Love Poems About Superiority or Superiority Love Poems
by Bilal Hb |
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Matter Over Mind

There is no touch
Only the reaction of our nerve endings
There is no feel
Only the chemicals in our brain

There is no kiss
Only movements of the mouth
There is no love
Only the drive for reproduction and companionship

There is no logic
Only deliberation of our wants and needs
There is no rationale
Only a combination of words we like

There is no happiness
Only a feeble heart whose mood often changes
There is no depression
Only a feeble mind who lacks a human need

There is no humanity
Only animals walking on their hind legs
There is no intelligence
Only a false superiority over other animals

There is nothing
Only what we convince ourselves

by Wilma Neels |
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Let It Go, Mr. Ego!!

I gave you my time I wanted to make you mine I gave you my heart you tore it apart, my love you rejected my tears you ignored desires and needs expelled from your thoughts, it’s all about you all about what you want your wishes take priority just like your ego, gets superiority…

by Deb M |
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His Life Never Forgotten

His confidence was unbreakable
He knew exactly who he was
No concerns about judgement
That being “just because”

He travelled globally
Throughout his lifespan
His assurance never dwindled 
He was always his own man

He was likeable and friendly
Popular with the majority
At times somewhat arrogant
With an air of superiority 

His love for me never faltered
Throughout his many years
Loyal and comforting 
Through good times and tears

It was painful to see him grow old
Become senile
Slowly disappear 
His body still on this earth
His soul no longer here

He was my confidant
My companion everyday
His life never forgotten
For in my heart his spirit stays

by Seren Roberts |
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Circles - Any Poem Contest

Circles represents, unity wholesomeness
No beginning no end,  but what lies within?
Is it a protector, like open arms hugging you
Maybe  as a captivator, not allowing you to leave.

We use a circle to represent the sun
Gold is also portrayed as a circle.
The element of spirit is shown as a sun
showing  superiority to other signs

Crop circles true or false
Whatever we feel they are beautiful
Symmetrical shapes , mysterious
In their identify

So it is fitting to  use the expression
The Circle of Life, although
Life has its beginnings and ends

Love is represented by a ring.

Destiny by a crown of thorns. 

Perfection by a  halo

Dated july 3 2013

by Running Wolves |
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True Love

Nothing in all creation can equal true loves value a priceless gift Unpretentiously given delicately expressed no accommodation for superiority or spite Tranquilly awaiting to build you up supporting your independence devotion is not possessive A sanctuary in moments of sorrow embracing empathies healing strength Sensual desires breathtaking enchantments arousing playfully devilish romance Most importantly true love is unconditional

by Bernard F. Asuncion |
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Run Rings Around

R-un rings around, 
O-vercome the devil decisively; 
S-how marked superiority, 
E-ver strong is the Almighty.
N-o retreat, no surrender, 
D-ay thirty-first of May; 
O-verwhelmingly we'll win over our faith's foe all the way.

G-o run circles around, 
A-bound in hope, love and trust; 
H-ave or possess courage, 
U-ndaunted heart is a

J-ust pray to the Lord God, our enemy we'll dumbfound; 
R-ock, shock and surprise him, let's run rings around.

by Jeremy Siedlecki |
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I' don't want you to not say
please don't not walk away
I unsurely don't know
I don't not love you
and it isn't unclear
we haven't found yesterday
why can't we lose our tomorrows
why didn't you not stay

By: Jeremy Siedlecki

this is what I am going to call a Hydromoron

P.S. did you notice that the subtitles in my "The Darkest Rain" 
were their own poem portraying the life of man while
the haiku's portrayed life itself?

by Kevin Lawrence |
Categories: evil, sad love, war,


The world is not crazy.
It is cursed.
Doomed to replay every
Every verse
Recorded over and over
In the Code.
The code we rehearse
Reinforce with each
Shot fired,  stroke
Of the blade, and every
Hate on parade.
           Racial purity
            Spiritual superiority
             Evil equality
               Eternal scarcity
Curses of our Evilutions.
Only a concept we reserve
For the ones that meet
Our conditions.

by Nick Trim |
Categories: psychological,

My Worst Me

Now firstly, you promote the worst me, 
seems your ego's thirsty to cut and curse me, 
elevates you up where you're better and above 
out to win peoples approval who admire you with love  
gifting a social superiority and a validated status 
which looks down on folks like me as useless wasters  
acceptance gives you worth and you feel you are succeeding 
you beat me in my worst light? ne'er-do-well is my rating,
here's your victory, it comes over my worst placing