Love Poem: Our love is free
Sotirios Skoufis Avatar
Written by: Sotirios Skoufis

Our love is free

I'm a sailor 
in my bathtub 
With my periscope 
On my head there's a paper boat

Looking like an envelope
You're my lighthouse 
My love whale
Love made from 2 cancers

Life's beautiful 
There's no disasters
A dog on a dog
And a big boat

Our love 
It does float
There's a starfish 
Our love

It won't perish 
It will last
As our love 
It is vast

It is huge
It's enormous 

King size

Our love
It is wise 
There's a bird
And three fishes

And two trees 
And two changing rooms 
Two and three
Our love

It is free