Love Poems About Whale or Whale Love Poems
by Gary Smith |
Categories: humorous, longing,

I Am Just What I Am

Here I sit on the ocean bed
Just sifting mud and ooze,
But If it was up to me
It's not the life I'd choose.

It's dark down here, there's creepy things
All looking for a feast
So I live on tenterhooks,
Hiding from the beasts.

To be higher up the food chain
Is where I'd love to be,
But to be a shark, or a huge blue whale
Was not my destiny.

So my life is what it is,
I am just what I am.
But it's no fun at the bottom,
It's no fun being a clam.

Entry for
Personification poem of a pet, wild animal or insect Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Tania Kitchin
2/9/18. Placed 6th.

by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: animal, ocean,

White Whale

In oceans deep, the white whale sings
He seeks a mate to ease his pain
His song, it plays on our heart strings
As Moby Dick searches in vain

Such loneliness no whale can feign
For he’s the last of “great white” kings
Angry, no love can he attain
Casting hapless ships ‘neath waves’ rings

January 21, 2020
For Charlie Messina’s “Oh-No A Twisted Char-Lay Poetry Contest”

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, 12th grade, angst, anxiety, feelings, imagery, metaphor,

Barren Solitude

I'm out of my element, a beached whale that can't breathe, drowning in a world of air. A tattered palm-frond caught up in love's gale surfing upon cascading waves of hope, I defy the odds of chance and elope. A lonely calf, I swim to what's out there, but my impulsive plan is doomed to fail. A tide of lies drains this waterless place where love flounders in barren solitude. A mountain of rot reeking in disgrace discarded by a putrid ocean of fear, with a broken heart and a sand-filled tear. Bobbing in lukewarm pools of platitude, iceberg-dreams dissolve, leaving little trace. (Rhyme) Aug. 9, 2018

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: christian, humanity, inspirational, love, political, truth, wisdom,

Read the Rest of the Bible

Jonah refused to speak out
against, he was 
swallowed by a whale;
inside the big tummy, for
not speaking Judgment
he thought again of scripture
while growing quite pale:
not judging with the sense
God gives one, is to hence
repeat and fail – we are
all donkeys – pinning truth,
as our hearts perceive it, always
not perfect, but perhaps, for now 
a necessary tail/tale....

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: christian, faith, humanity, inspirational, spiritual, surreal, wisdom,

Divisions of Being

Love is thought
needing a subject 
and predicate

lover and object
blossom and voyeur
dreaming fond connections,
often crossing taboos 
of distance…
exchanging scents and feel,
the bow, rudder and keel
of relationship

Yet, that mystery remains

the lone whale basking
seeming above the ripples

the albatross on a still night
soaring on unseen current

a collapsed sail undisturbed
by bleeding sunlight

which will I be today?

God or His Man?

by Raul Moreno |
Categories: nature, ocean,

Ocean Songs

Ballads of the whale, 
Romantic songs of the deep:
Soft bellows of love.

by Kayod5 Kayode |
Categories: home,

Sweet Home Lagos

Solitude?Come not to us our is not a ghost city.
Fun seeker? Come not alone our canopy is big .
Our fresh oceanic cuisine is surplus and honeymixed.

Fear not when baby whales are washed to the semolina beach
Or when little children are basking on  zebra and horses' manes
But jump on a tusker and have a whale of the tamer of  forest.

The angels shall alight with the rising of the sun
With awesome fry-pan or leaf-cutter backyards,
Perch on love  like butterfly and enjoy our moonlight rock and roll.

by Teddy Kimathi |
Categories: anxiety, emotions, imagery, ocean, sad love, voyage,


After waving his hand
to his beloved, a sailor gets into
the ship and prepares for
sailing across the deep, blue waters

Little does he know a flood
of tears are stinging the eyes
of his lover, wondering whether
he will still remain her husband,
or will become the ocean’s husband,
after drowning to her belly

Storms roaring with rage
every now and then,
she doesn’t see any wage
as a reason for her lover
to go and hunt a rogue whale
that capsizes ships

“Goodbye”, she faintly whispers,
as the ship sets for sail
with her other piece of joy.....

