Love Poems About Sunlit or Sunlit Love Poems
by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: beauty, immigration, magic, metaphor, pride, summer, sun,

Sun Dance

~Sun Dancing~         

Bright yellow sparks glisten around the landscape
Sheer environment expose  
Warmth slinks down every step        
So--  Invigorating 
Spur-like rays muster in long light
The wolves wait to howl
Soon--Bunch of flowers 
Huddle in with sunlit love
Luminous rave  

By; pd

by Lu Loo |
Categories: emotions, lost love, passion,

Time To Let You Go

Beneath the sunlit sky I see your face, and in that moment you reveal your touch- I feel the way you’ve mastered your embrace, and through the night your passion is as such. Above the twilit moon I need your kiss, I beg of you to keep my secret safe- For when away your fondness I do miss, and as we said we need our tender faith. The way the spark is lit beneath the sheets, reveals the gentle ways you swiftly trace my body like a sketch down to my feet, for in your arms is where I leave my lace. Before the Lord made man you loved me so- But now it’s time for me to let you go. October 21, 2016

by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: faith, prayer, sky,

A Silent Prayer

On silky sky, a silent prayer for God and love and stars live there. In light of sun and milky moon, in depths of dark and crests of dune, where sunlit gems meet farthest seas, where rainbow’s hues meet gentlest breeze, to love on high His majesty, to fully bask in His glory, to greet the clouds and welcome rain, to hear the joy in thunder’s refrain, to know this love resides within, so once closed hearts can share, opened. A silent prayer on silky sky becomes a song to God on high.

by Lin Lane |
Categories: ireland,

Taste of Guinness, Scent of Heather: a Monotetra

Sunlit days I spent on the moor Sweet Summer heather scents allure Bathing in waves on Dublin's shore Aye, Irish lore Aye, Irish lore Crumbling castles on exhibit Pricey ticket; warm day visit Guinness stout without a limit Tastes exquisite Tastes exquisite Stung by wild bees in clover leaves Winded, needed the help of sheaves Love for Ireland my heart now weaves And soon it grieves And soon it grieves Time has come for vacation's end And Summer's days with Autumn's blend When I close my eyes and pretend In dreams I wend In dreams I wend

by Elizabeth Wesley |
Categories: love,

When I Meet You

Wind blows the branches
Crimson leaves fall;
Dark shadows dance
On the sunlit wall.

The wind softly whispers
Secrets to the trees;
Then I'm reminded
Of much more than these.

In the grey twilight
When ever I meet you;
The trees are more crimson
And the sky is more blue.

When the wind calls her song
In forgotten skies;
Would it be wrong
If we were not wise?

by Michael Dom |
Categories: desire, love, lust, sensual, woman,

She Is the Liquid Night

She is the liquid night The fluid obsidian chalice She engulfs me Her breath is frangipani It is the air I breathe She permeates me In her starlit vision In her saltiness She inspires me She is in lahara The gifts she bares She subdues me Her laughter is gold It is the sunlit day She uncovers me In her swaying presence In her sand strewn hair She desires me She is the fallow earth The orgasmic humus bed She gestates me Her touch is dewpoint It wets my thirst She precipitates me In her silken sweat In her pounding pulse She receives me Contest: Limerence theme

by Kash Poet |
Categories: love, romance,

A Sunlight Girl

A sunlight girl with sunny smile years ago in my life, shining bright like Sunrays trapping my chlorophyll days! In and out day and night of my heart's secret room, all those days sunny Sundays Christmas nights no darkness! Remembering her sunlit face in this wet rainbow noon, after a fresh damsel rain walking down memory lane! Sunlight girl where are you? I need now smiling face, give me back bright Sunrays bring back my chlorophyll days! © kashinath karmakar

by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: first love,

Beneath a Cherry Tree

She held my hand, beneath a tree
Leaning forward, a kiss so sweet
The taste of her, like Cherry Coke
Sunlit beauty a gorgeous smile
Beneath a tree a kiss so sweet

I pulled her near, wanting her close
Pretty brown eyes, looked into mine
As time stood still, my heart quickened
Gentle breezes lifted her dress 
A kiss so sweet, like Cherry Coke

Some memories, will never fade
Me just a boy, she was sixteen
A lovely part of yesterday
I lose myself there for a while
A gorgeous smile, she held my hand

A modified Eileenesque Poem.

by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: moon, sun,

Bodies of Light

Luna shares her sunlit surface
    With the night
Knowing she depends on her
    Love, for light.
For eons they have shared the
    Sky in space,
As both share with Earth their
    Power and grace.

