she will never deceive her love for the making of true art,
Not wanting to belong in this wretched world with her destroying criteria,
Her soul sails looking for a new era where love will no longer generate
As she loathes the love and decides not to destroy this generation with hate

At last, longing this one day with the angel of death
With a closing teardrop, one last thought
My death will not be the end; only the ascension~


Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: america, angst, death, eulogy, horror, power, usa,

I Love Guns

I love Guns

Guns make us safe
Guns are rights and freedoms
The more guns, the more freedoms we shall bear
Every man woman and child should be armed
So that we are all safe
All schools should be armed
Teachers, Principals, Janitors, arm them all
The finally we can relax
in total safety
knowing we are all armed
I say give arms to the amputees too

Gun control is socialist and fascist
We registers cars
We have banned toys
We regulate all kinds of things
Yet we are free
Totally free
Because we all have our right
To bare arms
Ask Kim Campbell! she agrees!!!

Not only guns
They must be automatics
The more bullets you can empty out of a gun 
the better
the more freedom you shall feel
Its called projectile dysfunction

And........any man with a high IQ
Need's an assault rifle
Why of course to outsmart those ducks and turkeys
I firmly believe in a fair fight
Assault rifles to catch a duck
common sense to me
Quack quack

Guns have rights
Own a gun you have double rights
They are made to kill kill kill
Did I say they KILL?
Nothing more, nothing less
I need that right

Any child killed by a Gun
is only because we haven't enough guns

By the way
Children have no rights
Kill em all for all I care
as long as I have my rights

I am not concerned with facts
Or the humanity of it
Is all about my Guns
Cause I love Guns
More than humans
And thats my right
No matter how wrong it is

Poem Details | by Sabrina Niday Hansel |
Categories: absence, angst, cancer, change, child, courage, cry, dad, daughter, death, dedication, emotions, eulogy, family, farewell, father, father daughter, fathers day, feelings, first love, goodbye, grief, heart, heartbroken, heaven, hero, i love you, identity, inspiration, inspirational, journey, june, life, loss, love, memory, mentor, miss you, parents, pride, remember, sad, self, spiritual, strength, tribute,

I'm my Daddy Made Over

Dedicated to my Dad Jerry WNiday 3/20/1952 - 6/18/2013

I am who I am because of him
He’s the reason for my son’s name
He gave me my courage & my strength
To stand tall even when standing wasn’t easy
Stand for the ones who can’t
To think and fend for myself
I’m my Daddy made over

Taught me to fight back 
To never back down
How to pick myself back up
When I’ve been knocked down
Fight for what I believe
I’m my Daddy made over

He gave me my stubbornness 
Gave me my pride
Gave me my temper
Taught me not to take crap
To speak my mind to no matter who
Work for what I want
I’m my Daddy made over

How to keep my emotions in check
How to handle large amounts of pain
When in trouble he always had my back
He knew how my mind worked better than anyone
I got it from him
I’m my Daddy made over

Even though he’s gone
I’ll stand and continue on 
I may stumble I may fall 
May even get hurt along the way
But I’ll pick myself back up
I’ll dust myself off and stand tall
I’m honored and proud to say
I’m my Daddy made over

Sabrina Niday Hansel

Poem Details | by Sabrina Niday Hansel |
Categories: absence, angst, best friend, cancer, courage, cry, dad, daughter, death, dedication, emotions, eulogy, family, farewell, father, father daughter, fathers day, feelings, first love, goodbye, grief, heartbroken, heaven, hero, i love you, identity, inspirational, june, life, loss, lost, lost love, love, memory, mentor, miss you, missing you, mom, pain, parents, remember, sad, sad love, sister, slam, sorrow, soulmate, strength, tribute, urdu,

We Lost More Than a Dad

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost half of how we came to be
We lost we four girls first love
We lost our Best Friend

We lost more than just a Dad that day
Our Mom lost her Soul Mate, Her other half 
Our children lost their Papaw
We lost our family’s foundation 
We lost the glue that held us together

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost the Strongest man we ever knew 
We lost the man we looked up too
We lost we four girls Teacher of many things

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We four girls lost our Hero
We lost some of our Light
We lost part of our Heart
We lost part of our Soul

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost some of our Courage
We lost some of our Strength
We lost some of our will to fight back
We lost some of our will to carry on
We four girls lost more than a Dad
We lost more than just a Dad that day

Poem Details | by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: beauty, eulogy, flower, friendship, love, romantic, rose,

Flower of Brazil

I love a lovely girl—a Flower
from the shore of sun-baked Brazil;
ageless, she by clock's every hour
makes the time be perfectly still.

