Love Poems About Swan or Swan Love Poems
by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: analogy,

Body Song

my fingertips
touch ...
tender, but with melodic intent
you tremble
just SO ...
and sigh sweetly
the delightful answer
to my questioning hands
a gentle press ...
your supple curves against me
fitting me like dovetail
your quivers ...
soft-thrumming my flesh
matching your moans
the hushing pulse of your body
urges me on ...
your swan-like neck
satin beneath my hot palm
as it moves lower
pressing ...
deft digits dancing across you
like a wild Spaniard
we are ... one
our purpose, the same
oh, sing to me now
let my passion be your cry
let our lullabies of love and desire
move souls ...
and ache hearts
my beloved ...

by Tim Smith |
Categories: love,

I Do Not Love You Like the Crescent Moon

I do not love you like the crescent moon
majestically erupting into a star filled night   
nor do I love you like the pearl painted swan
gliding effortlessly across a pristine pond

Fear not for I do most certainly love you -

But my love is more like a cool crisp apple
one succulent bite bringing sustenance to life
My love lives in our fresh laundered linens 
dried in the comforting winds blowing off the sea

My love is here 
My love is now
It is in everything I touch
It is in everything I Do

I may not love you like the luster melting hearts
glistening off a ten carat diamond ring
but you can be sure my love lives daily
in my every breath and my every dream

by Hiya Sharma |
Categories: deep, emotions, fantasy, first love, love, true love, wine,

Celeste Romance

I gaze at those fireflies in
your butter-sweet eyes that shine,
succulent with white lush pulp
of love's purity,

you hue my wildflower heart
with hyacinth, as we twirl
like spring-shaded tulips in
life's regal-black psalms; 

mon cherie, I wish for stars
to sequin your shimmering
wine soul and cradle comets
of faith in your fate, 

as, rubies glazed with honeyed
hibiscus and nectarine
daisies will be my pink muse,
forevermore true;

afterlife shall foretell our
lavender soliloquy
of celeste romance, whipped in
soft beige affection, 

and your coral spirit will
eternally emphasise
cherry letters as tokens
of swan-shaped twin flames.

by Besma Riabi Dziri |
Categories: anger, beauty, blessing, feelings, forgiveness, friendship love,

Beauty From Him We Derive

Who am I not to excuse and forgive
when the Solo God, His mercy would give.

Rage inside, I plead to God to erase
though much of pain has on the face left trace.

All the seasons barged into Springtime
and the Rose has to keep her scent sublime.

The birds would chirp and hail a rising dawn
as night would echo the woes of a swan.

Mind and heart are forever friends and foes
heart sins and mind reasons, one to dispose !

Sweet bitter life! blest to taste and survive
The Mighty, Beauty from Him we derive.

by White Wolf |
Categories: memory,

Wading For You

Before I leave from this world A vision of you I yearn to see Intrepidly my heart leads on I possess the door but not the key A swan on this lake of love Loneliness, finally, has reared its head Cold is the lake I am drifting on I search the shallows for warmth instead No comfort to be found for my aching heart The shallows may be clear to see your way But I desire the depths to dive down in To turn this night into day

by Tim Smith |
Categories: beauty, song,

Sunburst - Made Into a Song

Sun brush slow as dawn's light breaks
kiss gently on this heart that wakes
warm up days   til night stand guard
when breeze blows brisk and mighty hard

Tap lightly on her peeked cheek this morn
where thoughts of love and life are born
bring forth to her    peace and hope
and faith in man from words God spoke

Impart comfort and ease in rays you share
lighten our load on that cross we bare
Rise up high and in blue skies do rest
soothe our souls with loyal hearts abreast

Sun brush slow as dawn's light breaks
Paint with grace 'pon swan still lakes

by Shane Cooper |
Categories: love, memory,


Eyes of blue with hair of gold Lips blood red with cheeks flushed pink Small shell like delicate ears Memories remain Soft skin white as ivory Neck delicate so swan like Alabaster breasts rose tipped Memories remain Our hearts join in harmony Passions raise bodies held close Loves fever rise, lips touch Memories remain Pleasures exquisite unfold Mind, body, soul enraptured Souls linked as two become one Memories remain Spent in loves delights we lay Caresses gently exchanged our lips touch in sweet union Memories remain complete dodoitsu string "memories" 13/02/2015

by Rob Carmack |
Categories: first love, lost love, mythology, raven,


As she walked across the sand,
receding waves made graffiti
out of the footsteps of a Valkyrie.
An ocean’s city let go of her hand
as we passed under a tree –
her hair like the gold of Valhalla’s marquee.
It was there, in another god’s hall,
the raven flew under a ceiling of shields,
and her grace lived in every swan.
It was then, when I first met need,
thirsting for wine but settling for mead.
Baldr’s death carved into a stone wall
moved me west to the mistletoe.
Her face held by another, his fingers 
the lightening that tore open the skies
and bled the blue into her eyes.
My first loss and left out of place,
to learn what can’t be taught.

