Love Poems About Suntan or Suntan Love Poems
by Leo Larry Amadore |
Categories: angst, depression, love, sad,


Bronze tint glints from fractured
surfaces, peppered planes of salted
quartzite, eons old:
attributes peculiar to rock,
to stone, whose strength
no soft tissue could ever know.

No iodine suntan ever quite
approached that shade, nor ivory
smile's glow blinded
as its glassy show:

To this flinty hardness mind
never swoops; no human heart,
though cruel, could ever reach
its crystal cold.

by Warner Baxter |
Categories: april, imagery, love, nature, time, tree, wind,

Spring Shows -3 Couplets, 30 Words

nectar gathered by buzzing bees cherry blossoms like popcorn trees busy eyes suntan bikini pose love breeze flows Spring shows lovers move fast moments stall chasing breath country clocks crawl

by Amanda Reslink |
Categories: beauty, body, love,

The Color of Love

Cobalt of your eyes
Caramel suntan kissed skin
Flowing chestnut curls
Soft pink lips I yearn to kiss
Crimson fire burning my heart

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: home, love, woman,

Homeless Man With a Tan

Go find me
        a homeless man
     with a golden suntan

           Oh, sure
  He lives just down the block
    from the tall blond whore
whose only love is the great outdoors

by James Kelley |
Categories: for her, kiss, lust, romance, romantic, romantic love,

On the Hood

She was the inception of starlight's kiss. Blossoming on the hood of my car. Watching the Sun sink its head, and tucking my sunglasses between her breasts- Sprawled out beauty. Beckoning the glimmer of night as my burdensome breath pushed the clouds out of our world. I turned up the stereo until her head was nodding and had Devil horns in the air, leaned back into my seat as she tore away all the inhibition on this side of Texas. She slid her way off the hood and danced barefoot in the sand. The idle of the engine. The music. Our hearts racing. The smell of gasoline and suntan lotion. Stars colliding...

I can always feel it. 
When something is about to explode.

-James Kelley 2019

by Alice Nightingale |
Categories: naturetime,

The Real Meaning of Summer

the feeling and smell of sweet sweat,
beating of the hot and scorching sunshine,
ringing and repetitive happy tunes of the ice cream truck,
splashing around in the lake and pool,
being close to the one you love to spend time with,
staying up late just because you can,
watching the sunset among all it's beautiful colors,
or star gazing,
as you look for that special shooting star,
going to the drive in, and trying your best to avoid the bugs,
the sent of tropical suntan lotion layered on your skin,
spending time with such fantastic friends,
and relaxing in all your splendor

by Sheila Kathryn Barrera |
Categories: friendship, lost love, nature,

Lizard With Suntan

Big fellow
your tan is so dark
I thought you were
a mouse!

Out of the corner
of my eye
you darted
into the bushes
so fast
your form
was just a dart
from Cupid's arrow
that missed my heart.

I'm sorry I scare you so
I guess we could
never be

Sheila Kathryn Barrera

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: humor, lost love,

Seabed Soaked


coconuts float from purple palms
in the tropics
thirsty for its watery alms
wet umbrella

a salad that tosses and turns
a fever burns
consoler massages my burns
my suntan bleek

warm winds cannot compete with skin
red raw and spurned
as you run off with youthful sin
down pebbled beach

her hair carelessly bleached from sun
hand in hand with
my crinkled, decrepit old one
her smile will fade

as red foraminifera 
turns beaches pink
she soon will stand on graying sand
with missing link

flame from mirthful cheeks - fever’s fried
i laugh out loud
and snap a towel at backside
of seaside hunk

Fiction - I’m happily married :)

by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Loved Ocean With Devotion

used suntan lotion
while I was at the ocean
with love and devotion