Though dark and easily pretty, 
she yearns to be known and adored
for her mind and inward beauty 
where love is felt and richly stored

She's queenly and wears a rich crown,
a regent who sits on my throne;
a Rose, she's praised and of renown
and prized for her high grace alone.

Most wise and good and always kind
and mild, she treats the sick with care 
and gives alms to the poor and blind
and for such as me says a quick prayer.

Poem Details | by Ajeyemi Wasiu Ajewumi |
Categories: beauty, dedication, emotions, eulogy, heart, love, passion,


Poet in a Pool of Love
.....For You Ajinle


When my yearning becomes a letter
Of love inside the dust of time
This lyric will deliver my affection to you
Ajinle the precious daughter of Adegboye
For love is always love
For two dreaming hearts
When their hearts never departs each other
When the cloud of love erupt their minds.

Love is not for coward hearts
Love is not for fragile minds
When I thought how I love you in silence
My heart beat faster
My spirit linger through your undiscovers planet
I found myself in a pool of love

When my song becomes a melody of joy
It is because of you!
My poems are not for ragged - minds
But I will read dirge if you departs my life
Or, is their anything to compare with the absence of love?

Our love and present-shadow is a destiny of tomorrow
Though we are way-farers

Ajeyemi WasiuA.
Note: Ajinle 'Yoruba linage for female'
          Adegboye: 'Royal name belong to monarch family'

Poem Details | by Emily Rose Horwell |
Categories: lost love, loveheart, heart,

Envious Eulogy

Twas a laugh a minute, a cry a day,
Then you found her, and she took you away,
The days are now weeks, Seconds now gone,
The music stopped playing on our love song.

She now has your smile, your touch and your laugh,
How much I miss you, you don’t know the half.
Never have I felt such pain in my heart,
Than when your with her, and not in my arms.

I see you with her, tears well in my eyes,
I watch from afar, my heart breaks inside,
But I had you once, and I let you go,
Now you've replaced me, and I am alone.

I learnt my lesson, I learnt it hard,
Now and forever my heart will be scarred.

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: death, eulogy, grave, lost love, relationship, remember, words,


She remembers
The depth of his blue eyes
And how he once told her
Sullen and pensive
That should she precede him
He had it all worked out and
Knew exactly what he would say
     hating such deep discussions
     she changed the subject and 
     thought nothing more of it

He died first the odds were right
The house so empty now
She recalled how sorting through his things
She had never come across
A handwritten draft of any eulogy
     and she still wonders why 
     he took his last love letter
     to the grave

Submitted on December 11, 2018, for contest LAST LETTER TO MY BELOVED sponsored by SILENT ONE  -  RANKED 2ND

and on June 3, 2018 for EARLY 2018 STANDARD CONTEST sponsored by BRIAN STRAND

Poem Details | by M.P. Shaudd |
Categories: appreciation, death, dedication, eulogy, life, loss, love,

Tonight Heaven Got One Hell of a Man

They dont make em like they used to he said
With a tear on his face
And we each share a mem'ry of him
That sorrow and time can't erase

Though it seems much too early I'm guessing 
It's all just a part of the plan
Cause we all know the truth is tonight one hell of a man

One hell of a father
One hell of a son
One hell of a friend
He was second to none

One hell of a husband
Who fought one hell of a fight
One hell of a man's going home.....
To Heaven tonight

They all smiled a little smile
Cause they'd never heard it that way
But the truth is he said it with respect
And an honest, sincere type of grace

He said in closing I came here tonight
So he would know where I stand
I'll miss you my friend, till I see you again
I'm happy that Heaven.......
Got one hell of a man

One hell of a father
One hell of a son
One hell of a friend
He was second to none

One hell of a husband
Who fought one hell of a fight
One hell of a man's going home.....
To Heaven tonight

He lowered his head and he gave thanks
Words from the heart need no pen
We were blessed in this life
To be gathered this night
And Heaven.......
Got one hell of a man

Heaven got one hell...of a man.....

