Love Poem: Kisses Under A Midnight Moon
Tim Smith Avatar
Written by: Tim Smith

Kisses Under A Midnight Moon

The sea was calm as I have ever seen
A slight western breeze chilled
My over sunned cheeks
It wasnt last call at the Cabana
But it was for me as the moon 
Reached ever higher into the
Infinite night sky
I walked the beach home alone
Like I always do except for this 
Night I wasn't alone
A silhouette approached me
Curves were all I could see
Illuminated in the midnight moon
Sporting only an oversized T-shirt
And a smile that lit up the shore
Our eyes locked and beckoned me
To ask if she needed company
A little small talk and one brush
Of her hand on my arm
Was all it took before my lips
Took her home if at least for one night