Love Poems About Superhero or Superhero Love Poems
by Anita sharma |
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Daddy's Little Girl

My first love 
daddy my hero, 
secure foundation.
thinking of you, 
filled with love

feel protected;
sheltered by your care.
always my true god
you're always there.

place of honor
Deep within my heart.
my superhero, Daddy,
am your little girl 
love you,love you so much

by Mansi Bharat |
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My Family

My Family
I love my family from the core of my heart
From a far off distance and miles apart
Being a daughter is the best feeling
A family which is very understanding
I love my family
My dad,who is a superhero
My mom,who is above all
My sister,sweet loving and caring
My brother,who will be fighting but with lot of love and care
My grandfather,who gifted me on my first birthday a cute bear
My grandmother,who took care of me when I was sick
My aunt,who was there with me through out my thin and thick
I love my family,I love my family

by David Byrne |
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Hi, I'm Batman

Words dissolved like crystals on my tongue
Moisture filled my mouth, my jaws converged
City lights shimmered in the distance
Wings bashed the air, passed the yellow Moon,
Our footsteps slowly fell into synch 
And I wondered, what about your smile?
Busy bees were buzzing in my head
Inspiration came to me like fire!
“Hi, I’m Bat Man “I said, “Here for you!”
“Superhero number one”, you smiled!
I stretched my imaginary cape
Laid it at your feet, “Madame” I cried!

That’s how I imagined we could be-
Me so gallant and you so carefree-

by Russell Sivey |
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Mom, my Hero

Mom, what a hero Never ever a zero When I was a child She cared for us kids and smiled She’s just my superhero
Russell Sivey Entrant into Janette Fisher's "Holding out for a Hero" contest 4/13/2012

by Dino Spahillari |
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Stupid superhero

In his la-la-world
he is a superhero
fake teeth
fake hair
fake love
fake dreams
instead of wife
has a decoy
plastic figures
instead of kids
mac chicken bites
and burger kings
instead of underwear
playing nonstop 
video games
killing fake monsters 
by thousands
selling ice cubes to eskimoes
and cigarettes
to the cubans
the only super power he has
is sneezing,
and farting hard
and drinking beer 
at the same time...

by Christopher Nova |
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My Sonshine

All I do all day is think about you & check your school app to see how your day is going, don't ever let anyone tell you I don't care or I'm not there because that would be deceit their showing, you are my family my superhero my saving grace,I look so forward to every other weekend daddy gets ninja focused when I see your face, thinking about leaving you a legacy & not a lease which means I have to get to it & use a little more elbow grease, things started off rocky but we still climbing to the top & what daddy tell you we gonna make it because we never stop 

by Aiyah Torres |
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Children's Happy Hour

Let us paint this world of fun. 
Pink,mauve and baby blue... 
Let us change the world goes round. 

Too many burdens I let you witness. 
A broken soul I let you embrace. 
I am sorry if I let you suffer. 
The pain of seeing me in despair. 

This time, honey let me show you the love. 
the happiness it brings,how it tickles your heart. 
Let us go to park and celebrate this life. 
Life that's full of reasons to laugh about. 

Smile little darling, I will stay by your side. 
I will be your superhero and never let you be harmed. 
In my heart I only treasure the love that never fades. 
I dedicate even my last breath to keep you happy and safe.  

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Jacob, How do I write about a boy I never knew
I can write about a boy I know 
My six year old loves everything that is good
Makes us smile when our worst day is upon us
A superhero to us all
So young, so beautiful, so amazing
A love that can't be compared to
Your story brought me to tears
Reminds me so much of my little boy
How life has dealt a blow to all who loved you
Your love will go on forever
Your superhero strength will inspire us all
In heaven I believe you will be the greatest superhero of all
When we look to the sky that great star that brightens our day will be known as your sign of hope each day
Shine on sweet Jacob shine on......

by Lynn Dolly |
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No Superhero

I believe in love, 
Not in you

You've hurt a lot of people
That's something no superhero would do

Wimpy attempts prove one thing
You're desire for my love has no honesty

Did your time
Escaped your grind

Whatever is left behind
A toy maker can fix and polish to shine

by Jelani Hall |
Categories: adventure, angel, best friend, care, confidence, courage,


In the eyes of a child 
Resides love without conditions 
Turns a person into a Superhero 
Anguish will flow from those eyes 
When unpredictable truth subsides creating lies
Being seen for the first time 
Wearing the face of humanity 
They’ll be your hero for as long as YOU DECIDE, just realize that EVERY TIME a Superhero must hide in plain sight. They defend us with their might while defending themselves with a Secret Identity. And they tell you to call them Mom.

by marinescu victor |
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I have her knees

like I'm some kind of superhero 
they are all roads 
long and heavy 
miles of stained cars 
kilometers of houses 
and in people thousands 
and I struggle with these thoughts like Marvel: 

must I speak to the world! 
must ... 
oh geek ... 

pressed my heart

her knees

by Amanda Miller |
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Guilty i feel 
Trust and believe
For you make me smile
And i give you grief 

Love in your eyes
And warmth in your touch
Pain in your heart
Pain ,i defined

Callous , i have been 
A sentry , to be relieved 
For damage has been done
Damage i must try to heal .

Word not kept
BrokenPromises, Forgiven?
But the scars i have delt
They deepen, not free.

You comfort and guide me.
Surrendered, no decree.
A saviour rising.
To mould and complete me. 

Fear to erase.
Love to embrace.
A soul to shield
Love, your armour , Love , your steed 

A guardian. An angel.
A protector . A dream 
My very own superhero
My dearest , you've been sent down from God's glorious home , HEAVEN,
To me .
Amanda Miller

by john chizoba vincent |
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Let A Child Steal A Moment From Your time

Let a child steal a moment from your time
Let a child know that which dwells in you,
Love shared, is a love gained in success.
Don't frown your face to scare away children
They are the fruits of the world, enticing perfection,
Child here; child superhero, child's ink birth
Greatness to the beholder of their answerable words.
Let a child steal a moment from your time,
Let a child's eyes visit your heart where roses are made.
Teach them what they need to know; from the blue skies to the dusty earth where glory does not last.
Let them know and know and know the truths,
Because they are blessing to the world and to you.
Children are blessing to those that see through their eyes.

by Phillip Michealson |
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I know I’ve changed you don’t know me anymore I’m still the same on the inside too if your pain I feel emotion I feel loneliness I feel the fresh but I’m still willing to fight for you

 no matter where we can get through this I will always love you I have been fighting Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Mr. Hyde is the part of me I don’t want anybody to see what he creeps out of me I have no control when he comes out and I have to fight him like a superhero

October 25,2020
Written by: Phillip Michealson