Poem Details | by Sheila Van Zant |
Categories: age, caregiving, death, eulogy, family, grandparents, loneliness, lost love, money, wisdom,

Life's End

So they think your old and shouldn't live alone, maybe you're too frail to be left on your own Can't manage your own money or live in your own home, apprehensive you give up and take up the tossed bone So many years spent taking care of them, it's your turn they'll tell you and move you right in Deep inside you hope to turn back the time, your life's work was them sure it will be just fine Your full of anticipation life is going to be easier now Soon feeling like a relic lifted up and knocked down You have so many stories memories of days passed, feel like every story told could soon be your last They have no time to listen they heard it all before, tell you they'll talk later as they rush through the door Feeling like a burden wondering what to do, no one seems to care about the trials you've been through To them, your just repeating things already heard, but if they'd stop to listen your words are not absurd Everyone keeps talking about the day you will die, and who gets what & how your property will divide Not wanting to wait they reach out with dirty hands, to take what's in reach they can't wait for the end You start to feel decrepit and feel your life's a sin, it a bad situation that no one wins in the end You find yourself weaker something isn't right, don't talk to old friends feeling like a fright Every day grows longer you can't wait for the night, no one even gets it it's such a dismal plight You sleep and sleep and sleep to escape reality, your youth is long faded along with vitality Closing your mind eye reaching for your partner's hand, but alone in your bed, this was not the master plan The dream realm is all you see through the haze, you lift your eyes up & meet your lost love's gaze But please don't go too soon to that alternate reality, there are those that still need to hear the words you speak Stop dwelling on real or perceived infirmities or without warning, it will drain your remaining vitality When you think of death or of the dying that they speak, hold your head up high and breathe life into the scene Change your attitude don't die its not a dream the younger generation you still need to lead Hold onto your life and sow a precious seed, life is worth living don't lose it in a dream

Poem Details | by Charles Melody Lightning Ink |
Categories: desire, emotions, eulogy, husband, love, sweet love, thank you,


Candy in your eyes,
No need to throw dice,
Before i recognize,
Your love is a grand prize,
Right now i see,
From you i will never flee,
For you are my glee.

            (Lightning Ink)

Poem Details | by Mac McGovern |
Categories: adventure, bereavement, dad, daughter, death, devotion, emotions, eulogy, faith, family, father, freedom, funeral, goodbye, grandchild, granddaughter, grandfather, grandmother, history, how i feel, i love you, life, men, mentor, miss you, missing you, mom, mother, obituary, old, patriotic, peace, people, sea, son, sorrow, spiritual, travel, veterans day, war,

The Old Salt

The Old Salt was a special man who came along in a time
when he was needed most.

A time that is now gone forever.
When men believed and sacrificed, when hero’s walked the earth in mass.

When patriotism was not just a word
by what men lived and judged the worth of each, 
a man who lived a life most of us cannot comprehend

An era now gone as this warriors tour of duty ends at this station, 
and begins anew in the heavenly fleet

Sail on Sailor into your unaccompanied tour,
we salute you.

What greater honor, that when a man moves forward, 
he leaves behind in each of us the best of what he was

A defender, protector, supporter, victor, a warrior, 
the last of the breed from an era when ships were made of wood
and men were made of steel.

The Old Salt has reported for duty that takes him away from us for now

Those of us who remain behind,
remember, and will continue to remember, 
because he now resides forever in our hearts.

As I look up at night, I envision The Old Salt,
a beret draped just above the eye, 
as he draws upon his pipe, 
quietly he waits.
The guardian of heaven’s gate.

