Love Poems About Sunnier or Sunnier Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: spring,

On the First Day of Spring

In not too long, we’ll see the spring,
for winter will have lost its cling!
Across this earth, we’ll waken to her sweet rebirth.
On the first day of spring, give praise and sing!

Rejuvenate; refresh; rejoice!
Welcome her with the gladdest noise –
In meadows we can meet to dance with merry feet!
Bring flutes, lutes, drums, and a resonate voice!

At spring’s debut, let’s all arise
with gratitude for her sweet prize:
of life, the renewal thereof, and love,
and promises of bluer skies!

Feb. 15, 2019
(looks like first day of spring was just this past March 19!! Praying for sunnier days, in more ways than one!)

by Val Brooklyn Rogers Blk Panther |
Categories: anxiety, blue, fire, heart, joy, rain, rainbow,

Insatiable Hearts

Boisterous hearts aflame
Blissful brightness gains

Listening as the rain 
Drive us both insane

Politely pouting and praying 
For sunnier DAYS
Passing the time inside

KNOWING their ravenous thirst
Will never be satisfied .

Caressing, loving embraces 
GENTLE whispers 
Required  hearts AFIRE never

Insatiable HEARTS can never lie
This undeniable LOVE takes more
Than just bringing down a

TO stop the TEAR DROPS of the
CRY and the promise of 
By each other's side

by Jeremy Michael |
Categories: love, planet,

A Planetary Ruler

O! Sunnier than the sun is my love’s shine,
Her radiance gives birth to jocund mirth.
More lunatic in prowess fixed to pine,
Her aspect crazes more than pale moon’s dearth.
More martial in her count’nanced iron will,
Her courage braves the fields of warring doubts.
More swift, mercurial quick my thoughts are still,
Her face in them has ruling cardinal clout.
More jovial crowned, in manners utmost royal,
Her seat of influence has kingly stead.
More saturnine are those whose love’s most loyal,
Her absence grave as weighted bullet’s lead.
		My love does bend the thieving gods’ weak knees,
		Devoted strongly with venereal ease.

by Janice Herzog |
Categories: seasons

Signs of Spring

I finally saw a robin bird,
Singing loudly to be heard
Tippy, my rescued kitten,
Sits in the window listenin'
My lilacs are now in bloom
I love the smell of their perfume
The days are now sunnier,
And so much warmer
My sweet Grandbaby, Genevieve,
Is getting too big to believe
Come the first day of May,
She'll have her first birthday
I'm so glad that Spring is here,
I've been waiting for it to appear

by Paul Warren |
Categories: death, death of a friend, lost love,

Clothes In a Wardrobe

Clothes in a wardrobe still so neat
Your favourite fragrance makes it so complete
A task set without choice for me
To sort your things not so easily 

The jacket you wore for colder times
And the hat for your head for sunnier climes
Are all hanging in their place
Ready for you to wear for your worldly face

I open the drawers in your bedside chest 
Where there are things you treasured best
Here’s your watch still ticking away
And pictures of us on Christmas Day

I pack them up or give them away
Mementos of the life you left today
Each one a memory of you
A smile for you now to remember too.
© Paul Warren Poetry

by Marlene Murray |
Categories: funny, happiness, inspirational, life, nature, seasons, uplifting, winter, winter,

Cold and White

Winter's the season cold and white
Those who hate it favor flight
Warmer, sunnier places in mind
But sometime monies are hard to find.

Others who love the frost and snow
Have many activities on the go
A day of sports, and evening of pleasure
Uniting to form a memory treasure.

So here's to winter and all its faults
Fresh fallen snow, skiers exult
Cold and stormy a typical day
Moonlit' rides with the horse and sleigh.

And to all of us who have what it takes,
Say "farewell" to those who need breaks
A winter of warm, a winter of cold
All balances out or so we are told.

by L Milton Hankins |
Categories: i love you, love,

Unknown Distant Lover

Be still my soul, soon love will come calling
Sunnier days and bliss, my raptured heart
Will no longer search the whole world over
Yearning for your sweet endearing embrace
Your whispered sighs are drifting on the breeze
Speak softly to me the promise you vow
My distant lover come soothe the hunger
For your kisses, and hold me tightly, dear,
I can feel the comfort of your caress
Know you are mine forever and ever.

May 21, 2021