Love Poem: Circles - Any Poem Contest
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Written by: Seren Roberts

Circles - Any Poem Contest

Circles represents, unity wholesomeness
No beginning no end,  but what lies within?
Is it a protector, like open arms hugging you
Maybe  as a captivator, not allowing you to leave.

We use a circle to represent the sun
Gold is also portrayed as a circle.
The element of spirit is shown as a sun
showing  superiority to other signs

Crop circles true or false
Whatever we feel they are beautiful
Symmetrical shapes , mysterious
In their identify

So it is fitting to  use the expression
The Circle of Life, although
Life has its beginnings and ends

Love is represented by a ring.

Destiny by a crown of thorns. 

Perfection by a  halo

Dated july 3 2013