Love Poems About Tiffany or Tiffany Love Poems
by Linda-Marie Sweetheart |
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12 Days of Christmas Craves

"12 Days of Christmas Craves" On the twelfth day of Christmas My true love sent to me 12 twinkling tiaras Eleven emerald elephants Ten Tiffany trinkets Nine naughty negligees Eight echoing elves Seven sequined stars Six sexy singers Five fake fingernails s s s Four furry foxes Three tingling tamborines Two turtledoves And peach tree in pail via e-mails s s s. *For P.D.'S 12 Days of Christmas. *Written by: Linda-Marie "Sweetheart".

by Susan Ashley |
Categories: desire, hope, romantic love,

Champagne Cravings and Saffron Spice

In evening eyes an ember’s gleam I see
emotions ripple from your depths and spread
across your surface known to be glassy
are ripened waves of passion crashing red

Now crocus of your crave in bloom and flare
on bed of saffron petals - spice we seize
in festival of lust on my skin bare
a thousand tingles mingle pleasures tease

Your lips brush mine with strawberry caress
then kiss me deep your tongue unties my lace
I open up to you and your finesse
we toast with our champagne in love’s embrace 

As ravishment reflects epiphany
amour I see through rosy tiffany

Susan Ashley
March 17, 2018

by Subimal Sinha-Roy |
Categories: analogy, color, love,

Cerulean Serenity

Time stood still with me
on aegean beach at tiffany twilight hours,
the senile sun sank in admiral splendor 
beyond  the lap of the lapis horizon,
the cobalt sea soaked the cyan sky, 
ribboned by strands of periwinkle cloud,
blown by aquamarine breeze.
You came flying on its sapphire wings, 
slate hair kissing the teal lips, 
lacing the prussian eyes.
From the azure shadow of waves
I swam on turquoise glint of your eyes,
sank deep in your indigo heart, 
embracing me with cerulean serenity. 

Written : July 13, 2018
May 1, 2020
Contest : Strand Pick J, Any Theme, Any Form
Sponsor : Brian Strand

by Amor Otong |
Categories: july, love, marriage,


A heart of gold
Love is to be told
A tiffany glass like made of
Thy color broke at best abode
Teary eyes, hiatus night
Lofty sentiments it might
Leaving the pastiche art of July
Reflection bygone she has to find!
Meres't whisper of thine precious diamond 
Hail! Lenity in my world!
Don't let me fall Jody
It has the heart of gold
Now I am very telling and cold
Luxury it might seems for me
But it has beauty like Aphrodite 
Depict no warranty
Indulgence all I can see
Will you marry me?

by John Monteblanco |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love, teen

Tiffany, Please Stay

Tiff I am sorry for your pain.
You invaded my heart and brain,
Yet you say I gave you that stain.
I can't forget your smile.
Hope you will stay and help me train.
Please just stay for a while.

by Charlotte Zuzak |
Categories: depression, girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love, love, sad, school, graduation, high school,

Senior Year Nightmare

Drooping decorations
and graduation mayhem turned to
tears and depression after
fight with high school steady.
The memory of prom date from hell
will hopefully disappear.
The elaborate hairdo was
furiously brushed out,
and the uncomfortable formal
packed away in the attic to be
given to charity next year.
The sweet whispers of love and 
the notes passed in study hall
behind the back of old Mrs. Jenkins,
the talk of a wedding the following summer,
became heartbreaking memories
when Tiffany Blake came to town.

by Kayla Swender |
Categories: people

Bio of Kayla.

Mommy, Daughter, Sister, Lover.
Sister of Tiffany, Michael, Bethany, and Austin.
Lover of Takota, Jerry, and my Mommy.
Who feels Love, pain, and loneliness.
Who fears rejection, abandonment, and loss.
Who would like to see the future, the past, and the present.
Resident of Norman, Oklahoma.

by Juan Miguel De La Cerna |
Categories: love, romanceheart, heart,


O’ my beautiful queen and goddess;
You always hold my heart and put it into test.
You are my goddess though I’m just a warrior,
A warrior who knocks at heaven for its superior.

O’ my angel who swept my feet;
You always bring the sun and sweep my wreath.
You are my sunshine when I’m in the dark,
A phantom who always bring my spark.

O’ my fair and handsome lady,
You always enter my heart without a parody.
You are my clown when I’m in a frown,
A lady I want around this town.

