Love Poems About Supply or Supply Love Poems
by Jan Allison |
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Wrestling With His Tights - Bawdy Limerick

A wrestler whose first name is Bill Wears tights (but he’s over the hill) He shoves down a sock To enhance his **** It sure gives the ladies a thrill! Now Bill’s a really proud macho guy And keeps grey hair at bay with black dye Even though he’s a man He wears lots of fake tan And baby oil is in constant supply For Phyl with love from FC xx 05/06/17

by Robin Davis |
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Shocks of Electrifying Emotion

There is a magnetic field
That is keeping my love sealed
A force so strong it is intense
Just like and electric fence
That shocks me each time we touch
But I just can't get enough
Of this static overflow
I am just about to blow
And release a shock so large
The amount of my discharge
Will send waves of love right through
The core, soul and heart of you
You will know my love is real
With the heat your body feels
The tazeing I will supply
Is coming out of my eyes
Beams of romance I will shoot
At you looking very cute
All this energy is warm
Like and electrical storm
Flashing bolts of big bright light
Making a romantic night

by Ken Carroll |
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House By the Sea

In our house by the sea
the gulls fall silent
the gulf winds have exhausted
their supply of salty scent
we grow languid 
our eyes close with fatigue
my head upon her bosom
my sweetest friend
is trembling

In our house by the sea
never remove your arms from my neck
or shy away your lovely face
embrace and kiss me endlessly
let the hours be lazy and sweet
flowing like the warm southern wind
as we gaze upon the purple sash of sunset
entwined like serpents in battle
soothed by the avid tide and eternal surf

by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: introspection, mother,

Apologies To My Mother

I didn’t appreciate you enough;  I'm sorry, I didn’t know 
Difficult  times, raising us was so tough; I’m sorry I didn’t know
Little money, food in limited supply, yet you never complained
I didn’t notice  your hands were so rough; I’m sorry, I didn’t know
While working two jobs as well as keeping us all safe, fed and happy
You always seemed calm , never  harsh rebuffs; I’m sorry, I didn’t know
I don’t think you ever had  more than one dress or a new winter coat
We had more love than material stuff; I’m sorry I didn’t know
Jeanie now a mom herself and understands what it must have been like
When I speak of mother my voice gets gruff; I’m sorry, I didn’t know….

by Andrea Dietrich |
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Just Two Pairs of Shoes

I have inside my wardrobe many clothes
composed of dresses, blouses, slacks and tops,
and as the number of these items grows,
so does my footwear. Lord, it never stops!

I’m not too good at throwing stuff away
except for things from when I was size nine!
So I can change my outfits day to day.
I love variety. It is divine!

I match accessories and jewelry
with all my clothing with its many hues.
I think I’d suffer from anxiety
without a rather large supply of shoes!

If just two pairs of shoes were all I owned,
I’d somehow have to get them color-cloned!

Aug. 1, 2017 for the Two Pair of Shoes Contest of John Lawless

by Augustine Ogoegbunam Eseke |
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I Need You Lord

I seek you lord everyday
I long for you lord in every way
The strength I need you supply all the way  
Let your love dwell in me in all my ways

You are with me lord everyday
The devil may rage and display
My son's ship he cannot take away
As your presence gives me joy all the day

Trials and temptations may come my way
But they cannot take my life away
They bring me rather closer to God in every way
Challenges are thus my friends all through the way

Lord give me the grace to live daily in your ways
To glorify you in good and bad times that come my way
Cause that is the essence of my life any way
Until I go to heaven with you forever to stay

by Sotto Poet |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, character,

Be Generous

When times are tough Be like a flame; shine enough It would be an unwise wade Allowing your star to fade. Donate without asking why Sense a grateful lifting of supply Always apply the common sense Place yourself in a sea of incense. The same as a gentle sparrow. With serene seas, paths were narrow. Accept the love-planted seeds bliss. fall short of the depths of the abyss.
Written: May 17, 2023

by David Smith |
Categories: analogy, baptism, blue, change, community, hope, love,

Pure Logic

Pure logic, like pure oxygen,
For humans creates too rich an atmosphere,
That is unsafe for humans to dwell in for all but short periods.

It is an atmosphere that contains no trace,
Of Love or kindness,
Of compassion or tenderness,
Of integrity or forgiveness,
Of Hope or repentance.

Pure logic might help us do the maths,
But with no trace of any intangibles,
And nothing to breathe life into the human spirit,
It should be used as directed by those who,
Have built up a healthy supply of wisdom.

