Love Poems About Sunshiny or Sunshiny Love Poems
by Arturo Michael |
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A Sunshiny Day

Good morning Miss Laura Loo 

I bought these flowers especially for you 

for the Sunshine and Joy you bring to my day 

the happy Smiles the Sweet Kisses you bake

with all of my heart please be my wife 

it's a beautiful morning

I'll love you for the rest of my life

by Kevin Leake |
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Blue Waves of Heaven

Blue waves of heaven
On a sunshiny day
Oceans of love           
Rolling your way
Scourging hot beaches
Clear bright blue skies
Sunbathers soaking
On the beach they sigh

Blue waves of heaven
On a cloudy day
Seas of water
Rushing your way
Rain drops falling
From the heavens above
The seagulls crying
This must be love

Blue waves of heaven
On a misty day
Floods of water
Pouring your way
Golden wet sand
On a lonely beach
Where we hold hands
And explore the reefs

© Copyright KC.Leake
17th April 2015
All Rights Reserved

by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: love, kiss,

A Kiss of Sunshine

A kiss of sunshine, what a happy thought.
Translated it can be in many ways.
Quite obvious the ray that brings the rainbow,
After it has rained for dreary days.

A kind word can be a kiss of sunshine
For someone whom you know is feeling blue.
And if you spread sunshiny kisses freely,
You will soon find them coming back to you.

A kiss that is some sunshine for the soul
Is given from a love with pure intent
Such as a mother gives her sleeping child,
While rocking him in wholesome sweet content.

A kiss of sunshine sent out once a day
Can banish every gathering dark cloud.
So scatter these warm kisses while you may
And horde as many as you are allowed.

by Zhian Mostofi |
Categories: family,

I Am Grateful

Nothing can be more humbling and wise
Than a few blank faces spewing hatred through their eyes
At the very sight of your grin, your smile,
Your laughter
It's my place on this earth to play
“Love, it hurts”
Just as much as it is mine to hide my face
In the presence of someone’s fear to go off stage
But pretend, pretend
It is the message at hand because
No matter how breathtaking our performances
In this part of the play,
No tear, no wound, no scar, no heartache
Can steal the truth  
That I will always remain

by Caycay Jennings |
Categories: bereavement, cry, dad, death, deep, emotions, sorrow,

Mourning My Dads Death

Blessed was I to be a thread of love sown by you.
Growing up, I was pleased you thought me your twin flair.
Losing you was the worst heart dark I ever knew.
For years, my grief over you seemed too much to bear.

After you died all of nature's colors seemed blue.
The morn you turned breathless my silence screamed aimless.
I prayed a fathomless numbness would mercy brew.
Seeing you die, I ground curled and cried out shameless.

Twenty years have grown beautiful Dad love to view.
I know your image will stay whole in love clear air.
Now, when birds sing on green days made sunshiny new,
I full embrace the joys from death's painful despair.

... CayCay
February 28, 2010

by Wolfgang Carl |
Categories: humor, humorous, nonsense, sleep, word play,

Dream Machine

I love the sound of the name Dream Machine,
It sounds like a Harley all painted and mean,

And ridden by bikers who are all dressed in leather,
Who ride around proudly in sunshiny weather.

But I doubt that a motor bike’s what you are getting,
To take one in bed would cause anguish and sweating,

And in truth it wouldn’t help with your sleeping at all
In fact the ambulance might get a call,

So I have to conclude that the name is misleading,
In fact the machine simply helps with your breathing

by Pipping Stars |
Categories: art,

Muse Bait

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by Constance La France |
Categories: summer,

Oh, a Sweet Summer Day

I love sunshiny summer sizzling hot days, when the sky is bright blue and all is verdant green; and waters are pristine and the parks full of life- Oh, a sweet summer day- is finding a place serene. _________________________________ May 8, 2019 Poetry/Quatrain/Oh, A Sweet Summer Day Copyright Protected, ID 1142-794-02 All Rights Reserved. Written under Pseudonym.

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
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The Tales of the Nightingale

Nestled in greenery, the song carries far,
A lonely figure against royal blue skies,
Calling for love to come be where you are,
Or just celebrating another orange sunrise!

With a huge repertoire of lovely melodies,
Sending many tales amidst the sunshiny air,
Often night bears your moonlit rhapsodies,
And your joyful tales are famed everywhere!