Love Poems About Supernova or Supernova Love Poems
by Laura Breidenthal |
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Dan Kearley

Truly, it is people like you that make life magnificent I can’t imagine this site without a delightful you You seem to glow in this amazing supernova of light Never bursting, but gently yet powerfully shining through I’m known to be a gloomy poet sometimes But nevertheless you sense the love in my lines Most of all, You see the love in all And you live by love You are a true poet An amorist with a bedazzling spirit! Dan Kearley, Clearly, very clearly You are the center piece to the poetic puzzle of our hearts :o)

by Per Martin Steen |
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Sparkles and dust

What if we are energy.

The sparkling remains 
of a great supernova.

This must be 
why I love you.

Why every time I think of you
the stars shine from your hair
and your eyes.

Why your skin look like porcelain
as you turn toward me
like an angel from the sun.

by Julie Smith |
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Being 22
And all the things that happen to you
You ain't got a clue where this will take you
But it's the best age, it's really so true

Falling in love
You catch dreams like a dove
You can see your hopes in the sky above
But you trade them again for a couple of $#§7

You may have the best time
And feel really damn fine
You can make it all up and create in your mind
But in the end it's gone for a dime

The best year is over
Better look out for cover
It's all gonna end in a supernova
Just like the luck of my four-leaf-clover

So baby, please make sure
Never feel too secure
Of the things that happen to you
When you're 22

by Jayne Eggins |
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Supernova in Forever

I asked
that you Press me,
between the pages of your love
and as you enfolded me 
in the volume
of your life

I asked, 
that you cherish me
holding me 
in the crook of your heart
just a moment 

you did,
now I burn

A supernova 

by Laura Breidenthal |
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My Alien

It is a true gift to know you, 
To share my joys and tears with you
It is a gift to explore
All of the possibilities
That make our eyes light up
To see starlight,
To smell rainfall, 
To hear music
To dare to dream
To dare to live

You are my soul sister,
My light when the dusk brings unbearable things
You are my alien, joy-inducing creature
Something born outside of earth
A flame amidst the normality
The enlivening green supernova
Rejecting black holes

February 16, 2019

by Jean-Pierre Gregoire |
Categories: allegory, devotion, fantasy, girlfriend-boyfriend, imagination, inspirational, life, lost love, love, passion, romance, uplifting, visionary

Lost into a deep black hole

I was trapped
and bemused
feeling sad
and confused
a subatomic particle
lost into a deep black hole
and suddenly
you stuck in your magic telescope
and I opened up
like a flower
I shot out like a periscope
a mystical kaleidoscope
like a solar flare 
without a care
my heart exploded into a supernova
and then, 
I woke up in your constellation
a phantasmagorical revelation
so ecstatic
and divine
and sublime
I'm staying here forever, 
until the end of time.

by s. grace |
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You were a star that had gone supernova.
I tried to catch your energy,
But I let you slip through my fingers
And fade into my universe.

by Christian Guild |
Categories: lost, lost love, love, lust, universe,

Lost Universe Love

The stars whisk through the sky.
I move to a city a hundred miles away.

The moon glazes upon the shimmering ocean blue.
I rest my arms across the table contemplating whether this could be false or true.

A supernova collapses light years in the past.
Our love would never last.

The universe on it’s great expansion,
as our distance had an abortion.

by Thabang Ngoma |
Categories: love, wife,

My wife supernova

With her motherly self
At peace with herself
A flawless expression
Of Mother nature’s rendition

A brimming supernova
She’s still my inamorata
Through to her third trimester 
Glowing with carefree laughter

She’s beauty and grace
A delicate, but uncertain face
Yes, she accepts her responsibility
A lioness, this she does diligently

Hormonal maybe, I still love my wife
I've never seen a stronger force of life
She's a sensual life giving soul
I’m indeed a fortunate fool

I don't purpose to ask why
When she breaks down and cry
I let her know it's okay
I love you (both), I care

by Thomas King |
Categories: love, universe,

Space And Time, Making Love

How does one traverse the distance,
Between two hearts separated by love?

How can one pass the infinite expanse 
Of time created by their loneliness

Will their longing and heartache
Explode Like a supernova

Creating a vortex 
That sends them both spiraling 
Into an abyssal plutonic existence

Or will their passion and desire
Be strong enough to bend and warp the continuum
Bringing the far ends of the universe 
In upon its self 
Allowing their love to join once again 
Creating a intergalactic paradox 
Of celestial oneness. 

by Rachel St.Cross |
Categories: beautiful, girl, love,


Swirling galactic galaxies twined galacia...
Inside her beauty's, beautiful, stargate lips.

by laszlo kecsedi |
Categories: life, love, philosophy,

Sacred Insanity

My flame is not of a candle but of a wildfire
Burning, blazing, brilliant, dazzling desire
Feed the fire, never tire, sparks fly higher 
Search in vain for sustenance high and low
Exploding supernova, darkness is set aglow
No need for sanity in this voluptuous vanity
Reason I forgo, nothing I need to know, flow
Flow to and fro, my mask to your feet I throw

by Kristen Varwig |
Categories: love, science

Physical Love

Without warning, he asks me
And our energy becomes potential.
Stretched by my inertia and his kinetic force,
The whole cannot remain constant.
The velocity is staggering before I say a word.
We are accelerating through supersonic silence,
His question hanging, creating shock waves
That radiate, exploding the sky.
He is drowning in this supernova suicide,
And I, as his companion in this
Binary system, cannot outshine him
Nor can I resist his mass as we collapse
Underneath the weight of this gravity.
"Is this love?" he asks again, as we spiral,
Twisted together and fragmented.
"Is this love?"
And my answer comes beyond the event horizon.