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: appreciation, god, life, love, thanks,

Recipe For a Life of Love

Wake up every day, give thanks to the Lord
  An expression of gratitude you can surely afford

Then take a minute, just a minute, to contemplate
  Is there anyone on this Earth whom I think that I hate

If so, purge that hate from your heart; it has no place there
  Consign it to ashes; of its return - please beware

After that one more minute - OK - maybe two
  Infuse your heart with love for every person you knew
and now know... at home, at school, at work, on the street 
  Vow to receive with good cheer every new face you meet

Manifest the image of God; He's yours to glorify
  Fill your heart with pure love ~ in abundant supply

by Masereka Amos |
Categories: sad, satire, success,


A cloudy, gloomy, cool, rainy morning
Fresh, transparent, and sparkling,
Muddy dreams pouring and droplets springing

And all my things left in an open to get dry
Love, trust, life, joy and here is none to supply

I place not a blame
They art wet all the same
Found it interesting as a computer game
To see these teardrops of shame

Sorrow shared is half the sorrow
But I have the audacity to see tomorrow

Rain has seasons
And also reasons
To bind boundless
For with time it will be cloudless

To strengthen strongly
When the atmosphere is misty
And words exchanged wrongly

by Masereka Amos |
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A cloudy, gloomy, cool, rainy morning
Fresh, transparent, and sparkling,
Muddy dreams pouring and droplets springing
And all my things left in an open to get dry
Love, trust, life, joy and here is none to supply
I place not a blame
They art wet all the same
Found it interesting as a computer game
To see these teardrops of shame
Sorrow shared is half the sorrow
But I have the audacity to see tomorrow
Rain has seasons
And also reasons
To bind boundless
For with time it will be cloudless
To strengthen strongly
When the atmosphere is misty
And words exchanged wrongly

by Nishita Karulkar |
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Grand Parents

GRANDPARENTS!!!To talk with grandma, 
it feels little surprised,
She sits there on a silly old chair, tapping her  feet.
She is weak and looks very thin, 
it makes me sad to see her so,But that life is brought to her by a terrible low.
 To walk with grandpa, it feels very funny,
His steps are small as ours.
He never says hurry up, he always takes his time.
He is the person genius in games.
 Grandparents have different supply of special stories.
Yet, they have time to wipe our tears and make us laugh.
We can share moments of our life,As extra measures of their love…


by Mark Delano |
Categories: confusion, life, lost love, integrity,

Visiting Room Blues

I need to exhale,
Expressing my inner feelings in a nutshell.
Let me contemplate what I should say - 
To tell the truth, yeah or nay.
Yeah, and I'm alone,
She walks out for good.
Nay, I'm a liar,
Stuck in the same place I've always stood.
Each equally important to me,
And that's cause for concern.
I can't choose, which is why I never learn.
Integrity is what I truely hope for, 
Insincerity is what I seem to have ample supply in store.
I will be honest when the time is right,
It's just not today, or tonight.

by The Situation |
Categories: devotion, love, passion, wife, love,

My Heavenly Valentine

i'm sending my valentine to heaven
just a kiss i'll blow to the sky
it's full of love and tells of missin
why i love and a millions reasons why
it's full of smiles, hugs and kisses
i guarantee an endless supply
and a little note that says "I'm coming."
because your my sweet by and by

by Sophie Duqueny |
Categories: art, confidence, fruit, growth, identity, strength, woman,

Mango, Peach and Lime

I am made of mango, peaches and lime.
Mango for the motherland I come so sweetly from
Peach for my compassion and endless supply of love
Lime because I am sour with a twist-
I’ll kiss my knuckles before throwing my fist.

by B. Joseph Fitzsimons |
Categories: cancer, loss, love,

Picture of My Grandparents

I watched her as she watched him;
Embraced in a lock of two long lovers’ limbs.

My grandmother holding my grandfather’s hand,
As each breath of his slip as if they were drops of sand.

In a dial whose demand is but spent supply of his time,
Stolen by the thief who is free to perform a perpetual crime.

For the Reaper grins with grim dimples in such imputative avarice,
Unfettered by false claims of such fellows as Lazarus.