by Steve Meadows |
Categories: love


Love is an emotion
The ship set sail
Into the ocean
Killer whale

Love is a feeling
Mixed into a platter
Healthy healing
Bright cake batter

Love is an escape
From anger that we hate
Nicely tamed prime apes
Batter at home plate

Love is an emotion
Sailing in the ocean
The ocean of feelings
Mental health healing

by Tabitha Mathis |
Categories: absence, death, first love, friendship, how i feel, i miss you, romance,

Where Are You

Where Are You
I've looked through the waters,
Watched the sun as it goes down,
Sat on the rock for days,
Nothing but beautiful sounds,

The ocean calm as it can be,
Not a dolphin in site,
A whale nor a shark,
Just a beautiful sun light,

I miss you so much,
What shall I do?
I'm in my feelings now,
Where are you?

By: Author Tabitha R Mathis

by Jan Oskar Hansen |
Categories: fear, film, first love, food,

To See Or Not To See

To see or not to see 

To know what you know
Needs no deep reflection as it is evident
That you stopped thinking  
Being so sure, unresponsive sure
That when it hits you
What you knew was wrong 
That new thinking is needed 
If you are lazy just ride if and insist
You were right
Saves time 
And in hundred yours whatever it was 
Is forgotten.
A whale of a time
Swimming in arctic water 
Oh man that is deep

by Liza Salmon |
Categories: adventure,


Why does the sun die?
All captains view lively, rainy waves.
Endure quietly like a cold wind.
Why does the whale wave?
Endure swiftly like a misty breeze.
Why does the girl travel?
Shores endure like clear shores.
Shores travel!
Golly gosh, loves!
Old, big ships roughly desire an old, rough shark.
Clear, old clouds swiftly command an old, small mast.
Courage, desolation, and faith.
The sail endures like a small mainland.
All gulls love misty, cold winds.
The captain sails like a stormy pirate.
The mainland rises like a clear seashell.

by Jeb Bush |
Categories: animal, appreciation, cancer, death of a friend, emo, freedom, true love,

Whaleiam Funguson

Whales live in the ocean
So it's pretty rare to find
A whale beached in Iowa
But it doesn’t mind

It swims in the Cedar
Takes care of the cattle
Stock breeder
Wildcat hill

Eventually, it’ll return home
Back to the plains
Iowa is all he’s ever known
The land of Ames

In Memory Of William Marshall Ferguson

by Connie Pachecho |
Categories: absence, break up, lost love,

We Ball Then Bawl

We ball then bawl

We rode the lone road
as dears that dare
each goading each's gold
up devil's stairs we stare

out to red herring's sea we see
waves of rungs that wrung
like killer bees we be
tung twigs slipping his tongue

he's a heel that's never healed
spouts the whale and her wail
but as bees spill more spiel
she becoming pale kicking his pail

she took pain from his window pane
tears dropping the glass tiers
till she reigned his clouds of rain
no longer his deer poke or dear

misery's won and they're back to one
what's don is now done?

connie pachecho


by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade,

I Have the Best Snout In the Sea

I can grow thirteen feet long if I want
I stay in the Amazon where I love to hunt
I am the biggest crocodilian in the present day
Yes, I am a black caiman, slithering in the fray
One woman guessed I was a blue whale, a silly guess.
The only blue whale I know is ninety-eight feet long; I call her Tess.

by Serena Ali |
Categories: introspectionwoman,

A Woman

A woman as part of your soul,
A woman to make you whale,
A woman to love each day,
A woman in every way,
This is the way to be,
Then you are the one for me .

by Once Shore |
Categories: cute, fun,

Erratic 4 - a Little Seaweed

Can you hear the echoes of the ocean - 
The screams of the cooking pipi shells,
The sadness of 52 hertz whale,
The craziness of the king tides,
The eternal love of the cute little crabs?

A little piece of seaweed wants to scream
And yell
And tell the world it is happy.

It wants to push
And pull the tides of life;
Let itself melt into a luscious green.

It wants to fight,
Fly and swim- detaching from the sandy soils,
Letting the ocean currents lead it to paradise.

