Love Poem: Bodies of Light
Connie Marcum Wong Avatar
Written by: Connie Marcum Wong

Bodies of Light

Luna shares her sunlit surface
    With the night
Knowing she depends on her
    Love, for light.
For eons they have shared the
    Sky in space,
As both share with Earth their
    Power and grace.

Sol controls the four seasons
    That he guides.
Luna sways our moods along 
    With ocean tides.
Both are needed for our dear 
    Earth to thrive.
Let’s give thanks for God's creations
    And being alive.

© Connie Marcum Wong

On Monday, Nov. 14 2016 Earthlings will be treated to a so-called supermoon - the closest full moon of the year.Monday's supermoon will be extra super - it will be the closest the moon comes to us in nearly 69 years since 1948.