And so I watch with horror as the most brilliant man I know,
Slips away from the man I call my very own Poppy Joe.

by Val Brooklyn Rogers Blk Panther |
Categories: for her, joy, love, lust,

Insane Pleasure of a Love

Listening to an intimate song
Having an intimate thought
Touch me place your tender finger tips everywhere
Don't ever lose that magic charm
The pleasure is all mine

You are definitely Divine
Tell me the secret way you supply your time
I'm lost in the moment my love
On edge is where you have me 
Only you can do this 

Right now in your poise 
With this choice 
It's only  for you 
My pleasure package
You are the truth

Your orgasmic legacy
Born in me
Aah the ecstasy guarantee
Sentence me to an eternity
Of thank you please

With all my love my belove

by Deborah Turner |
Categories: anxiety,

We Worry About the Wrong Things

We worry about the wrong things.  Money, cars, being a star.  Is all  people think they need to be at ease,  it's all people think they need to set their souls free.    Only to
realize  these things do not free their souls.  They imprison their soul for eternally.  Put your love and trust in Christ he will give your soul eternal life.  If you only believe, Christ can set you free, if you only believe, Christ will supply all you need.
God Bless

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: conflict, courage, love,

Holding My Breath


(As Secretary of State John Kerry and the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrof are talking…)

Hate is circling like a starving vulture over the heads of the innocent 
Waiting for war to unleash its accumulated wrath of destruction 
Providing thus unlimited supply of provisions for warmongers to devour 
While love, frightened, has taken cover fearing to express her concern with a ROAR!   

© Demetrios Trifiatis
12  SEPTEMBER 2013

by Amy Green |
Categories: body, love hurts,

My Supple Whip

Supple, limber perfect leather
Graceful in it’s agility when I
wield it by hand. 
Supple are the contusions upon 
your back as I teach you
to tease my attack-

When I train you, bull whip in hand.
Supple is your insolence- soon it shall
No longer exist, 
after my punishment.
Darling I love you so supply and intimate.

by Virginia Mitchell |
Categories: love

Needing You

A preponderance of evidence
as tangled thoughts figure-eight
only to resonate
in a haze of Cerebral*Hypoxia.
You leave me breathless
While my heart
I drown in yearning
as realization dawns.
Life, without you, is torture
and this is bliss-
seeing truth
within your eyes
and finding love.

* Cerebral hypoxia refers to deprivation of oxygen supply to brain tissue. Mild or moderate 
cerebral hypoxia is sometimes known as diffuse cerebral hypoxia. It can cause confusion 
and fainting, but its effects are reversible.

by Liz Labadie-Reilly |
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Mothers Day

Mother is born when her child arrives
One who has your back without compromise
Tenderly nurtures your needs and your likes
Heartfelt concern when adversity strikes
Each child holds a key to her unselfish heart
Relentless defender right from the start
Steadfast devotion in excess supply

Deserving a day of her own, this is why
A celebration of thanks for her love unsurpassed 
You share the hope of tomorrow and dreams of the past.

Mothers Day contest (Acrostic)
Liz Reilly

by Johannes Kemp |
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I Found You

Chilled summer nights is where I find myself
In my arms is where I find you
Next to a cold fire is where I find my dreams
Inside a frozen heart is where I find my feelings
Anywhere with you is where I find my happiness
Your smile is my goal
Your happiness is my mission
Your success is my dream
Dare to fall...
I will be there to catch you
Try to fail...
I will bring you up and supply support
I strive to find beauty
And I found the gorgeous you
I seek devine occasions
And I saw your exquisite smile
You are the magnificent happening in my life
You are the reason for my smile
I was searching
And I found beauty
I found heaven 
I found love
I found you

by Naddy Zahari |
Categories: blessing, dream, happiness, love, meaningful, relationship, romantic,

City Lights

I met you in a city 
called Strange Land,
for some Hopeland.
They say dreams were
made here, 
under the streaks of 
Radio City, 
on an Island where 
you’d find yourself 
a lifetime supply of 
Coney dogs,
where Alice continues
to search for her Wonderland 
this is where I met you
in your homeland, 
where you deftly stole 
my view of everything
but you.

by Roy Pett |
Categories: anger, city, evil, how i feel, may, sorry,

Friend Or Foe

We build our walls and fences high
Psychopaths want us to die,

We try to stop our perpetrators threat,
Though our intelligence can't detect,

While European blood soaks our soil
Our Governments purchase Isis oil,

While innocents blood, down our street runs
They supply them with arms and guns,

We shout for peace on earth, that said
All we hear are secrets and lies, innocent dead,

Our Governments kill in our names they advise
To protect us from our inevitable demise,

The worlds capitalist wealth they lust

27th May 2017.
We love Manchester England.