Love Poems About Tug Of War or Tug Of War Love Poems
by njeri hunjeri |
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the unbearable call

She calls and calls to me she cries
I hear her I hear her and for that am daring
For a friend and an enemy she has become
That soft kiss on my forehead
The phantom curse of our passion

How is it I and her have these conversations 
The late night chats of our sorrows
The innocent depths of our dawn 
By midday we play tug of war
I trying to chase her away
And she holding tight to me

We love and we cry
Sobbing on each other's shoulders
The ink undying 
Fresh with each stroke
The poetry in me 
The poem and the poet

by Lin Lane |
Categories: lost love, memory,

Memories of a Man

I cannot brush away tiny grains of sand
as the waves can reclaim them for the sea,
nor sweep clean my memories of a man,
as if love we had was not meant to be.

A mystery it is to those who are
questioning the moon for ruling the tide.
After years of passion, now a tug of war.
His spoils of battle are tears I can't hide.

In weak moments, I drift in reveries
of walks on this beach, of holding his hand,
time spent in laughter;  loving memories.
He threw us away, I don't understand.

Footsteps leave prints, washed out by ebb and flow.
I cry in vain, caught in love's undertow.

by Anita Lovelace |
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My Dog, Jake

Jake's as purty as a Boston terrier can be.
Grinning and jumping each time he sees me.
He’s happy to be fed and he dearly loves to fetch.
We use a little stuffed bear when we play catch.

I got him as a puppy and instantly could tell
He was a dog I would love and never ever sell.
He chewed on the corners of furniture and stuff.
He loves to play “tug of war” because we played so rough

Now he’s almost six years old, my friend Jake
He never fails to greet me, my day he does make
A good dog and companion for the whole family.
“Feed Jake” if I can’t, is my heart-felt plea.

by Herzel Poshiwa |
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With a rough tug.
Pain transcends through my body,
Like an angry hurricane.

A black hideous mark.
A trace of recurring agony.  
Left permanently to remind me.

Falling to the floor. 
A thud to my sides.
A soft cry of hurt and laughter.

A swollen limb.
Marks the end of every day.
Sleeping on a pill eases the pain.

Dear sprained ankle.
I’m tired and it’s been long
Can we end this tug of war? I want to dance freely again.

© Herzel Poshiwa

by Johnny Rhinem |
Categories: bullying, creation, humorous, inspiration, love,

He Had No Balls

Still the bone remained....
Pulling on his chain; ever snarling
A tug of war with, her tree as meat loaf 
Became his dreams and gobble said the turkey
Unto her queen bee ? Blue bishops atop pogo sticks a fly
With one big eye siphoning the marrow from time's sparrow; slobbering
Their madman howls holy cow his orange cat meows wow, where has Alice gone.


by Daniel Turner |
Categories: love hurts,

Tug of War

This tug of war we're playing is no game
Especially when my love is the rope
The back and forth is causing such a strain
That all I'm holding on to now is hope

It seems that's all of you that's left to hold
When once I had you in these loving arms
But love gets slippery when it gets cold
Your chill has even frozen all my charm

To think that you could love someone like me
Whose only treasure is a broken heart
I was a fool when I dared to believe
And should have known it from the very start

Though it is broken. my heart is still gold
If you can't see it's value, let it go

   an original poem by Daniel Turner

by Dalila Agtani |
Categories: love



Love must be complementing
It’s not a “tug of war”
That each side, end of the rope going against each other,
Instead of complete understanding
Not of a perplexing or confusing…laborious labyrinth of love.
Wherein the center, there is a gravitational force!
At any rate, even the wisest war tactician fails
If not possessed with solid know-how, diplomacy and good judgment
Lovers or protagonists must sit conform to each other.
They give and take
Study the problem
Solve the problem and not attacking
And not a squid or guerilla tactics or hide and seek process
But to a sharp contrast:  to success
Rather than to a laborious labyrinth of love!

by linda smith |
Categories: confusion, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, love,

A Choice?