Poem Details | by Tom Valles |
Categories: bereavement, bible, brother, celebration, christian, death, easter, eulogy, faith, farewell, feelings, flower, for her, for him, forgiveness, freedom, funeral, future, garden, god, grave, grief, heartbroken, heaven, hope, inspiration, jesus, joy, leaving, life, loss, love, memorial day, missing you, paradise, relationship, rose, spiritual, success, sympathy, uplifting, veterans day,

Tender of Roses

Beloved, lovely roses: gift of God and lover’s flower,
Spread your colored petals and cradle tender showers.
While admiring the blossoms with their beauty to behold,
Ought we not to know the Tender of such lovely garden groves?

For He lovingly and thoughtfully wields His pruning shears
To cut away the stems of old for fuller future years.
He cultivates and feeds themHe attends them as a Father
Looking daily to their needs; so faithfully He waters.

From the dawn of morning dew until the setting sun arrays
Caring always for His own until that great appointed day…
When the Gardener comes to claim each one the earth held as its own.
He gently picks it at its peak and for His pleasure takes it home.

As God did one glorious morning, when the Perfect Rose had bloomed.
He rolled away the stone and met with Mary at the tomb.
There the sweetest Rose of Sharon rose that we die not alone.
But be gathered for a garden grove, surrounding heaven's throne.

Poem Details | by millard lowe |
Categories: bereavement, child, death, emotions, eulogy, love,



In the stillness of your own
you taught us
the circadian rhythms of life
and its meandering flow
cascading life's tempestuous realities
year to year gracefully
wrapping pain into neat little packages
to be opened in the still of night
where you lay motionless
while spiritual healing moved
from one solution to another
as your soul communed with God.

How cleverly He disguised you:
a bud in waiting.

When blooming synchronized itself
with your unfolding
you became a radiant sunshine of joy:
then you gracefully slipped away.

a gentle breeze blew baptismal bliss
over my every being
and i felt your sweet soul soaring
in the winds of time
and heard your redemption song
of peace and unity with Jah.


Poem Details | by Suyash Saxena |
Categories: absence, adventure, best friend, bible, boyfriend, brother, child, childhood, community, conflict, dedication, depression, dream, eulogy, faith, farewell, fear, feelings, first love, grandchild, granddaughter, grandfather, grief, heartbroken, image, inspiration, inspirational, leaving, life, light, loneliness, lost, missing, missing you, mother, sad, sad love,

Final Adieu

Final Adieu

Let another sun set,
Let another flower wilt,
Let another autumn cast its gloom,
Let another tear role,
As ye part, and bid
The final adieu.

Suyash Saxena
StStephen’s college

Poem Details | by Ndaba Sibanda |
Categories: caregiving, eulogy, family, mothers day,

Special Love

They are special 
With a love essential
They and only they are endowed 
With the amazing biology of giving birth 
And the natural ability to breast-feed to satisfaction 

They are special
With a love essential
They and only they are the world`s 
Mothers and grandmothers and sisters 
Who can care and love better than a mother?

They are special
With a love essential
They and only they have love that knows
No time, hardship, distance, disability or old age
Because a mother`s love is the epitome of perseverance 

Poem Details | by Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu |
Categories: addiction, adventure, beautiful, beauty, best friend, brother, celebrity, character, desire, devotion, dream, drink, emotions, eulogy, faith, family, friendship, happiness, happy, how i feel, i love you, joy, longing, memorial day, people, poetess, poetry, poets, pride, relationship,

