Love Poems About Supposed or Supposed Love Poems
by James Burns |
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The Luckiest Man

The Luckiest Man

I have found that not everyone is as strong
As the skies are wide and the days are long

But in life I have found there is this one
Whose bounty makes me feel as warm as the sun

And from the moment that she first caught my eye
I knew I’d be with her til’ the day that I die

That I would love and cherish her all the day through
And do all those little things we men are supposed to do

And spend my days lost in utter bliss
That I had this beautiful woman to kiss

And there’s one true fact ‘bout her being my girl
That makes me the luckiest man in the world

by Paloma P |
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There's a place whence children dwell amid fairy stories, popcorn rainbows & candied unicorns, which is fine & dandy except when you're supposed to be a grown-*** adult, some people live 'round La-La landscapes without a hint of reality's woefulness, unable to read skywriting on the cosmos If you believe in miracles or that nothing ever changes and love lasts forever and a day or just say, you got a damn ticket because your unicorn was inconveniently double-parked, rest assured thine meter is delusional

by Alvin Llanos |
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Untamed Attraction

I cannot help feeling the way that I feel
or doing the things that I do;
acting the way I'm not supposed to.
For I have not the discipline to do so.

Your presence is powerful, and intense..
it overwhelms me completely
and takes control of me.
For that moment, it's an eternity.

I am rendered helpless..
in a state of mind in which I cannot think
clearly, nor focus or believe
in anything other than you.

Everything that I have learned.
Everything that I have built myself upon
has vanished. No rules or religion can
deter me to think otherwise.

I am at your mercy, 
whether your intent was to do so or not;
it's how I feel, and it's how I am
when I'm with you.

by Tim Smith |
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What Is Love

Humming a beautiful love song as I skip around the room the smell of fresh baked cookies as I enjoy this Tuesday afternoon Watching children play in the leaf piles out in the neighbor's front yard Daydreaming of a family together between me and you Days of smiles and nights of warmth in a cozy little home upon a grassy noll Giant oaks and evergreens along with an apple tree filling up our hillside where we'll picnic in the spring Holding hands and living dreams what love is supposed to be A note I'll write for you my dear about a time I do foresee Where my heart is full the beats ring true and love is all we live

by Patricia Cresswell |
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I know we are supposed to love them
all creatures great and small

I know God had a reason
when he created those that crawl

even those that creep and flit
are part of a master plan

filling every earthly niche
in air, in water, on land

but Lord in your mighty scheme
please tell me in what mood

as you perused your work
and saw that it was good

inspected every nook and cranny
touched every leaf and twig

prompted you without a glance
to invent the pesky earwig.

by Rebecca Travis |
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Fake Smiles and Lies

I have tried,
For months I have tried,
to let  go of your haunting memory.
I can’t.
Behind every fake smile I give,
I blindly hope I give an aura,
of being happy.
I am not.
I fall asleep at night,
only to find you haunting my dreams.
The life I wanted to have,
the love I needed,
it’s all slipping so far away.
I heard about you and her.
I was engulfed with sadness.
I was supposed to be me,
not her.
There is no one to blame,
no one to accept this burden.
I bury  it deep inside,
hidden  behind,
fake smiles,
and  lies.

by Kristy Mcgee |
Categories: lost love,

Moving On

feeling confused as hell
don't know how i feel, how i'm supposed to feel
am i supposed to feel like i need you, like i can't live without you
because i don't feel that way
am i supposed to miss you at night, want you by my side
because i don't
am i supposed to want to fight till the end for us
because i don't think i want to
to want to be with you, i don't know i should feel
it scares me but i don't know if this is going to work
what if my heart is moving on...

by Yoni Dvorkis |
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Faith In Love

They are always suffering
They don't deserve this
And neither do I
It kills me inside
That I can't help them

I need guidance
Show yourself to me
You're supposed to guide me
So why don't I hear you?

You claim to know so many things that I don't
And yet you give me no indication
That you exist
That you can help

Don't tell me I suffer by choice

Just tell me where to look
And what to do
For the solution to come
And the problem disappear
Forever and 

They can't continue on much longer
I'm all they have
If I won't fix this no one will
I need to make a difference
I need to have faith

by Barbara Gorelick |
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Runners "low"

Tying my shoes ($$) for my morning run,
I think about quitting, I wish it were done.

