Love Poems About Sup or Sup Love Poems
by Faye Gibson |
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Sonnet X

And what is love? Beloved, it is thee.
You are wholly love; love is truly thine;
and in my heart, which holds you as a shrine,
I view the two not separate entities,
nor ever twain could these dear blessings be.
Ah, love that is to me my bread and wine,
my feast, my table spread with food divine,
no pow'r can drive a wedge twixt Love and thee.
You hold to love, yet Love does lift you up;
you give to love, yet Love does grant you all;
and at your table Love will sit to sup,
yet you still rise up full; and at your call
love comes, yet your words are Love's voice raised up:
you and Love are one but doubly enthrall.

© 1987, Faye Lanham Gibson

by Geoffrey Brewer |
Categories: allusion, humor, love,

Elizabethan Love Pastiche


I will pluck  Parmenter from your orchard bower
And taste it’s Ambrose and the scented flower
There we shall pass a brief but blessed hour
While I sup your essence sweet piquant and sour
Lest passing time should look on us to glower
And curse us so no more we may have power
To circumvent the fates and they devour
Our consecrated rapture that they scour

16 July 2019

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: celebration, happiness, how i feel,

The Greek Festival


This is the happiest day of my year!
At Saint Basil's Festival, in my heart.
You would see fireworks and hear the cheers.
Nothing can keep me from this Festival apart.

It's the kindness of Greeks, so sparkly of heart. 
It's my home on this earth.
So though I will be not online this morning~
You , who support me, are going with me, no warning.

Of Greek pastries and food you will sup,
And even Retsina.. drink up, drink up.
Ah, the Frappes and music divine.
A few Greek circle dances, you will feel more than divine!


by Sami Helbaoui |
Categories: love, passion, romanceheart, heart,

Hazel Eyes

Hast the nature enwrought thou with an angel touch?
Or hast thou arisen from the heavens?
As thy eyes shine like golden stone
As thy voice hue the hoedown
The Gods pledge for thine love
My heart doth rise as thine eyes set upon mine
Thy hazel eyes enwrought my soul with perplexity of love and comfort
I could not wither staring thereon rosy cheeks
Thou hast sup my soul
And my heart wreath around thine...

by Ra Shagun |
Categories: angel, cute love, first love, for her, girlfriend, love, passion, relationship, romance, soulmate, sweet, woman,

The Way

I like the way.,
you entered my life,
and like the way.,
you blush and smile..,

I like the way.,
you shut us up,
and like the way.,
you take each sup..,

I like the way.,
you move so slight,
and like the way.,
you change your sight..,

I like the way .,
you don't talk much,
and like the way.,
annoys with a simple touch..,

I like the way.,
you accepted my rose,
and like the way.,
you nudge my nose..,

I like the way.,
you let me hold to,
and like the way.,
you made me fall for you.

by Michael Benkhen |
Categories: animals, fantasy, imagination, life, love, people, political, social, rainbow,

Soaring For a Cup of Love

Sunlight scarce, o' rainbow dove
I flutter wings a fifty five
just to see your weight up high
a snug,
in the clouds.

What parsing eyes, do thee enchant
a hue o' fifty fire ants
give or take a grand,
I wad my sense of wealth in color,
white is far too bland.

Someone spilled a sup of blue
a soup fit for three-hundert two,
if only it were true
that we could fill ourselves with color.

Someone see that bird up there,
whose rain arch bellows rainbow wings
and colors sing;
where there ain't no thing as hunger,
fill my stomach full of color,
my friend and brother
my sister, mother
grab my wing...

I'll take you to the play,
you needn't ever pay
...for a cup of love.

by Julie Grenness |
Categories: allegory, drink, humor, i love you, love hurts, nonsense,


Can  I ascend a poem allegorical?
Are Tetley's teabags paradoxical?
A teabag is full of strength,
Teabag enters moisture at full string's length,
Radiating vigour and a pick-me-up,
While the tea drinker begins to sup,
There is the teabag, 
Sodden, drained by old hag,
Teabag limp and fatigued,
I ponder, intrigued,
Are teabags sent from above?
Is a teabag truly true love?
Is this a poem allegorical?
Used teabags-quite paradoxical!

by Norman Purvis |
Categories: food, thank you,

Knickerbocker Glory

KnickerBocker Glory is my delight.
Morning, noon and night.
Jelly, custard, fruit and cream
Go down like a dream.
Strawberries and cherries .
On the top.
Floating on a cream blop.
Ice cream. Strawberry, vanilla, choc.
I love the flavour, makes me rock. 
Served in a glass cup.
long spoon, sup it up.
Birthdays, anniversaries.
Times to rejoice.
With a KnickerBocker Glory juice.

by Jemmy Farmer |
Categories: fantasy, love, heart, beauty, beauty, heart,

Vampyric Love

Each night I see her beauty standing there,
My sweet angel of purity and light,
And thus, I know love and want her care,
My broken heart again must turn to night,
And leave behind the dreams of beauty fair.