Meeting The Soupers

"Your first poem was an 
excellent are 
welcome...." Commented 
skat on my first poem.
"Wonderful and deep are welcome 
to poetry soup..." That 
was Poet Destroyer.
"Wow you have touched 
my heart in a special way 
with your poem.....your 
new friend Leonora 
Galinta" said Galinta.
"Well penned" said 
kithinji and so many 
special poets.
Hearty words from these 
unique poets spurred me 
to write better poems.
Which they appreciate.
Poetry soup is safe haven 
where feelings and 
emotions are expressed 
in tangible forms.
An educational enclave 
where different forms of 
knowledge are 
exchanged like two 
hands washing eachother.
Am most humbled to 
meet these dazzling 
gems radiating warmth 
like the sun-a privilege it 
is connect to parts of the 
I believe we all will meet 
someday,not in the after 
Leonora Galinta is an 
angel to meet,whom I 
admire amongst others.
Love to set my eyes on 
her delicate and graceful 
natureSee her graceful 
carriage, feel her gentle 
hands and smiles as she 
exudes sweetnessI pray 
hand of time will 
backwards when that 
day appears as we walk 
in the woods leading to 
silent deep blue sea with 
gentle breeze 
whispering.....A prolific 
writer as well.
PD will I meet 
someday,love her 
amiable nature,full of 
grace and charmA 
prolific poetess.
Skat is lovely with her 
immeasurable words of 
Kithinji will I love to 
behold,to learn from him.
Have drink with Robin,
Alian, shake akinyemi, 
stroll with Joe, hv a hike 
Sibanda, dine with Ralph 
and you.
Saying hi and hugs to 
Paz Samelo.
Meeting the soupers is 
making a happy family.
   Am gliding like the 
eagle,soaring higher as 
the day pass by         
you soupers are my 

Name:Ifeanyi Bob 
(Baron Of Ebullion)

Poem Details | by Meghan Palmer |
Categories: angel, baby, beautiful, bereavement, care, caregiving, celebration, change, childhood, children, creation, cry, death, death of a friend, dedication, desire, devotion, dog, easter, emotions, eulogy, family, farewell, february, first love, friendship, grief, home, joy, pets, smile, heart,

Ode to Humphrey

The"tail" I have to tell, starts off really sad.
My sweet doggie Murphy died and my heart, it hurt so bad.
Until one day in early spring, I got a call that made my heart sing!
There were some puppies born in Waco, the daddy -Jasper, and mommy- Juneau.
Four little boys, three little girlsBut the picture of one boy, made my heart twirl!
So I waited for a week or two, to meet my little puppy-oh so new!
I named him Humphrey, such a handsome boy! He has brought  laughter back and oh what a joy! He's super cute, and very smartMany would say, he's a work of art!
He's learning new tricks, and how to potty outsideSo many rules to learn and abide!
Humphrey is growing so quickly, the puppy breath will soon disappearHe will be an adult in less than a year! Every stage of his life is a blessing from aboveI guess that's the true meaning of what we call "puppy love".

Poem Details | by Jeinara Odonio |
Categories: absence, art, blue, dark, desire, devotion, earth, emotions, eulogy, eve, feelings, hope, how i feel, howl, i love you, image, irony, joy, loneliness, lonely, longing, memory, missing, moon, night, pain, passion, poems, relationship, romantic, stars,

Yellow Moon

She watched as the earth fell asleep

Waited for the yellow moon

soft kisses of unfaithful wind..

Images..Images on her head

Nostalgic memory of a forgotten love

Flashes of things she tried to forget..

Her eyes caught the reflection of the moon

locked inside the rain on her cheek..

She was standing alone..

Her grieving heart sought

solace from the moon

She petitioned the stars

Where is he this very night?

Cruel..oh so cruel..

Beneath the silence of the sky

she bowed her head and cried..

Poem Details | by Brenda Rose |
Categories: appreciation, brother, eulogy, family, feelings, love, tribute,

My Brother Remembered

Oh how I remember him so tall and strong
He showed no fear when facing wrong
So it was no surprise to hear at all
My brother became a man of the law.

A family man devoted too
Took care of his with I love you
And if others were in any need
He’d lift them up till they could lead.

And heard aloud but will never pass
The sound of my brother’s boisterous laugh
And his favourite time he wished could stay
Could only be every Christmas Day.

A man of honour of love and kind
A decent man that walked the line
You could see his strength his mighty will
So that’s my brother his name was Bill.

Brenda Elizabeth Rose

Poem Details | by shadab shaikh |
Categories: absence, addiction, anger, change, conflict, confusion, courage, death, depression, desire, eulogy, fear, feelings, fire, first love, children, for her, for him, kids, forgiveness, friendship, grief, heartbroken, how i feel, i love you, loneliness, lonely, longing, loss, lost, lost love, love, miss you, missing, missing you, moving on, pain, relationship, sad, sad love, sick, storm, strength, stress, suicide,


How can I tell you?
I can't stay with you.