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, butterfly, emotions, love, moon, romance,

You Lead Love

As the moon smiles 
beams pearly white 
silver shadows dancing 
in the souls warm sweeping energy 
Sweetly brushing butterfly wings 
floating inside flying to the sound 
Echoes floating in each flutter 
touching a warm dainty voice sings 
magic chanting 
I am to the mantra off your life 
graced each step 
one like a swan in flight 
always flying forward 
Never stepping back
finding everything in peace 
inside out shines beautiful 
dancing the night away

by Tim Smith |
Categories: beauty,

Ring Full of Daisies

A ring full of daisies weaved in her hair
adorns a white cotton sundress 
as she twirls through the air
a heavenly tune plays only for her
the world's at a standstill
as her dream scenes come true
she's in love with the blue bird
plays tag with the squirrels 
she speaks with the sweet swan
understanding each word
she's a vision of lovely
God's gracing gift
nothing restrains her
a princess adrift
with the sun shining down
through cracks in skies mist
her smile is beaming
at peace with life's twists

by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: emotions, lost love,


You wrapped me in your wings
As together we lay
Seven days in heaven
Before you flew away

I regret that moment
When first I saw your smile
I longed for forever
You only stayed a while

I'm left with no answers
You left me before dawn
Me the ugly duckling
Dreaming you were my swan

Yet some dreams are fleeting
No answers will be found
A heart can be broken
Without making a sound

September 3rd, 2013
Fragment contest

by Tim Smith |
Categories: beauty, love,

Oh the Nights

Oh the nights under opalescent stars where I once stood breathless at the hint of your scent drifting slowly across flower filled fields and honey dipped dreams where distant birds fluted perfect love songs to her mate Oh the nights reaching high up to the painted moon filled with deep orange and yellow hues dancing slowly to a soulful simple tune where hearts would dip and beats would skip in a ballroom made of lost balloons Be still now my heavenly glory night casting beauty on her clear silk pond where the pure white swan swims gracefully where wishes began and wishes will remain until a new tomorrow starts again

by Emily Schaffer |
Categories: hope, love, nature, autumn,


A warm day, a cool breeze,
An autumn forest, a perfect freeze.

A flying choir, a band of nature,
No one present, a pretty picture.

A graceful doe, a curious fawn,
A shallow mirror, a magestic swan.

A quiet peace, a golden sun,
In hopeful silence, I wait for you to come.

by Hiya Sharma |
Categories: destiny, grief, heart, heartbroken, imagery, longing, love,

Hemlock and Ivy

You and I, we are,
two polar petals, laced with
arctic blue moonshine
of soft sweven-hymns
and sunburst apricity
of aqua-gold tides,
reminiscing mauve
hours, when our love waltzed in teal
faithful lakes hued with
ivory ink of
coral kismet, shimmering
in wine-auroras,
but now we just trace
poisoned pixie-dust, upon
each other's frail fate,
sinking in folklores
of shaded red canopies,
as I bleed stardust
in ebonies of
hellfire heavens and we fade
like smoked-ash comets;
for you and I, are 
we Hemlock and ivy, swathed
in swan-shaped ballads, 
floating like hail on smudged graves?

by Aljim Lituanas |
Categories: love, romance,

The Imagery of Love

The  Imagery of Love
Aljim B. Lituañas

Flying so lightly
Flying so gently
My butterfly mystery
Stepping so quietly
Stepping so calmly
At my balcony.

Lovely swan is floating
Upon the tranquil lake
Chirping bird, sweet singing
As the brown branches shake.

When the rainbow sparks
Upon the sky
It’s  your beauty I can’t deny
So as your sweet sweet smile
That shines upon our golden aisle.

by Karen Jones |
Categories: black love, how i feel,

Like a Butterfly

Like a butterfly caught up in a hurricane
My love red seeps from black vein
Where is the magic wand to change
The devil's dead ditty
Back to my pretty swan song
Alone in my blue bed alone in my black head
Loosened by despairing chains
I hunger for love's food
But where are you lover
At work of course
But I don't care to share
You have spoiled me
Given me wings and cause to dream
Only leaving me to punch pink pillow
While you punch the clock
Leaving me to pen poetry in pursuit of pain
Blooming like a venus fly trapper
When lover so dapper
Returns offering his vein
Like a butterfly with brown eyes
Caught up in a hurricane.

by Eve Roper |
Categories: hero,

Featherless Angels

"I truly believe that the featherless angels are those that God guides toward those in need, if it is a friend, family member, or stranger."  Quote by poet

A dove in the sky an angelic sight 
A flight through every moment of daylight. 
A light drizzle of rain brought it to alight. 

