Love Poem: In My Dreams
Shannon Fletcher Avatar
Written by: Shannon Fletcher

In My Dreams

Kinship, I need you
   Friendship, I seek you
Suspend common feeling
   Portend a wish come true

Hand grenade carnged torsos
   Standing alone I'm unafraid, but I weep
Disbanding the grotesgue and the gore
   Withstanding strange thoughts in my sleep

Encahnting you are even in my dreams
   Supplanting ghouls with a purple haze
Chanting lullabies for two week until
   Panting murmurs of evil fade

In my dreams I see a cloak of stars
   Thinly square about your shoulders broad
Winning smile, knowing eyes
   Grinning fool, you are no fraud

You are what I longed for
   Few have ever chased my demons away
Blue is brighter, dark is lighter
  Together I pray we shall stay