Love Poems About Supplanting or Supplanting Love Poems
by Shannon Fletcher |
Categories: hope, love

In My Dreams

Kinship, I need you
   Friendship, I seek you
Suspend common feeling
   Portend a wish come true

Hand grenade carnged torsos
   Standing alone I'm unafraid, but I weep
Disbanding the grotesgue and the gore
   Withstanding strange thoughts in my sleep

Encahnting you are even in my dreams
   Supplanting ghouls with a purple haze
Chanting lullabies for two week until
   Panting murmurs of evil fade

In my dreams I see a cloak of stars
   Thinly square about your shoulders broad
Winning smile, knowing eyes
   Grinning fool, you are no fraud

You are what I longed for
   Few have ever chased my demons away
Blue is brighter, dark is lighter
  Together I pray we shall stay

by Timothy Mattson |
Categories: love,

Love Lives On

My love travels lengthy distances,
    Before yesterday and beyond tomorrow.
Its journey encounters many obstacles,
    With raptured joy and painful sorrow.

These times yield lessons always, that is,
    If there's a willingness to learn.
While supplanting some long-held beliefs,
    Though fearing failure if you crash and burn.

This emotional energy displays great power,
    As it navigates through day and night.
While maintaining a course ever forward,
    Mapping through blazing sun or moonlight.

When all the words are spoken,
    And everything has been said.
The love that consumed, finds eternal peace,
    Among the living and the dead.