Love Poem: Mourning My Dads Death
Caycay Jennings Avatar
Written by: Caycay Jennings

Mourning My Dads Death

Blessed was I to be a thread of love sown by you.
Growing up, I was pleased you thought me your twin flair.
Losing you was the worst heart dark I ever knew.
For years, my grief over you seemed too much to bear.

After you died all of nature's colors seemed blue.
The morn you turned breathless my silence screamed aimless.
I prayed a fathomless numbness would mercy brew.
Seeing you die, I ground curled and cried out shameless.

Twenty years have grown beautiful Dad love to view.
I know your image will stay whole in love clear air.
Now, when birds sing on green days made sunshiny new,
I full embrace the joys from death's painful despair.

... CayCay
February 28, 2010