It wants to dominate,
Feel how it must be like to be a precious pearl,
Living in its exclusive, own shell
And warm itself in the ultimate happiness that is slumber.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade,

Guess Who I Am

I can grow thirteen feet long if I want
I stay in the Amazon where I love to hunt
I am the biggest crocodilian in the present day
Yes, I am a black caiman, slithering in the fray
One woman guessed I was a blue whale, a silly guess.
The only blue whale I know is ninety-eight feet long; I call her Tess.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade,

Encounter With Murder of Crows

I can grow thirteen feet long if I want
I stay in the Amazon where I love to hunt
I am the biggest crocodilian in the present day
Yes, I am a black caiman, slithering in the fray
One woman guessed I was a blue whale, a silly guess.
The only blue whale I know is ninety-eight feet long; I call her Tess.

by Sotirios Skoufis |
Categories: freedom, love,

Our Love Is Free

I'm a sailor 
in my bathtub 
With my periscope 
On my head there's a paper boat

Looking like an envelope
You're my lighthouse 
My love whale
Love made from 2 cancers

Life's beautiful 
There's no disasters
A dog on a dog
And a big boat

Our love 
It does float
There's a starfish 
Our love

It won't perish 
It will last
As our love 
It is vast

It is huge
It's enormous 

King size

Our love
It is wise 
There's a bird
And three fishes

And two trees 
And two changing rooms 
Two and three
Our love

It is free

by Kellie Thomas |
Categories: absence, feelings, grief, loss, morning,

I Cry

Confusion engulfs my mind and my eyes whale 
with tears and I cry. 
I cry for the love that I've lost 
I cry for the child that was lost 
I cry for the memories are a daze 
I cry because at times I feel I'm going 
A batter body that carries my thoughts 
In pain I move to and fro 
More pain than my mind can stand 
I cry at the lose of a man 
I cry at the lose of a mother never had 
I cry at the bleak and dark past 
I cry and howler for pain has engulf me 
Taken over this raggedy body 
I cry out in misery 
Somebody, please, please someone help me.

by Jeremy Cornelius |
Categories: father, husband, life, love, mother, wedding, wife,

Child Corset

Whale-bone satchel hidden underneath
The husband comes in to take the sheath
From his wife, 
To pull away the knife.
Support this cradled strap
Call the cartographer for a map
To chart the followed Path,
Taken before by Plath.
Hold the chest
For this test 
Of love,
Of affection
From above,
This rejection
Holds still a toy
For a boy
And twirls 
For a girl.

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, nature, sea,

Love Is a Big Sea--

Lovely are your waves Cloudy desolation; Desire rise endured; Misty yet clear calm; Nature roars; Cold, clear suns roughly desire a warm, dead wave; Winds wave like clear mainlands; The sunny lad swiftly views the whale; ~Love is a big sea~ 3/30/19 written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©

by Milton Brown |
Categories: life, lost love, love, me, love, me,

I Bow Out

To think I vested my time
To think I could have you as mine
Put my self out there
Vulnerable, and you not care
Deny me the happiness
Refuse my tender love & caress
Then move on like theirs no tomorrow
Leave me behind to whale in my own sorrow
This just can't be what love is about
So, forget love, this time I BOW OUT!

Always put my best foot forward
Step by step, and on one accord
To not receive the best from you
To not have you follow through
Embarrass me, and make me think twice
Put up a guard when someone is being nice
Not give myself a chance 
Because all I can think about is you in rememberance 
So I'll strive to not let it affect me
I bow out, simply....

by Chaim Wilson |
Categories: appreciation, character, family, giving, life, little sister, love,

Nori's Story Fills Will's Bill

Nori's Story Fills Will's Bill
Sidney Says, "Touch Your Kidney"
Will Says, "Mine Almost Did Me"
Nori ,"I'll Share!  I've One Spare, Rid Me"

Such Daring! Behold Bold Caring,
Hearing This Story, You Can't Help "Staring",
A Whale of a Tale, Not Merely a Herring!

We All Sing Loud "Altruism Laud!",
Our Complacent Proud Is Now Humbly Sawed,
Once Jaded by Man, Here Fore Awed!

By My Word, From Now I Resolve "No Rest!"
Make The Good Better, Then The Better Best,
Now Hear This: May Nori & Will Be Blessed!