Neither I can give up on you.
Fear of losing you is losing me.
It feels like slow death every night.

But we are just stuck in our spaces!
Unable to connect from two feet distance.

Poem Details | by David O'Haolin Whalen |
Categories: change, eulogy, lost love,

Strangers Once More

Elegy To Love Shy glances from o’er ones shoulder Longer looks that become bolder Grade school crushes, Painful blushes Turn to longing… as one grows older Strangers still (but not for long)… Hanging out on mid-summer night A game of tag, A touch so slight A mad dash away, but not too fast Mutual wishes… for the night to last Total strangers? (Not anymore!) Late Moonlit night, Bedecked in magic mist shared pilfered cigarette First shared stolen kiss Strangers no more (But not lovers yet) Drive-in movies, cuddlin’? Yup! Watchin’ each other, not the screen Makin’ moves, feelin’ grown up Only get one time to be a teen Strange to be apart (bereft when we are) Quick drive out of state Taking vows before a justice of the peace Quick decision, (cause she’s late) Doin’ the right thingThat’s what they think at least Strange to be an adult(much less a parent to be) Entry level job, minimum wage Diapers and tantrums, daydreams and debt Ofttimes seem not to be on the same page Still feelin’ the glow…and yet Strange to be middle-aged Kids are of an age Where their constant condition Seems to be only of rage In their time of transition Stranger still (the going downhill) Kids gone now Ardour slowing Seems somehow Less affection showing Strange changes (in trust and in faith) Going separate ways More often it seems No longer sharing Similar dreams Stranger still, that coldness creeps in That the love and the trust… wither slowly away Weather into dust as gently As night… turns into day Stranger by far From strangers to lovers Is the life circle we close From lovers ‘neath covers to “what God only knows?” Strange indeed! Is the course of one’s life The path on which we wend The curious way that husband and wife Change and become …strangers again...

Poem Details | by Tirzah Conway |
Categories: absence, anger, angst, bereavement, boyfriend, conflict, confusion, cry, death, eulogy, feelings, funeral, loneliness, longing, loss, lost love, people,

I waited

I never told you how I felt,
When I had the chance;
I hid my welled up feelings,
Never gave a second glance;

I stowed away my longing thoughts,
You weren't right for me;
But all I ever wanted,
Was to let you see;

I let slip through my fingers,
My one and lingering shot;
And allow that one brief moment,
Slither away, I cannot;

I waited too long to show you,
How much you meant to me;
And now you’re gone forever,
As gone as you can be.

Poem Details | by Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu |
Categories: death of a friend, depression, desire, emotions, eulogy, fantasy, grief, kiss, loneliness, lonely, longing, loss, lost love, memorial day, metaphor, missing you, romance,

Your Kiss From Heaven

My heart longs to hug
and to snug
In ur warm arms.
Not to be left in darkness.
We used to snog
On the large log,
Feeling ur tenderness
And every sweetness
Of yours lips.
Your swaying hips
Astounded my senses.
There are no pedestals
Reserved in the heavens
For girl wit such outlooks.
You exist in my fantasy
Visiting in my fantasy,
For a gem I have lost.
Heaven's taken my best.
I need no other kiss
But your kiss
From heaven.

Poem Details | by Colin James Platt |
Categories: animal, cat, eulogy, fun, love, mother daughter, mystery,

My Cat

My cat is so lovable she really makes me humble
She loves to play and cuddle and roll around and tumble
She can look into my soul with those oh so seeing eyes
What does she feel as she licks and cleans her daughter?
I can only say its love, what else?
I watch her as she sleeps, I can see that she dreams
I know she is a soul, just like you and me 
Please keep in mind this simple token
That we are all part of God and the chain cannot be broken       

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: autumn, eulogy, lonely, love, passion, september,

Saint Stephan

Was born a saint
That dreamed died at two
In the morning 
Never very good at tying me shoes
So now I am older, three times the devil
As I dream to see where life leads me
I close my eyes
To escape the desires I never touched
She called me a Romeo, yet I never kissed
The love felt I was certain was bliss
So I walked away
No more waiting, for silly moment’s lost
Played all my cards, and all hearts gone
And now I dig with grave thoughts in mind
For as I stare at the hole below
I see where Saint Stephan
Died at two

Poem Details | by Nola Perez |
Categories: eulogy,


Some never 
experience it,
that time 
of a perfect fit

Before everything 
that gets 
in the way gets 
in the way.