Sol controls the four seasons
    That he guides.
Luna sways our moods along 
    With ocean tides.
Both are needed for our dear 
    Earth to thrive.
Let’s give thanks for God's creations
    And being alive.

© Connie Marcum Wong

On Monday, Nov. 14 2016 Earthlings will be treated to a so-called supermoon - the closest full moon of the year.Monday's supermoon will be extra super - it will be the closest the moon comes to us in nearly 69 years since 1948.

by Rick Parise |
Categories: nature,

Summer Desire

The old elm shivers naked and bare Summer's golden starlight has bid farewell Strewn leaves lie silent orange red pastel Where fragmented pieces of death prevail Though love stands undaunted And songs whisper the breeze Still a lonely heart yearns In sunlit dream The old elm shivers naked and bare

by Rick Parise |
Categories: beautiful, bird, dance, december, love, winter,

Snow Birds Softly Sing

And when the sun rose Again she came to dream Of lace stiched beauty Upon the vale redeem Where white snowflakes dance In crystal sunlit beams To flutter soft revealing words Snow birds softly sing Her garb of fancy feather Her spirit of sunlight glow Sing a song of endless beauty Of love to him bestow And now the peaceful call of starlight Draping the walls of dream Flicker a light of silent beauty As the snow bushed trees sway

by Eve Roper |
Categories: god, spiritual,

Spiritual Gift

Come; sit for a bit 
on sunlit verdant coverlet
with uncluttered mind

Welcome sweet Wisdom, 
and let the Word
sow blossoms of Love.

Gardener’s  incessant  
nourish  the fruit  
of the kingdom
as roots  bore deep

Leaves greet the heavens
enduring special grace
inviting my soul
reflecting its rainbow


by Rick Parise |
Categories: love, nature, passion, peace,


Unspoken words silent and unheard waiting for the poets vision to paint each delicate word On sunlit morning's glowing warmth and hills of velvet gold where subtle stroke of vibrant grace capture each harmonic word We stand in awe as drum beats roll and fill our weary souls when at last a song of love falls profound in sacred truth On sunlit morning's glowing warmth I climb the hill tops high and dream in visions of purest white above the azure sky

by Rick Parise |
Categories: beauty, color, desire, flower, nature,

Beauty Behold the New Day

Lilies of the valley Upon the morning dawn Like a graceful ballerina Swaying sunlit songs Of orange pastel And hues of gold A lavender bouquet Of love Placed upon the dancer Dreamer To twine blue skies above

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: animal, beauty, bird, color, flower, morning, sun,

Wakey Wakey

Red rooster is crowing, perched on a split rail fence,
In the bloom of a rosy dawn, when all nature is tense.
In the chocolate colored trees, of the emerald leaves,
Baby bluebirds are cheeping, to the spicy warm breeze.
The flowers bob and curtsey, with many colorful cheers,
In a love affair that's endured, ages of sunlit years!
Purple shadows are drifting, the world partially awake,
And it's still a shadowy mystery, what destiny will make.
Perky squirrels are scampering, the sun is on his way,
Sweet life is beginning again, for it's a brand new day!

by Harry Horsman |
Categories: sad love,

Raining Within

Frequent the Showers
Feeds the rain deep in one’s heart…
Gone the sunlit smile
Now no rainbow resides here
Just the rhythm of the pain.

by Matthew Anish |
Categories: joy, sun, urban,

Fine Day In the City

Sun beaming down its loving rays
on Gotham
New York City - in particular the Lower East Side 
is "where it's at"
This fine venue 
allopws me to "express myself"
Love are combining to 
"light up" the residents of NYC
Read and write verse!
Use your imagination!
I will now sip green tea
take joy in the heart of the metropolis 
I invite all 9 million or so residents 
To enjoy this sunlit morning with me

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: home, love, woman,

A Recipe of Love

Woven into the fibers of every rug
   Burnished in the grains of hardwood floors
Shining in the panes of sunlit windows
   Carved into great oaken doors   

