Love Poem: Fireflies and Twinkling Stars
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Written by: Emile Pinet

Fireflies and Twinkling Stars

Lovers on a romantic rendezvous feel summer's heat morphing into desire. And adding to the feelings that accrue, fireflies and twinkling stars stoke summer's fire. Black-eyed-Susans, daisies, and wild roses, witness passion in a moonlit meadow. And under Luna's glow, he proposes, love fueling his hopes for tomorrow. Fear suppresses all sound but his heartbeat, as he waits anxiously for her reply. For sweating in summer's hot, prickly heat, he catches glints of a tear in her eye. But beaming with a splendiferous smile, she shouts yes, and my smile grows by a mile. (Sonnet) 5/08/2021