O’ my maiden, O’ my queen,
Your battle of love I shall never win.
But still the thing you put into my lips is funny,
Because you are my one and only Tiffany.

by Brian Strand |
Categories: art, love,

K Is For Keepsake

Craft me a tiffany
that others may see

Cut out a matisse
for my mantle-piece

Throw me a pollock
to which others will flock

Abstract me a rothko
I can keep on show

Sculpt like epstein
this profile of mine

Draw like da vinci
a portrait  of me

Hand make a keepsake for me
that is unique of thee

by Brian Strand |
Categories: imagination, satireme, , cute,

A Facebook Fantasy

Hey honey,will you be mine
I've got the cutest chat-up line;
What you see is what you get,
Fly with me by private jet !

Vacation by the sunny Med'.
My wealth has Wall street cred'
Play your cards with great care,
And perhaps some day we'll wed!

I'll wine and dine you each day,
On Caribbean sands we'll play;
You'll shop in Harrods & Tiffany,
Money's no expense with me !

Your beauty so dazzles me,
It will make you  a celebrity;
Our love-match will be no dream,
I'll sell it to Hello magazine.

Inspired by Dr Ram's parody contest

by Jim Slaughter |
Categories: humor,

Another Sonnet For Spring

Phooey on sonnets 'bout flowers in spring!
Those moldy crotchets are trite and cliché.
There's nothing 'bout flowers that makes me sing,
Ne'er to my love a bouquet would I bring,
She isn't keen on that stuff anyway.
Here is a list of a few other things
She coyly suggests she'd prefer I bring:
A silver Rolls Royce, a Tiffany ring,
Deed to a villa or castle in Spain.
To do so I'd have to live on a string,
And debt is a very cumbersome thing.
She smirks in reply, "No gain without pain."
If one day my love's dear neck I should wring,
Sing Sing, I hear, can be lovely in spring.

by Cj Krieger |
Categories: life, love,

Prisoner of Choice

She has taken herself 
Off the open market 
And made herself available 
To the wealthy at private auctions 
Wearing only the finest 
In silks and satin's and sparkling diamonds 
And though everything she wears is new 
She herself is a hand me down 
Shared for the price of Tiffany bracelet 
Or an Oscar De La Renta dress 
Longing for happiness 
Praying that someone might keep her 
Never seeing that she is kept

by Anthony Biaanco |
Categories: life, lust, snow, storm,

Making Love To a Storm

A snowstorm is coming. 
A big pink malignant mass on the weather map.
People panicking hoarding booze and gas.
I've got my shovel and old northern muscle.
I'm more than up to the task.

My doe-eyed neighbor seems unconcerned.
She's dressed to the max.
Risking life and limb for the lust of her man?
Taillights disappearing into a snow globe of tiffany glass.

I do understand her.
I once did the same thing a lifetime ago.
Drove 25 miles in a rust bucket blizzard. 
For the love of adventure and lust.
A pretty little thing waiting for me in her perfumed nest. 
Risking life and limb for a warm pink drink.
The memory far outliving the storm.

by Jay Del Fierro |
Categories: family, love,

Tiffany,Sleep Well....

As angels surround you
with soft beating wing's
in solace,to help ease your pain
just know....that they know,

the suffering of a lifes journey
the inner tears of a souls crying
the tainted scars of mixed emotions
the hunger for everlasting peace....

As you lay here now
in cumbersome sleep
allow them to help you release
the burdens carried as boulders
and lighten your load for your
now return home flight....
in comfort,
in peace,
in love.....

As a flowering bud
from our family tree
memories constanly glisten
as morning dew,become
thoughts of you.....

(Tiffany,my niece,facing a rare illness,
  may God's hand rest easy on her heart...)

by Tiffany Christian |
Categories: friendship, happiness, hope, me,

Cold Moonlight

As I stand in the cold, moonless night, 
I wonder if I'm safe, then I feel your arms around me holding me tight.

As I stand in the frigid, moonless night
I wonder if I'm loved, then I feel your lips on mine.

We whisper our goodbyes, 
kiss each other softly before depating 
to go our seperate ways.

To: Michael
From: Tiffany
I love you

by R. B. Cawis |
Categories: child,



I have a woman
Her name is Prada 
Like the precious brand 
Of Dolce and Gabbana 

She  bewitches like L'Oréal 
Charms like Donna Karan 
She sparkles like Napoleon 
And wows like Louis Vuitton 

Her smile is Donatella
But she waves like Gianni 
She is blooming like Ella 
And shines like Tiffany 

But like a porcelain  
She's fragile like a glassware 
I know not much how to love her 
And handle her with care

*For my daughter*