Love Poem: Through My Sunroom Shades
Charles Messina Avatar
Written by: Charles Messina

Through My Sunroom Shades

As the sunray's beam ~ through my sunroom shades 
And the warmth of summer ~ slowly fades 
My old heart soothes ~ when flowers bloom 
And newborns exit ~ mother's wombs
Songbirds singing ~ in backyard baths 
Children playing ~ out bursting laughs 
Ocean's beaches ~ morning boat rides 
Swimming, fishing ~ on moonlit tides
Four or "Fore" ~ an eighteen hole 
The groundhog's call ~ bless his soul 
His tale a myth ~ his truth be told 
Summer's here ~ lo and behold
Priceless moments ~ in summer's sun 
Love it, enjoy it ~ so much fun 
Summer season ~ I do adore 
If I were god ~ I'd give us more