I am the darkness, she is innocent,
She drinks the fine wine as I sup on blood,
Her human heart could only be misspent,
As I crush her like some flowering bud,
Thus, I suffice on the hint of her scent.

Form: Sicilian Quintains

by 38 Tango |
Categories: friendship,


With you some wine, I would love to share,
so take my hand if you dare.
Then together we can sup,
sharing our poetry, till the sun comes up.

by Arabian Poet |
Categories: drink, first love, good morning, i love you, morning, women,

Love's Aroma In a Coffee Shop

As I used to do as a cop
On early mornings and life still waking up 
I Went to the town's coffee shop 
To have my morning cup
I pulled the door's knob
I saw beauty with a mop
Cleaning a table and what was top
I walked in, hi...with a bob
She came to me loping in sexy garb 
Smiled to me, what do you like old cop
I looked at her with a sob
I said, give me your love's cup
from it let me take a sup
Drink it in your lap
This life of yours I'll change up 
Give you a new job
To be my love's harp 
And my life as you wish lop

by Shirley Hyde |
Categories: religionme, me,

Know Me and Try Me

Know me and try me, Lord
Please lift me up,
Strengthen and help me,
And with you let me sup.
I want to give you all my praise,
And rejoice in your name,
Of your mercy, love, and goodness,
And never forget from whence I came.
No matter what comes my way.
Let me remember you are there,
And you will give what I need,
And make me strong enough to bear.

by M. Kari Barr |
Categories: desire, tribute,

Dark Steed

in the garden of thy dreams think of me
oh wander long with me amid sweet paths
in darkened night by moonlit streams we hath
but hours to sup and linger lovingly
oh drink of me and I of thee sweet wine
fresh innocence thy suppleness doth sing
and to the table such charms thou dost bring!
my thoughts do linger long on thee ~ I pine
tis why I ask thee dream of me this night
my heaving breast against thy beating heart
is all I hope and ask to never part
my love is bared before thee in plain sight
oh dearest lover make me thine indeed
make bright my day and darkest night dark steed

*Note this is a modified Sonnet/Memoriam

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: garden, murder,

Sir, Have You Seen My Lovely Garden

Sir, I do beg your pardon,
I assure you this is not a pick up.
But have you seen my lovely garden?
It is a peaceful place to sup.

Marigolds, zinnias, and wild buttercup
Crepe myrtles, lilacs, a beautiful rose,
Please sir, take a peek, when you wake up.
If you prefer, you can simply repose.

My green plants grow like weeds past my nose.
They thrive all day, and into the sweet night.
Some geraniums are practically up to my nose.
My garden is unparalleled, a terrific sight.

If you die tomorrow, do not have a care.
You may think it is only plain jargon,
Strangers lie under, plants grow from their hair.
I would love to show you my magical garden.

by Tamara Reyna |
Categories: life,

Lifetimes of Lies

I was so young the first time,
like many others.
Santa Clause,
The lie should be a crime.
A bit older and in school,
like many others.
Our history,
Lieing is the Golden rule.
And now a bit older still,
like many others.
Love is forever,
He lied for his thrill.
Now all grown up,
like many others.
I'm fed, on lies I sup.
I fell for these once,
like many others,
I'm sure mores to come.
I won't believe,
I'm not a dunce.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: anti bullying, betrayal, bullying, feelings, psychological, sad love, wife,

The Happiest Front

Jacque was the happiest of newlyweds on the outside
She dressed fastidiously.  Walked with her joyful head up.
She had many excuses. She could never take time to sup.
Her smile helped her pretend she was a well-loved satisfied bride

Jacque was keeping her honest betrayed feelings deep inside.
She was cheery, and happy, keeping in her abject sadness.
Stuck in a battle, she could never hope to win, a madness.
Hoping to help her husband with rage he could no longer hide.

Written Feb 20, 2019
Contest: Enclosed Rhyme
Sponsor: Emile Pinet

by Mark Toney |
Categories: animal, bird, fun, humorous, insect, word play,

Lord Love a Duck

Lord Love A Duck

Quacky little bird call
When you hear it coming duck!
If farmer Fudd is after you
You're running out of luck

Totin' shotgun and bird shot,
Son, he's aiming not to please
He's sneaking close behind you bird
You better hold your sneeze

Cuz your feathers are a tickler
Your bill is orange and bright
While the farmer is a stickler
He will sup on bird tonight

Lord love a duck!
Of him you mustn't run a fowl
Pain from freshly plucked feathers
Will be enough to make you howl!

by Heather Burt |
Categories: friendship, life, loss, love, passion, sorry, teen, me, lost, lost, me, cousin,

