Love Poem: Dark Steed
M. Kari Barr Avatar
Written by: M. Kari Barr

Dark Steed

in the garden of thy dreams think of me
oh wander long with me amid sweet paths
in darkened night by moonlit streams we hath
but hours to sup and linger lovingly
oh drink of me and I of thee sweet wine
fresh innocence thy suppleness doth sing
and to the table such charms thou dost bring!
my thoughts do linger long on thee ~ I pine
tis why I ask thee dream of me this night
my heaving breast against thy beating heart
is all I hope and ask to never part
my love is bared before thee in plain sight
oh dearest lover make me thine indeed
make bright my day and darkest night dark steed

*Note this is a modified Sonnet/Memoriam