Perhaps if I run at least a mile each way,
I won’t have to cry at what the scales say.

My breath comes in gasps, I look a freight,
The people I pass must laugh at my plight.

I would love to feel the wind in my face,
To do that though, I’d have to pick up the pace.

A few strides taken, my back starts to ache,
My joints are stiff, damn, give me a break.

Where is the euphoria I’m supposed to feel?
The “runners high” they say is part of the deal.

It never gets easier, a form of torture each time…
But hearing “way to go grandma!” is really sublime.

by Kim Hasler |
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A Missed Chance

I can't believe i feel like this
I hate this feeling so bad
Do you know the one thing i miss 
Is the things we could of had

I'd start again somewhere new
I'd leave everything here behind
Paige, our baby me and you
If only you changed your mind

How am i supposed to live my life
Without you by my side
I couldn't wait to be your wife
And all i can do now is cry

For now and forever till the end of time
And now i know my fate
I'll sit and make this poem rhyme
Until i go and wait for you at the gate

Then we can be together for eternity
But if you change your mind
Then it will be just you and me
I'll be with you each and every time.

by Michael Osborne |
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How Can I?

How am I supposed to find the words,
That will tell you how I feel?
How am I supposed to accurately express,
My emotions that are real?
How am I supposed to react,
When you go away for good?
How am I supposed to go on,
Living my life the way I should?

How can you expect me to forget,
These wonderful times we've shared?
How can you expect me to act,
Like I've never even cared?
How can you expect me not to believe,
That you don't have deep feelings for me?
How can you expect me not to love,
When our love is clear to see?

by Nicholas Westerhausen |
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Response To a Fool's Love

How is it Lord that I should be faced with this?
Isn't the hard part supposed to be Your job?
All I had to do was believe, didn't I?

Yet You still rely on me for these choices.
Is that not stupidity? Is that not dangerous?

My life would kill me or leave me for dead.
You showed me the Way to a better place,
But I think You should be carrying me there.
Don't make this so hard on me, God.

You should be here for me.
I will try it without you,
But I doubt it will work.

by Damian Keady |
Categories: meaningful, true love,

Love You

Time to greet or maybe meet

There is a time I could tell
Time for me to go to and smell
But I was budging the gates of hell
So how was I supposed to tell
Unless the bell rings out as well

As I can’t just keep kicking time
Nor never ever have a rhyme
And if I could then I would
Just stand here like I should

As time means place
But place is time 
But we both found our own Stime 
To stop and start and make it better
So that we both know each other

Like we sent a love letter


by Pauline Grass |
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Untouchable, yet close enough to touch.
It's wrong, I know but I want you so much.
You are the compliment to who I am supposed to be.
You are the one who can set my tortured soul free.
To help me to thrive and to inspire me.
It brings tears to my eyes to think of the impossibility.
There are too many obstacles in our way, 
Too many people to hurt, too big a price to pay.
So with a friendship I must be satisfied,
And bury these feelings deep down inside.
It's just that from you it will be too hard to hide,
When I spend so much of the day at your side.
I think that I am going out of my mind.

by Eddie Johnson |
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The Way I Am

As I fill my life with constant dread 
I have these crazy thoughts within my head 
Nothing seems to take this pain away 
Not even the alcohol I drink every day
I try to live life one day at a time 
Trying to figure out just what’s on my mind
Staying up and talking to friends 
Really just trying to make a mends
Trying to live as long as I can
I think that’s really life’s only plan
As I set thinking and alone
I really wonder whats going on 
What am I really supposed to do 
Who is it that I need to talk to 
Why does the pain in my heart hurt so bad
How could I had loved someone I never had

by Shahana Jackson |
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I Associate

I associate being complete with falling in love.
Does that mean that as a child I didn't get
enough hugs?

I fear loneliness like elephants fear mice 
and I go from person to person
trying to get it right. 

