Love Poem: A Planetary Ruler
Jeremy Michael Avatar
Written by: Jeremy Michael

A Planetary Ruler

O! Sunnier than the sun is my love’s shine,
Her radiance gives birth to jocund mirth.
More lunatic in prowess fixed to pine,
Her aspect crazes more than pale moon’s dearth.
More martial in her count’nanced iron will,
Her courage braves the fields of warring doubts.
More swift, mercurial quick my thoughts are still,
Her face in them has ruling cardinal clout.
More jovial crowned, in manners utmost royal,
Her seat of influence has kingly stead.
More saturnine are those whose love’s most loyal,
Her absence grave as weighted bullet’s lead.
		My love does bend the thieving gods’ weak knees,
		Devoted strongly with venereal ease.