Love Poem: Sing Me To Sleep
Sandison Jumbo Avatar
Written by: Sandison Jumbo

Sing Me To Sleep

Sing me to sleep
Enveloped in your embrace,
Sing me to sleep.
From a hard day at the grind,
Grant me rest,
Cocooned in your warmth.
A rarity in beauty,
You enchanted my soul,
From the very first.
All reasoning supplanted,
I’m to you devoted.
My tutti-frutti,
Ravished by your love,
I’m enslaved by your passion.
The tenderness of your flesh,
Have my embers, fanned.
A second from you,
Always eternity.
I’d rather not be found,
I am lost in the heaven,
That’s in only you.
Love me tomorrow,
As you have today.
With the hypnotics of your voice,
Each and every day,
Sing me to sleep.