Love Poem: What Poetry Means To Me - Sonnet Version
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Written by: Phillip Garcia

What Poetry Means To Me - Sonnet Version

When I see grass that’s green I wish was pink,
Soft to the touch in cotton-candy land;
Where eyes are never afraid if they blink,
Snow will steal summer and chop off its hand, 
So that when I stumble warmth picks me up,
And wraps shame in satin cushioned just right;
Where tears become wine poured serenity’s cup,
Blushing cheeks rosy kept safe wintry night;
When I hear foreign-made songs drifting through dreams,
But seek Chevrolet music ‘n superstars, 
Sharing a beer swimming Hollywood streams
Before making love in the backseat of cars;
  Then I wave a wand held tightly by me,
  Recovering scenes with my poetry.