Love Poems About Sunned or Sunned Love Poems
by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: dream, imagery, Lullaby, music, nostalgia, romance,

Musical Memories

Oh, how did I forget flecked fields of white
where fairest petals synchronized their dance,
and beauty’s cadence sung to ears romance,
as Monet’s clouds rose lilting notes to heights?
Oh, how did I forget fanned butterflies 
adrift on breezes sunned in Mexico?
Their bright-hued wings flirting with blooms below 
when silent gazes held in lover’s sighs.

Old love songs stir up voices in my mind -
sounds of our music and your windblown ways,
our soulful rhythm from forgotten days,
my lullaby on darkest nights unkind.
Come now, I long to see you at my door
for love's embrace in dance forevermore.

written 6/23/15

by Tim Smith |
Categories: love, , western,

Kisses Under A Midnight Moon

The sea was calm as I have ever seen
A slight western breeze chilled
My over sunned cheeks
It wasnt last call at the Cabana
But it was for me as the moon 
Reached ever higher into the
Infinite night sky
I walked the beach home alone
Like I always do except for this 
Night I wasn't alone
A silhouette approached me
Curves were all I could see
Illuminated in the midnight moon
Sporting only an oversized T-shirt
And a smile that lit up the shore
Our eyes locked and beckoned me
To ask if she needed company
A little small talk and one brush
Of her hand on my arm
Was all it took before my lips
Took her home if at least for one night

by Stephanie Cawthon |
Categories: death, devotion, family, hope, sad,

Blue Pearl

A rare blue pearl that 
I discovered today,
glistening beneath the sea--

brought thoughts of your laugh,
your love for life and how
we were meant to be.

Gathering it gently
I swam to dry land,
then ran as fast as I could.

You smiled as you sunned
on that heavenly beach,
just like I knew you would.

So proud of myself, I
gave you my gift and
we walked down that beautiful shore.

We spoke of old sorrows and
earthly regrets, thankful
we'd feel them no more.

Eternally blessed
and hand in hand,
we watched as our new sun set.

Then we dined at a table
with our precious Lord
and praised Him for
the day that we met.

by James Watkin |
Categories: depression, love,

Despair, And Its Blank Stare

What are you, if not yet dead
Living out, beforehand
Its lost forever moment
In its featureless land!

Feel now what, never too late
Through what of its power
Redemptive, fails not , smiled out:
A loving compassion.
Winter in the heart's limbo
As spring-time, sunned upon.