Love Poems About Sunroom or Sunroom Love Poems
by Robert James Liguori |
Categories: animal,

Spring Love

My cat loves the spring
She listens to the birdies sing

From the sunroom she watches out
to all the changes coming about

But now she sees another cat
and she paws the window acknowledging that

Though she's an indoor cat to his outdoors
could true love ever be in store

I now feed them both, Stella and Midnight
And to watch them display their affection is quite a sight

Monday, April 25, 2022

by Charles Messina |
Categories: summer,

Through My Sunroom Shades

As the sunray's beam ~ through my sunroom shades 
And the warmth of summer ~ slowly fades 
My old heart soothes ~ when flowers bloom 
And newborns exit ~ mother's wombs
Songbirds singing ~ in backyard baths 
Children playing ~ out bursting laughs 
Ocean's beaches ~ morning boat rides 
Swimming, fishing ~ on moonlit tides
Four or "Fore" ~ an eighteen hole 
The groundhog's call ~ bless his soul 
His tale a myth ~ his truth be told 
Summer's here ~ lo and behold
Priceless moments ~ in summer's sun 
Love it, enjoy it ~ so much fun 
Summer season ~ I do adore 
If I were god ~ I'd give us more