Love Poem: Children's Happy Hour
Aiyah Torres Avatar
Written by: Aiyah Torres

Children's Happy Hour

Let us paint this world of fun. 
Pink,mauve and baby blue... 
Let us change the world goes round. 

Too many burdens I let you witness. 
A broken soul I let you embrace. 
I am sorry if I let you suffer. 
The pain of seeing me in despair. 

This time, honey let me show you the love. 
the happiness it brings,how it tickles your heart. 
Let us go to park and celebrate this life. 
Life that's full of reasons to laugh about. 

Smile little darling, I will stay by your side. 
I will be your superhero and never let you be harmed. 
In my heart I only treasure the love that never fades. 
I dedicate even my last breath to keep you happy and safe.