Love Poem: R-4-E-7-D-0
Ryan Emerald Avatar
Written by: Ryan Emerald


We are the young
and we must protect 
the songs that where sung
and the hearts we suggest...

The way we sing in the shower 
or give away the prettiest flower
the life we live and all that s*** 
the father time and the fires lit
our first time we give love
to the lust we created above
that's the way things should go
we don't have much time to left
so we have to do what is the best
we should start over again 
a better place without the gen.
the blasphemy has to stop
so why don't we just pop?
another cap in social just
but that won't ever must
nor will it help us pound
so we should tare up this ground
and we have to start over
and create the supernova...