Love Poems About Suppresses or Suppresses Love Poems
by Emile Pinet |
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Where Feelings Form

The heart is a reflection of the soul, it suppresses the animal in Man. It's the silent voice that says, yes, you can, vetoing instinct, it gives you control. And won't settle for less than feeling whole, trying to understand why life began. Emotions are floated within the heart, it's a reservoir of both joy and pain. And though drained over and over again, it retains enough hope for a fresh start. Under constant threat of falling apart, it can be as cruel as it is humane. The human heart is where emotions form, a place where love and trust define the norm. (HexSonnetta) 2/3/2021

by Emile Pinet |
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Another Chance

Blind to what his heart couldn't see, your love was hard to accept. And thus, he ignored your plea, something you did not expect. Rejection leaves you upset as tears douse passion's flame. And your heart's filled with regret conjuring feelings of shame. But unrequited love's toll is that desire seldom dies. And a lonely, tortured soul learns love loathes to compromise. Sorrow suppresses a tear, but innocence still taunts fate. And accompanied by fear, you sift through ashes of hate. Your dreams are slowly replaced, evoking time's magic trance. And yesterdays are erased; giving love another chance.

by Pamela Davison |
Categories: inspirational, introspection, philosophy,

Love Thyself

Regurgitated words, 
moments of retracing, 
demented, tormented, 
and self-effacing, 

Pointless retribution, 
shadowy diatribe, 
shielded delusions, 
salvation contrived. 

needs no defense, 
adorned with self love, 
its own recompense. 

Identify appreciation 
for gifts received -
rejection of beliefs 

Inoculation of worth, 
dis-ease extinguished, 
perpetual virtue 
suppresses anguish; 

Mirror reflections, 
tales of fortitude, 
reveals the truth 
and wisdom of attitude.

by Kennedy Muitherero |
Categories: character,

Owe Nothing

Owe no man nothing but love
I say not a penny above
For owing in kind
Suppresses the joy and peace we could find

Owing is tomorrows money today served
Deluding with pleasures and class to be deserved
Where a difficult term ahead is reserved
For an uneasy friendship to be preserved

Let discipline be to your toil a defender
Against the all so willing lender
For he knows your appetite
For his money is as high as a kite

A penny saved is a penny earned
Each day towards the success yearned
A slow, gentle but steady rise
Will amount to a count of surprise


by Walrus Fatty |
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The Life of My Love

Her beauty shrouded,  
Her personality hidden,  
In crippling anxiety,  
From which her depression is driven.  
Her true self,  
Only to be shown in flashes of happiness,  
Small moments of laughter.   

All the while,  
She's so hard on herself,  
Her emotions contagious,  
Infecting me the more I see them.     

It's ridiculous, 
Emotions that are not mine, 
Overwhelm me, 
Her sadness drives me crazy, 
And yet she suppresses them, 

What is killing me, 
Multiplied by a hundred, 
Can only be seen, 
After staring into her eyes

by Brittany Williams |
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'hatred' Is the Thing With Claws

(Based off an Emily Dickenson poem)

"Hatred" is the thing with claws-
that slices through us all-
And leaves a wound without it healed-
And captured for- its thrall-

And torn- by its embrace- with pride 
And infects what it leaves behind-
That love could be its mend
that keeps our hearts enshrined-

I've seen it rip and tear lives-
And play with them like prey-
Yet, never, in experience 
it suppresses love with- its pain.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, angst, anxiety, faith, feelings, imagery, love,

We'Re So Alike

Despite our diversity, we are much the same,
trying to harmonize faith with our fate.
                          We live to die,
                            it is our way.

We are sentient, intelligent beings, and we're
capable of feeling joy, hurt, and pain.
And when hope suppresses our selfish ways
we experience emotions of trust and love.

        Is fear working to unite us
        or is it keeping us apart?

                          We're so alike,
                            yet different!

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, anxiety, emotions, feelings, heartbreak, image, lost love,

Love's Promise

The faint whisper of love's promise echoes within her hollowed heart. And she suppresses silent screams, for forever has reached its end. She sifts the wind to separate the faint whisper of love's promise. But the wind won't speak of such things, and a tear trickles down her cheek. Her heart was stripped of innocence when he abruptly left one day. The faint whisper of love's promise fell silent as he walked away. Although he's gone, she still listens, knowing all she'll hear is the wind. But in her dreams, she can still hear the faint whisper of love's promise.

by Alkas Poetry |
Categories: absence, allegory, bereavement, literature, love, memory,


   makes us blind
   from seeing so much ...
   Lunatics from both
   Magicians of both
   makes us crazy,
   wise ...
   makes us alive
   fanatics ...
   causes us pallor but,
   full of courage,
   bright in
   but fearless
   in folly ...
   Love brings:
   Fattening, makes you lose weight ...
   Shorten the day, lengthen eternity,
   makes you lose sense and need,
  suppresses fear, stretches the rope ...
   makes us live ... with him we are gods!
   Without him ... paralyzed beings,
   erratic ghosts ...!

by Nada Sorokan |
Categories: angst, lost love, peace, me, me,


At times I am overcome,
With hope and a torrent of anxiety which has a resting place in peace;
And the sweetest loves recognizes me now...
Only I can respond

What overcomes me is every form that my fear rises to, and suppresses
My impending past ignites all my deepest emotion while treating me to the 
sweetest love

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, imagery, love, romantic, summer,

Fireflies and Twinkling Stars

Lovers on a romantic rendezvous feel summer's heat morphing into desire. And adding to the feelings that accrue, fireflies and twinkling stars stoke summer's fire. Black-eyed-Susans, daisies, and wild roses, witness passion in a moonlit meadow. And under Luna's glow, he proposes, love fueling his hopes for tomorrow. Fear suppresses all sound but his heartbeat, as he waits anxiously for her reply. For sweating in summer's hot, prickly heat, he catches glints of a tear in her eye. But beaming with a splendiferous smile, she shouts yes, and my smile grows by a mile. (Sonnet) 5/08/2021

by Mesut Goktas |
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Nothing, Nobody

sometimes like a pale star in the distance 
which doesn't brighten or warm the heart,
sometimes like a very close star, 
the sun in our own sky
which might cause a lucky start,
But when it sets fire to our whole body 
nothing suppresses, nobody hears 
our cry and tears