Love Poem: Champagne Cravings and Saffron Spice
Susan Ashley Avatar
Written by: Susan Ashley

Champagne Cravings and Saffron Spice

In evening eyes an ember’s gleam I see
emotions ripple from your depths and spread
across your surface known to be glassy
are ripened waves of passion crashing red

Now crocus of your crave in bloom and flare
on bed of saffron petals - spice we seize
in festival of lust on my skin bare
a thousand tingles mingle pleasures tease

Your lips brush mine with strawberry caress
then kiss me deep your tongue unties my lace
I open up to you and your finesse
we toast with our champagne in love’s embrace 

As ravishment reflects epiphany
amour I see through rosy tiffany

Susan Ashley
March 17, 2018