Not all angels on this earth have feathers. 
Their warm grace fulfills, so inspires others.
To my soul their Love, they're not of blood sisters and brothers. 

If I live on, or gone upon the dawn, 
I won't fray or turn away from the human swan. 
They might strum a lulling lullaby, but bring on 
Ripen limbs of mercy, and compassion, not ever gone.


by Elaine George |
Categories: tribute,

A Tribute To Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake

The tale Tchaikovsky wove that day
Lives on and on upon a stage
Spun by  pirouettes ...and plie's
An epic story of love conveyed
Through the beauty of  ballet
Prince Siegfried and his Queen Odette
Who gave their lives without regret
To live forever bound together
As beautiful birds of a feather

As two swans upon a lake

Author:  Elaine C. George 

Authors note:  Plie' is  a french word 
pronounced Plee ay

by Tina Hunter |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, body, boyfriend, desire, devotion, fantasy,

Creatures of the Fire

I'm peaceful and complete for the heat, the sweet explosions of desire burning the love with your sizzling kisses we're creatures of the fire I splash into the pleasure, all consuming we swan-dive into the volcano, burning i'm joyfully and madly in love with you mingled male and female, yearning and yet there is more when our love is bliss this closeness that i've never felt before my body starts to sizzle when i feel your gentle kiss my passion for you deep, and fully blooming being together is very neat long after, sweet warm flickers still remain we creatures of the tender fire and heat

by Deb Wilson |
Categories: bird, hope, love,

I Am a Swan

As life roars on I keep my grace.
Just watch the love light on my face.
This inner strength is mine to own
to soften a heart once made of stone.

Natural beauty dwells inside.
The truth of that I need not hide.
A broken spirit's finally healed.
The joys of life will be revealed.

So I will swim these waterways
making the most of all my days.
I'll hold the sunset in my eyes
and sail beneath the moon struck skies.

I chose Swan because it means true beauty ,power of self, love and grace. I feel this is a good depiction of how my life has turned around and how I have now got love in my life which has helped to heal me.

by Iolanda Scripca |
Categories: art, death, lost love

Juliet's Last Sonnet

Awaken from her maker's poison
Reality's her nightmare's reason
To run away from tombs that cover
The lifeless body of her  lover

Barefooted... So free to love again
Waiting for him with red cheeks of rain
"The Globe" is empty, Romeo's gone
In Stratford -on - Avon she's alone

A tourist's place - the guide is pointing
A holographic disappointing
Fragmented Fate of a lonely swan
A deja vue ... I might be the one...

The stage lights died, applause in echoes
The curtain falls on ghosts of heroes...

for John's contest " Shakespearean Sonnet"

by Tahera Mannan |
Categories: artdance, dance,


The lucid flow of her dance
A marriage of mythology and philosophy
Evolution of the soul, body and psyche
I fell into a spiritual trance

The expression of pure joy and beauty
Her subtle actions bloomed along
As she moves to the melodious song
Portraying love, fear, anger and duty

Her dance an illusion on my soul
A blissful state in the air
A snow white swan in prayer
This devdasi with enticing eyes of kohl

Bharatnatyam is a classical dance from of India. This was traditionally performed by 
Devdasis, who were women living in temples.

by Abdul Malik |
Categories: longing, lost love,

Swan Song

Lovelorn; My love, Breaking my heart, Left me forever to mourn.
Forlorn; I Lament, Singing the blues, My pining heart pleads:
Dr. Ram Mehta's "Longing" contest.

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, love, romance,

Loving You Deeply

Baby whispering 
echoes a treasure softly 
sweet words lingering 
Inside silently warms one
single heart fully smitten 
sounds of waves deeply crashing
Landing on sands warm golden
deep beautiful paradise
your beauty alone babe sweet
Sunshine looking upon love
your face honey a soul shines
launches within a thousand dreams
A swan of such regal grace warm
rests her pure beautiful heart true
floating  inside clouds sparkling magic
with a jeweled gem silver lining
you 're baby cloud nine sailing blue

wrote to 5/7/5/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/8/8/8/9/9/9 syllable count left a note on cloud nine smiling a mad sort of write drawing love from the soul

by Jack Horne |
Categories: animalsbeauty, beauty,

Robin, Rook, Swan and Dove

A robin its breast as red as cherries

The rook in mourning dress,
Its nest in the graveyard tree,
Cawing in sympathy to tears of distress,
Looking down sadly on misery,
Hoping its young do not see.

The long necked swan swims,
So elegant on water,
Its beauty supreme;
On land it looks ungainly:
A beauty queen in jack boots.

No sacrifice, the dove coos love 
Snowy body soaring heavenwards.

Jack Horne
27th April 2011
for Constance's Four Beautiful Birds contest