Love Poem: On the Hood
James Kelley Avatar
Written by: James Kelley

On the Hood

She was the inception of starlight's kiss. Blossoming on the hood of my car. Watching the Sun sink its head, and tucking my sunglasses between her breasts- Sprawled out beauty. Beckoning the glimmer of night as my burdensome breath pushed the clouds out of our world. I turned up the stereo until her head was nodding and had Devil horns in the air, leaned back into my seat as she tore away all the inhibition on this side of Texas. She slid her way off the hood and danced barefoot in the sand. The idle of the engine. The music. Our hearts racing. The smell of gasoline and suntan lotion. Stars colliding...

I can always feel it. 
When something is about to explode.

-James Kelley 2019