Lost Once Again

At night I look up into the sky , 
And I start obsessing over the ways that I could die ,
All scratched up , broken , and falling apart , 
With nothing but this broken heart, 
How could you be so cold , 
You have already been told , 
My cousin said he would do it , 
If you quit,
You gave up on me , you just gave up,
Never even let me know what sup,
You just bailed on me , 
So now I am lost once again,
With all this pain ,
And no way to release it ,
Maybe I should just split ,
Why not you did ,
I was just a kid,
Stuck in my own fantasy world,
Everthing swirled,
This is how everything's been ,
Cause I am lost once again.

by David Smalling |
Categories: religion, love,

He Understood

From its swaddling clothes of night
God stepped out and bid there be light
And the high waters too obeyed
And heaven and arrayed was in love arrayed

He understood from the beginnning
What I should need until the end
Love made me in his image, the living
Focus of what faith so frail comprehend
Creation and cross was only for me
Only for me, the gift of all majesty

Down from love immortal realms 
My friend's calling ring anthems
Sweet, from the tree where we sup
To the garden of the cup

To thee O God, again I
Come, No longer to deny
My sin and grief surrendered
For sweet the grace you tendered.

by Jemmy Farmer |
Categories: devotion, faith, inspirational, love

Lady of Annwfn

In sacred temples at the dawn of love,
shalt thou tak'st my hand, oh queen of the night,
from thine chalice let me sup thereof
reveal my soul to thine own divine light.

In peaceful gardens where thine orchid blooms,
thou tak'st my open heart in thine embrace,
release my dreams in swirls of laced perfumes,
and lift my face to gaze upon thine grace.

While fragrant candles flick their amber flame,
upon thine altar lies my destiny,
as senses burn in fire for thee to claim, 
thine kiss, my queen, shall bring my harmony.

My whole forever thine own to command,
as, goddess, thou came down and took'st my hand.

by Patrycjusz Kopec |
Categories: fantasy,

Essence of Wonder

The nest of rods of light grows through celestial abyss
Their love can only be compared to love of mother giving a child her kiss
They are theory of everything they are bliss
Grown to the heavens from primordial sup that they do reminisce

Final is the essence of the soul
And contradiction of this statement makes it grow beyond control
Beyond divine is the soul
It is not judged and inspires all and whole

The orb of light 
In that spirit is delight
Like falcon in flight
Depth and immortality of that spirit makes the celestial mist shine bright

by Ann Gilmour |
Categories: dream, emotions, fantasy, sad,

The Elixir of Life

The Elixir of Life we all need to sup
A teaspoon a day to cheer us all up
Our world is such a beautiful place
But evil spirits inhabit this space
If only by drinking the Elixir of Life
Like a magical potion; like waving a wand
A sprinkling of fairy dust sparkling on all of us
To change human nature; evil spirits superfluous 
Banishing cruelty and sin and malevolence 
Bringing back kindness and love and pure innocence
But sadly there is no magical potion
Just a whimsical fantasy - a far-fetched notion

Written 9th November 2018
Contest: Mid January 2019
Sponsor: Brian Strand

Contest  Screwed XX
Sponsor  Rob Carmack 
13th place

by Emma Schmittling |
Categories: love, passion, sympathy, teen,

Falling In Love

What do you do when you fall in love,
And you feel like the heavens are falling,
You keep calling,
But he never picks up,
To say "sup",
And so much more.

What do you do when can't trust your man,
And u wish u can,
Dont know if he's being true,
And he never says "I love you",

I'm confused I don't know what to do,
do you,
I need my baby,
Someday maybe,
We can figure this out.

What do you do when you tell him something,
And he stops singing,
And starts crying,
Cause your dying,
I told him about my cancer.

by Banjo Casto |
Categories: for her, love,

On Affection

In dreams , we have nothing to fear 
I hold you close within my arms 
sustenance I need is so near 
wrapped up close in your many charms 
interpret as my clear voice calms-
drink deeply from my loving cup 
these hands bring  you soft salving balms 
from ruby lips red juices sup.

21 Jan 2019

by Bob Kimmerling |
Categories: christian, gospel, sister,

Martha and Mary

What is it about her grace, her face to face,
whilst sitting there so sure?
Why is she so different from me, who tries nothing left to do, 
or done that is done poor?

Why is she commended sitting at His feet, while Martha’s work is tended 
in kitchen sweat and heat?
Surely this is time to sup, to sit to sup and eat?
I feel without sufficient grace to model Mary’s better place.

Yet, I feel quite certain. Yes. This is surely what I think,
though Martha’s sister’s grace seems also to have missed her,
these words that balance love and faith, most carefully were sent.
John commits them, pen and ink: ‘Jesus loved both Martha, and her sister.’