Love Poems About Supplanted or Supplanted Love Poems
by Tim Smith |
Categories: love,

First Thoughts

Genial waves of warmth 
speak through gentle rays 
Awaken my senses 
the marigold sings her joy 
painted steps are born 
Fragrant juniper fill the horizon 
gusts of innocence flush my cheeks 
first wiffs grab my being 
as soft touches trace her core 
Welcome into my sunlight 
white wishes still endure 
supplanted suppliant kisses 
you've entered through my door

by Sandison Jumbo |
Categories: cute love, devotion, emotions, happiness, song,

Sing Me To Sleep

Sing me to sleep
Enveloped in your embrace,
Sing me to sleep.
From a hard day at the grind,
Grant me rest,
Cocooned in your warmth.
A rarity in beauty,
You enchanted my soul,
From the very first.
All reasoning supplanted,
I’m to you devoted.
My tutti-frutti,
Ravished by your love,
I’m enslaved by your passion.
The tenderness of your flesh,
Have my embers, fanned.
A second from you,
Always eternity.
I’d rather not be found,
I am lost in the heaven,
That’s in only you.
Love me tomorrow,
As you have today.
With the hypnotics of your voice,
Each and every day,
Sing me to sleep.

by Leon Stacey |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, husband, lost love, love, natural disasters, passion, wife,


An unloved woman
Is married to a mean ghost
She sees not nor feels.

Terrorizing her
And haunting another house,
He is like the wind.

Earth reels with tremblings
As his spirit takes a maid;
It can not bear it.

Now so repugnant,
She wonders in mystery
And is supplanted.

What predicaments
Caused spurn and frequent visits 
Of horrific love?

by Jon B. Rangel |
Categories: dedication, devotion, lost love, sad, wifelife,

Love To Hate, Hate To Love

I cannot thank you enough for the suffering you have bestowed upon me,
for I would not undertake your indirect torture as I beg and plea.

For if you did find love, lust and comfort with another,
my faithfulness for you can't be matched by any other.

The mental anguish you've caused me in my darkest hour during war or peace,
there is no comparison on this life that I lease.

My feelings for you are so treasured,
in an amount that cannot be measured.

I choose to hate you for what you've decided,
yet love all that we've learned from each other hearts divided.

Simple factors of life taken for granted,
my existence for now I wish was supplanted.

by Beverley Abrahams |
Categories: character, strength, violence,



Peeling back layers of guilt and regret
Like flaking paint off old walls
Looking for that core resistance 
That sacred bit that never falls
Taking that mortality and draping it wide
Letting it cover you in renewed pride

I lean, stumble and sometimes fail
Working through tears and lingering pain
But fortitude grows when love is planted
Those seeds in others doubled, supplanted!
I sow words of poetry in hungry minds
Looking to release gender-based violence 
Tears turn to pearls as hearts tumble and crack
And a new warrior is born, each time I step back!