It was really 
nothing much: just 
words, and 
remembered touch,

in real time,
in memory 

Poem Details | by Hussaina Azgar |
Categories: absence, courage, death, eulogy, lost love, missing you, soulmate,

No One Is You

I endure the pang of solitude...the sigh of a forlorn love
Time is no healer, every sand of time brings in moments
I hasten to go- halves with none but You, 
My confidant, my best soul mate
To lose the man I had relied on for so long 
Is utterly devastating...
Never was life bed of roses, 
But all that mattered when you were around
Only you can understand the depths of my pain
Only you can feel my deafening silent tears
People say you left in a untrue...!
You're right here in full flesh and blood as me.
You made me strong and I will move on as you
See the care, courage and peace in my eyes
That bejewelled in you..oh yes,
You had all the time in the world to transform me into you
You did leave without a hint, but you were not in a hurry
The credence gets stronger in my heart, 
As I gaze into the eyes of our progeny..yes, 
They look at me the way I used to look at you
Eyes crammed with dream, faith and selfless love
My heart skips some beats that moment
To stand stronger than we had begun.
Ultimately,  I discern that, it is not you who is lost!
You're right here in full flesh and blood as me
It's me who is mislaid, lost in search of the refuge called you
When you've  sapped all my tears and heart sunk in mourning
I realize..You're right here in full flesh and blood as me
 I don't need me..I have your job to do
They're your legacy and I will bring them up as best I can
As a leopardess can't change her spots...
so as I remain who I am! 
And you are the Apple of my eye forever!
Whatever I am today has come from you...
I am told, the pain will ease in time...
Time is no healer but I have learnt running along with time!
As of me, my lonely love shall find its way to you !!!

( In tribute to my beloved husband (late) MrZakir Hussain)

Poem Details | by Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu |
Categories: depression, desire, eulogy, fantasy, feelings, first love, love, memory, missing you, tribute,

My damsel


Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: abuse, addiction, angel, best friend, black african american, brother, bullying, character, cry, dance, death, death of a friend, dedication, discrimination, eulogy, farewell, forgiveness, freedom, friend, friendship, gender, goodbye, grief, happiness, heaven, identity, life, love, memory, pain, pride, racism, rainbow, rights,

William part 1

I ask all to be open minded as I tell the story of my friend,  William
There are so many prejudice in this World , from color to sex 

To me it has always been the soul , the person inside 
For one that is shallow will not experience life in true blessing 

William my friend was African American , he was fun and personality full of 'I am here "
William was Gay , William disowned , William called "A queer "

Well this is a lesson for all to know
God does not care what color , but the heart , what color it shows

I had left my 1st Husband , with 2 children I had to support
I was depressed , felt alone in the civilian World of a sort 

For when I got to Monterey bay , I was on a Military base 
Very shy and recluse , not leaving the perimeter of the land 
I opened such a big door when I left that abusive Man 

I had the tiniest apartment with 2 little rooms , probably 550 sqfeet I presume
I will never for get the night He came to my door , William ," Girl, lets go dancing 
Let's go explore ! He called me 'The platinum Blonde "

We went out together and danced , he was amazing ! William energized any room He Lit it Up ! 
For he had something inside his beautiful soul , no money could buy, nor silver or gold.

Well years went by in Monterey bay , I had fallen in love with a man , Lost so much time

Time went by , after the man broke my heart ,I remember "where is William "
I missed something that lies  deep in my heart The true Love and friendship of he I craved

Now this story is long so go to  "William part 2  "be patient , be brave