It is not a choice you see,
for this is how God made me.
My emotions in a tug of war.
To my psyche, she was a savior.
Out of the closet I did run.
The battle for my sanity was hard won.
A lifelong journey I made for her.
My love, she did concur.

by Becc Kim |
Categories: love, love hurts, poetry, sad love,


In desperation they claw 
too impatient to wait for one above all others
Recklessly tearing apart a whole for crumbs
Tasting aimlessly at any other

Thoughtless for the one 
before their own
salvaging leftovers post tug of war
only taking while staking a claim for 
self not the other

Minds eye will always wander
Unhappy while happy just like 
every other
Luck will let loose those untrue
Until that day comes left 
stuck in the mud they are 
but like others

Take care and thought 
for the one that trumps all
Or choose mediocre and 
end up failing and flailing 
floundering love not love
faking it like all the others

by Stacy Stiles |
Categories: husband, introspection, lost love, sad,

Exhausted Avenues

Spent energy
No drive
Droopy eyelids
Must revive

Need sleep 
Too much to do
Running errands
Losing you

Cradling memories
Yesterday’s past
Sensing distance
Falling fast

Love for life
Children first
Endless devotion
Now we’re cursed

I won’t change
This is me
Lost in a tug of war
Amidst this jubilee 

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

by Nkully Mpoyiya |
Categories: absence, break up, confusion, lost love, love,



Back and forth in time.
Ups and downs seem to be all we have.
A tug of war in our love time.
Im lost in all the yes and no moments.
I want us to be in my mind and heart.
A part of me says let go for better coz I have seen your worst.
If I could hide the pain in my eyes I would.
Every thought of us brings floods of mixed emotions through me.

Uncertainty seems to weigh heavier on me than all the other trials ive faced.
The love was real.
The love was true and alive in every sense.
Im uncertain if I really want it back.
You see the lows over rided all the good we had.
Im tired, maybe im too afraid too move on.

Im babling I see.

by Amber Moultry-Harrison |
Categories: betrayal, conflict, fantasy,

Tug of War

Standing here at this alter 
I don't know what to do 
I'm suppose to be happy
But I'm feeling sad and blue
Torn between what I want and what I need
Lord, give me some mercy please
Looking into your eyes, makes me realize
That I have been lying to myself 
Because I'm in love with someone else
Someone you trust and knew
But still you have no clue 
Of this passion I have for another 
I'm sorry to say he's close like a brother 
So I join my hand with you 
Knowing that our love will never be true
Before God and man 
I have to take a stand
And do what is right 
Even though its a hard fight
So I will close this door 
Still in a tug of war....

by abie jayan |
Categories: sensual,

Whore of Nights

Endless nights ,Endless days,
seems like a story in my life.
I say no,still goes far,
forbidden fruit tastes so dear.
Flesh or heart,which comes first,
tug of war decides at last.
Bed of roses,beside me,
chose the thorn to love the pain.
Am I a dice ,played by life?
or a whore of sleepless nights.

Written by Abie

by Jo Bien |
Categories: introspection, love


yesterday tethered to tomorrow
caught in a tug-of-war 'tween the two
going back holds nothing but sorrow
my future now a rosier hue

stuck in mud caused by the storm
the past corroded from rain
anticipating your next jump
love factored with the pain

the sun shines now from behind dark clouds
the rainbow that arcs 'cross blue
riding in on a silver horse
a hero to bring me through

dreams of the past may bring it back
quickly they fade with dawn
'til yesterdays face is just a blur
in the morning when I stretch and yawn

by Justin Debrosse |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love,

Lover's tug of war

Want to hold you and kiss you
And bite your neck until
You fall to pieces

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: father, love, mother, relationship, son,

Tug of War

He tugs dad this way
   He tugs mom that way

They forget he is there
   And quarrel with each other ...

Driven to distraction
   They speak freely, candidly, even brutally

Their son learns that marriage is not always a bed of roses
   And that they love him -- and each other -- more than ever

by linda smith |
Categories: life, loss, love, passion,

Troubled Soul

I go through my day
and wade through my dispair.
I put up a veiled front
for all to see.
But I am only 
lying to myself.
My friends say,
through my eyes,
my book is read.
I have struggled
with this delimma,
a tug of war between
my heart and soul.
Between my heart's desire
and my duty.
How much I want to escape
this stockade that
imprisons my heart.
To be the one
who lies deep within.

by Jane VanDoe |
Categories: courage, tribute, word play,

To Paul

To Paul - whose words depict our times
Within melodic runic rhymes
As woven lyrical designs

To Paul - your Tug of War in life
Inspired you to pen Peace Pipes
For a world besieged with strife

To Paul - the idol of our youth
Who sang of love in words of truth
And suffered much undue abuse

To Paul - whose music paved the way
For Sargent Pepper’s Band to play
And gave us dreams of Yesterday

To Paul - whose Wings taught us to fly
By granting hope and leave to try
With joy that begged to touch the sky

To Paul - whose sadness now we see
In loss of love through destiny
Our prayer for him is Let It Be

by J.R. Dawson |
Categories: anxiety, hate, love, peace,

hearts crumpling

hearts crumpling 
all around us hate/love
in a tug of war