Love Poems About Superstars or Superstars Love Poems
by Michael Wegman |
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Thanks Dad

Think of us oft, when you travel afar,
On orders protecting, lives we enjoy;
You and your pals, family superstars,
We miss you every time, you must deploy.

And while you’re away, the kids will move on,
School, sports, church—and nightly prayers for their Dad;
Strong daily living; a life marathon,
Until your return, our love ironclad.

Many folks benefit from your good will,
They honor volunteer service no doubt;
And when you return, back to the sawmill,
Our own return to normal, comes about.

Thank you.  We love you.  You are our hero.
Our resistance to your service—zero! 

August 17, 2018

by Jill Spagnola |
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My new best friend will make me laugh
He will be so kool he will be asked for his autograph

We will share mutual respect and trust
Being each other’s confidant is a must

He will keep me grounded cause I am an air sign
Whatever is his will also be mine

He will love my scars
We will be SuperStars

We will each take turns being the rock
We will share almost everything and we will talk and talk and                       												                talk

I wonder when together we will walk?

by Phillip Garcia |
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What Poetry Means To Me - Sonnet Version

When I see grass that’s green I wish was pink,
Soft to the touch in cotton-candy land;
Where eyes are never afraid if they blink,
Snow will steal summer and chop off its hand, 
So that when I stumble warmth picks me up,
And wraps shame in satin cushioned just right;
Where tears become wine poured serenity’s cup,
Blushing cheeks rosy kept safe wintry night;
When I hear foreign-made songs drifting through dreams,
But seek Chevrolet music ‘n superstars, 
Sharing a beer swimming Hollywood streams
Before making love in the backseat of cars;
  Then I wave a wand held tightly by me,
  Recovering scenes with my poetry.

by Laurice S. |
Categories: adventure, age, anger, betrayal, break up, romance, youth,

Young Love

Empty promises whispered to stars
Sitting on the porch while it rains
Midnight dancing to the sound of guitars
Road trips spent singing on trains
Smoke filled rooms that smell like cigars
Blindfolds and handcuffs playing games
Ecstasy high feeling like superstars
Sharing stories of sadness and pains 
Watching tail lights of speeding cars
Alcohol and drugs running through veins
Broken hearts and open scars
Blood stained sheets and bruised forearms
Speeding on highways and switching lanes
Drunk fist fights in closing bars
Morning after popping pills for migraines 
Experience altering young adult brains

by Adeyemi Sunday |
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I Believe In You

I don't believe  in superstars
I don't believe in magicians 
I count their actions as an illusion 
I don't believe in-jokes 
All is a cheer of a moment 
But I believe in you 
I don't believe in Superman and Robinhood
All their act is pandemonium 
Look at my heart with your tender eyes 
To know  what my conscience is 
Search my heart and soul 
See your statue there 
I believed in your race 
Like a sperm ready to settle in the womb

by Michelle Morris |
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You're a superstar Like an orchid

You're a superstar
(Like an orchid)
By Michelle Morris

Like an orchid, you are wild
A superstar and master
Always my beautiful child
A blessed gift from God 

© Michelle Morris, 2023

"Orchids are the superstars of the wild flower world."

by Robert James Liguori |
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Black Country Communion

Four superstars
On the top of their game
Playing hard rock
For all of us to enjoy
So satisfying 
I love it