by John Watt |
Categories: love, love hurts, stars,

My Cassiopeia

My Cassiopeia - how tenderly 
you smiled upon me in my awkward days,
as unashamedly my eyes would gaze 
in disbelief upon your rare beauty. 
Seldseen supernova! No other face
so flawless in form. Elegance refined:
your cheeks, your smile by heaven's King designed 
to lend delight - not one hair out of place.
How we both laughed! We'd sing your poetry 
late into moonlit hours, each unaware 
of others nearby, nor the unkind stare
of tomorrow's responsibility. 
Then, the eclipse. Our heady days were through 
when to Orion's huntsman arms you flew.

by Taylor Elkins |
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Beautiful, Beautiful is She. Never has there been such A Destructive power; be so astoundingly Beautiful. With Death; There is Rebirth; With Destrustion; Come's Life Star Dust to Star Dust are we; Slowly spiraling towards Creation Star Dust to Star Dust, So Shall we Become.

by Monte Banner |
Categories: devotion, health


My essence is not on the periodic table,
I'm nothing you are,
My presence is not for the stable.
Supernova of confliction from my hidden star.

Do you feel me bleeding?
Black ink as blood,
Do you feel contained as your reading?
The aftermath of my sudden flood.

Addiction of your mind,
12 steps to return back to me,
Vengeance for my kind.
And you love it actually.

I'm a flying fish or painful thunder,
I am the pills you rely on,
I am the heat that decays the summer.
I am the cross he died on.
Believe what you see and remain idle,
Forget the lessons that keep you in line,
Fail to remember warnings in the Bible.
Because your soul is now mine.

by Scribbler Of Verses |
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Callously discarding,

talismans of heart and soul,

hastily scorching all bridges,

in a supernova burying me whole,

retreating into emptiness,

no salvation to be found,

sins too many to absolve,

drowning, in a freshly
dug hole in the cold ground.

Hollow, empty, barren desolation closes in,

asphyxiating me,

within the walls of my dismal room,

sinking into the abyss,

disappearing, fading, lost forever,

inside an emotionless,


by Ryan Emerald |
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We are the young
and we must protect 
the songs that where sung
and the hearts we suggest...

The way we sing in the shower 
or give away the prettiest flower
the life we live and all that s*** 
the father time and the fires lit
our first time we give love
to the lust we created above
that's the way things should go
we don't have much time to left
so we have to do what is the best
we should start over again 
a better place without the gen.
the blasphemy has to stop
so why don't we just pop?
another cap in social just
but that won't ever must
nor will it help us pound
so we should tare up this ground
and we have to start over
and create the supernova...

by Sabaine Harinarain |
Categories: on writing and words,


My one and only bright supernova. 
You are the aliment that runs through my veins. 
Your affinity is like hot lava. 
You take away my sadness; the thing that pains. 
Something so strong that no one can create. 
You are my savior, who came from heaven. 
A love so strong that on one will dare take. 
Remembering when you came at seven. 
Just to think that you are my manuscript. 
You who reveal my imagination. 
The thing that heal my heart when it was ripped. 
In the end of a massive conclusion. 
Who opens up my eyes for a new world. 
Something so shine that it becomes my pearl. 

by Winged Warrior |
Categories: analogy, loneliness, space,

Ototoxic Orbiting

Your love orbits my celestial body causing earthquakes and floods, Within a calamitous canopy mixing of the barbarous bacterial bloods… A seditious satellite roaming amongst the scintillant sacrificial spheres, Hiding amidst your clever cloaking giving me many torrential tears… Your Supernova will combust leaving you stranded throughout the galaxy, As the ashes that turn to dust releasing me from your gravitational agony. Sept.30.2019 Brevity Poetry No More Than Six Lines Sponsored by: Caren Krutsinger Music: Mysteries of the Space Age Part 2 By Jamuroo N/A for contest

by Vicko Vickov |
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3 month trip

love the beauty in me,
love the bad.

it's geting heavy, baby.
see the flop.

i saw a supernova. 
could this be you?

you envy me, i envy you.

by Kara McLain |
Categories: lost love,

Refuse to Die

A cataclysmic explosion
Right before my eyes 
Supernova refusing to die
Outshining an entire galaxy 
Of a hundred billion ordinary stars

You consume every thought left behind
Right before going void

And now I’m left never knowing 
What you were before 
Seeing you for the first time
Or after you said goodbye

All I have left of your beautiful soul
Is the image you burned behind my eyes

by Nick Trim |
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Kiss You Not

Just shut up and get a life,
I'm not like you, I've a reason to live ya,
if you weren't a berk you'd have a wife,
but with berks no one gives a....

change your tactic you're a spastic
loopy mate you're geriatric,
I'll give you something a little trick,
shut your mouth, on people don't pick,

yesterday you said I burn fast,
today it looks like you that learns fast,
cus on the whole you're a dictator son,
a sell out to an alcohol addiction,

because this is soup I added the tator
am I your match? I just put you out,
who's the supernova now, laters hater,
I'm off to live, don't come back about

by Teddy Kimathi |
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Love in Straitjackets

You bite your lips whenever I call your name
with my native accent.
You smile dreamily whenever I look into your eyes;
sometimes I doubt you hear what I say.
Your soul feels like a supernova,
whenever I touch your skin.

My body feels hot in the night cold,
whenever I see you in my thoughts.
Your perfume pauses time in my thoughts,
whenever you lean close to me.
I smile throughout my sleep, whenever
your voice echoes in my mind.

We are so in love with each other,
that we might romance right at the centre
of the town in the day!

Straitjackets may stop us from making love.....

Who has straitjackets?!
We are madly in love with each other!

by Andrei Manzon |
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Lover's Lies

Warmth in those brown eyes,
a supernova unmatched
burns all of my lies.