Gleaming in newly polished silver chalice
   A recipe of love, a woman's dearest wish
In the pride of her kitchen, aglow on each utensil
   Baked into her every dinner's dish

by Steve Lavelle |
Categories: absence, betrayal, grief, heartbroken, loss, lost love, sad,

The Turn of the Screw

There was a time I swear it’s true
When all the roads that led to you
Were leafy lanes and sunlit avenues

And every bird in every tree
Announced this joy triumphantly
The world had a perfect symmetry

It ends just like it begins
I feel the ground under me spin
Until I’m on the outside looking in

As the penny drops into a slot
It turns a key that fits a lock
And opens up a door right under me

And suddenly

I’m falling

And as all colours lose their hue
As all lines fall out of true
The only sound I can hear
Is the slow, slow turn of the screw
Is the slow, slow turn of the screw

by Harry Horsman |
Categories: miss you,

Leaving On a Jet Plane

Oh the wondrous glow of an English Rose
seductive she glides along foreign skies,
words that are spoken in this tongue she chose
whence where she will dwell amidst sunlit sighs.
But what of the love she doth leave behind
subdued in the humus of his desire,
a stringent veil of secrecy so blind
creates a fabric entity of fire.
The candle burns low his autumn of life
when stood at the gate of fearful goodbyes,
upon a tropical romance so rife
chance an English fragrance with Spanish eyes.
Still through woeful tears he scans a Jet plane
waits thereof her return to ease his pain....

 © Harry J Horsman 2013

by Daniel Turner |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, love, mountains, nature,

My Beautiful Place

I've seen the Rocky Mountains
From Alberta to New Mexico
Heavenly reaching cathedrals
Rock walls like stained glass windows
Death Valley's crystalline sands
Sparkle like moonlit seas
Red orange cactus roses
Saguaro and Joshua Trees
Green meadows covered with weeds
Deep purple to crimson red
Melting in waves of heat
Reflecting in lakes where they bled
Looked out, over Niagara Falls
Sunlit mist of every hue
Thousand Islands, covered with snow
In The St Lawrence of indigo blue
Multicolored hot air balloons
Floating lazily 'cross baby blue skies
But the place most beautiful to me
Is here, with you by my side

     an original poem by Daniel Turner

by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: birth, kiss, nature, seasons, spring,

Welcome Spring

As solemn winter days recede, and snow dissolves for verdant trees, leaves sprout in awe of season’s sun, rising to heights of a wren’s song. Then, reach with budding, fertile limbs, and cradle fragile eggs within. The sunlit charms come days of March, and April’s soft, refreshing rain, together grow spring’s miracle, the boisterous floral birth of May; And I conspire with warm winds, to relive spring’s bright days of youth. When blooming love was carved then shared a kiss below gold, honey skies.

by Gary Bateman |
Categories: emotions, feelings, god, love, metaphor, passion, romance,

Our Winter Love

Our Winter Love

We walk sweetly on the fresh snow,
this sunlit morn all bright and white; 
making snowballs as we now go.
We walk sweetly on the fresh snow.
Nature’s snow makes our love now grow!
Our love’s alchemic and so right!
We walk sweetly on the fresh snow,
this sunlit morn all bright and white! 

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved,
November 19, 2015 (Triolet)

by Declan Molloy |
Categories: history, remember,

Noisy Little Monkey

Noisy Little monkey

Techno junkie, clever monkey
Habilis in magic mist
Little Lucy's dream

Swingers in city sky
*****erectus being
sunlit opposing thumbs
sad bipedal thing...

Flint knapper back stabber
rapping dancer man 
tippers, dark skin tappers
ancient mountain clans

Neanderthal folk dying oak
river crashing sounds 
rumbling in that stormy pass
above ancestral ground
Searching warming grass
Silent monkeys dared 
Invented gods of love and fear
hung them in the stars

Remember fingers in winter corn
Oh warriors of the plain long lost
Sapient kings of a dying earth
just shadows in approaching dusk

by Michael Walker |
Categories: romantic, sorry, sweet, uplifting,

Never Meant To Hurt You

You're the love of my life, and the fire in my soul.
You make my life whole.

I'm sorry if I made you cry.
Please forgive me, and let me lift your heart into a bright sunlit sky.

Let me place a smile on your face, a kiss to your lips.
Let the sadness leave no trace. Let me suffer the whips.

I love you.