But something is missing
something has been missing for a while
and I don't want to appear weak
I just want some one to make me smile 

Is it so bad that I associate love with being whole
I know what your supposed to be told
that you must love thyself before anyone else will
but I just want someone to hold
I want someone not to go 
when I need them the most.

by Daniel Turner |
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Simple Math

One plus one plus one does not equal two
For me it adds up to heartache and tears
What's going to happen to me and you
If the third one should suddenly appear
I was not very good in math at school
I'm certain the math teacher would agree
The numbers don't add up, but I'm a fool
For thinking the answer is two not three
Tell me what I'm supposed to tell my heart
When it finds out and one heart becomes two
The heartache will surely break it apart
Then the tears will come from me and not you

Sometimes equations look easy at first
And if you add too quickly you'll get hurt

   an original poem by the Poemdog Daniel Turner

by Betty Bateson |
Categories: beauty, dedication, love,

I Can'T Take My Eyes Off of You

I can’t take my eyes off of you
It doesn’t matter what you do
You have a great hold on me
Making me the best I can be

I can’t take my eyes off of you 
You are in me whatever I do
My love has such a strong flow
Cupid has hit me with his arrow

I can’t take my eyes off of you
In all that I am and all that I do
You are the one to keep me up
Your power overflows my cup

I can’t take my eyes off of you
In all the things I say and do
I think about it and it is true
Now what am I supposed to do


by Allen Dean |
Categories: lost love

Love Life Loyalty Wisdom Knowledge and Understanding

i loved her in ways i cant explain 
it still was,nt enough to heel this pain
i gave her my life over and over again 
but she still left me for my best friend
loyal is what she supposed to be 
but i guess that did,nt apply to me
wisdom to it all because i been around
i made myself the fool of this town
knowledge to it all i stayed and learned
still cant understand how i got burned
i love her still
and always will
she dont no how i feel
i,ll leave her alone until my heart heal
forgive her and never forget 
and remind myself that this is it.

by Kristi Hayner |
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Cordelia Celtic Fairy Goddess

told me today to rest 
and have more play
Beltane may be her day
yet called upon
she'll thaw your lil feelin's
like our alice in wonderland
embarrassed and bewildered
there's nothing to be done 
love love love love love the best I can
not to be cold judge
thanks for the reminder
I'm 'posed to be the 
grown up here
life experience to share
but only when asked, duh 
kiss kiss hug hug

(think this is supposed be rap?!??!!)

by Laura Dizonno |
Categories: lost love,


you brought me
and crashed me
love isnt supposed
to hurt
or is it?

by Paul Schneiter |
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Respect Vs Love

Sages say it's wise to persist
In striving for respect over love.
Such counsel I readily dismiss
One is set here, the other above.

Respect requires a clinical bent
Empathy-empty in the joints.
But love lodges everywhere sent
Heals, blesses, and anoints.

Respect eschews a pardoned act
Fearing a weakness be exposed.
But loves sustains itself intact
Caring not for what is supposed.

Prioritize respect if still you will
Seal it fast in bones and soul.
Know though when life bodes ill
It's love that makes it whole.

by Kirstie Fontes |
Categories: childhood, family, father,

To My Daddy

I remember sitting on your lap and feeling completely content.
I remember sitting with daisies in my hair waiting for the big day.
I remember the smile on your face when I walked into the room.
I remember all the hugs and kisses to make the owies go away.

Most of all I remember the love. The unconditional love that you have always 
showed me. You always treated me like your natural daughter. Through all the 
love and pain, through all the loss and tears, through all the joys and 
disappointments. You have always been there encouraging me, loving me, and 
accepting me.

You are the Dad I am supposed to have. I thank God everyday for sending you to 
us and making us a family.

by Gwen Walsh |
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Ode To Endometriosis

Strong, like kingdom walls,
stacks of sandbags, swamps of quicksand,
or barricades of filigreed barbed wire.
It holds me inside.

I can see myself in eleven years.
Perched on sterile metal instead of 
mountains of handmade quilts,
or nests of woven moss.

It will have turned love-making and child-bearing
from an art to a science,
and I will paint pictures 
of how being a woman is supposed to feel.

by Afolabi Muideen |
Categories: abuse, betrayal, discrimination, divorce, imagery, love hurts,


Happy married life
They greeted, eyes filled with love
Like mouth and tooth love
Or fish ans water love
Three years passed
Or after a kid
They become the sun
And the moon
What makes it gone
While it supposed to maintain

This write is asking a question that I myself can't answered, I have tried a lot of times, but all my answers were not tangible, since marriage is for better and for worse. I know you are here for me to answer this.
Sun and moon have the same thing in common! But why is it that they can't become ONE, please why did love vanished between two lovers after they had married.