Love Poems About Sunk or Sunk Love Poems
by Poet Destroyer A |
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The shining light hides behind my eyes,
Comes in a super nova surprise
My spirit glides into the skies,
Spreading the perfect heat like the sunrise

I was like a diamond under the beauty of the ocean!
My current rides out with smooth motions,
Leaving a taste with intense emotion
Captured by my tides, sunk to my love potion

The sun sends my waves like a mirage of snow
I got the moon to favor upon my glow
With every star touching my inner soul
A glimpse of darkness in my light entwining with a massive flow

Blinded by my own ECLIPSE!
My sun & moon collide
Until the day we both touch lips


by Tony Bush |
Categories: happiness, life, love,

From Her To Eternity

A rose petal path, a highway in limbo, 
Unravels a map to a future unspecified; 
Wherever we get to, however we get there, 
The transit of questions by nature unqualified. 
All may be sunk in the swell of the ocean, 
Secrets in catacombs lost to the deep; 
Wave after wave roll the dreams to the shoreline 
Where lovers lie dormant and dance in their sleep. 
All that is known is the dynamic feeling 
Of she and of I and of hanging together, 
Love and mercurial magic of moonbeams, 
Painted on sea spray and claiming forever...

by Joseph Sergi |
Categories: death, lost love, love, romantic,

Sailors Ghost

How I long to see the sun and its morning light,
to warm my face from these long cold nights.
And hold you close and near,
to chase away all my fears.
But this my love I cannot do,
for my spirit walks along with you.
My ship hit the reef and sunk in the night,
my last thoughts were of holding you tight.
Until that day when we are united as one,
I will wait my love by the setting sun.


by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: valentines day,

Looks Like Cupid Missed the Mark

I told her at work I been bizzy
She got mad and threw a big hizzy
Thus I've been in a bit of a tizzy
Tryin to fix things with Lizzy

So I say I’ll come see her again
(How many weeks has THAT been?)
If I knock on her door in chagrin
I’ll take a left hook to the chin

She ain’t buyin no more of my junk
Seems my Love Boat came in but it sunk
So I guess I’ll go out and get drunk
(Then consider becoming a monk)

by K Cochrane |
Categories: confusion, courage, friendship, friendship love, introspection, love, relationship, strength,

In the Beginning

The beginning has begun – light breaks through a broken past.
I walked around the turn and jumped through the looking glass.
I dizzied in the bend, and knew it wouldn’t last,
my battleship has sunk… the flag now at half-mast.

A garden I now grow, and tend it every day.
The Cheshire Cat - it grins – love’s lust in a passion play.
I seek the path that leads, believing I won’t stray…
No beginning and no end; A tie that binds, they say.

by Sloppy Joe |
Categories: bridal shower, candy, december, desire, first love, gender, hair,

Soups Only For the Poor

Soup is only for the poor
But seriously I want more
If only I could drink the broth
I would kill an animal, maybe a moth
I need a spoon to eat this junk
I'm in a boat, a shark hit it, now i'm sunk
I'm living on the side of the road
But I've got soup, it's not too cold
Even though it's winter
I wish I could use a dang fork
Possibly even kill someone in new york
Soup should only be given to the poor
Maybe, soon, I might score
Then again, I live on the street 
I'm always getting beat up, always beat
That's why I need soup
Because it's for the poor.

by Sadaf Syed |
Categories: funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, love,

A Guy's Excuse For Missing a Date

A guy to his girlfriend on phone-

"I love you,you do too,
But now I also love someone else.
She doesn't fritter my money,shout,cry like you,
She's dark,beautiful,an enchantress.

She invigorated my spirits,mesmerized me,
I didn't even realize when the sun sunk.
We'll postpone our date of tonight,I can't drive now,
'Cause baby,I'm drunk!"

by Birgitta Le Roux |
Categories: break up, goodbye, i love you, missing, romantic, sad love,


It seems to me,
Since you lay right here.
I thought we’d be,
Till you disappeared.

A lighthouse sunk to the sea,
In the dark of the night.
With no light to guide me to you,
Ill drift here,
Till I can set sail again,
or forever fall at the edge of your reef.

by Freyja Kent |
Categories: angst, death, lost love, love, mystery, passion

Unrequited Love's Last Chance

Ambiguity undefined
Overuled and underlined
by Blood red hair that hides
the ship that sunk in sea blue eyes

empty life and bursting heart
betrayed by senses in the dark
haunted by the righteous wrong
a strangled heart's silent song

by Reggae Magnet |
Categories: parody,

No Opologies

I make no apologies

I am natures child
Risen from the dust
Only to return when I die
I make no apologies
That I sauntered when you tried
But I lauded the accomplishments you derived
I make no apologies 

That from the spring of my youth
I have grown old, learning the truth
I make no apologies
Though tears I cry
Of a fading love about to die
I rode your waves,I explored your oceans
But I was sunk with loveless emotions  
I make no apologies 

For taking flight
Leaving the darkness
Seeking the light
I make no apologies
For the colour of my skin
My big brown eyes, my stubbled chin
So formed and blessed with African ways 

Glowing brighter on sunny days.

by Nayda Ivette Negron Flores |
Categories: boat,

Lovers Secret

Emerging from deepest blue rapid streams
A heart shaped locket with color photos 
Tells a story without saying a word 
From the sunk of the boat when two lovers
Travelled far off from their cheated partners
In tenebrous midnight hour, when a storm 
Trapped the traitors in a sudden whirlwind
Burying forever illicit love 
Leaving behind the affair evidence
Portraited in keepsaked past mementos 


by Donna Roberts |
Categories: birthday,

Fruitful Birthday

My sister enjoys planting pumpkin
Shes called a country bumpkin
She harvests in her garden
among oscillating leaves
Her birthday is in November
On the seventh, I remember
Shes called a country bumpkin
Abundant seed she sunk in
On your very special day
Sending sisterly love your way
On the seventh, I remember
Glowing birthday cake candles ember
May your day be as fruitful as your garden
And may your heart never harden
Sending sisterly love your way
Upon a sunshine prayer today and everyday

by Pipping Stars |
Categories: art,

My Insanity

my insanity what part of it parted remains half heart shown have we not bled in streets what are my drops of blood to your death piercing screams hollow echoes seperation here with out you alone ? charecters from moon beam glances stars reflecting suns heat without love my death never stretched that far what sacrifice have i made for humanity what are my boast of words when night has gone my daylight was sunk in a sparrows anchoring feather ?

by Tony Bush |
Categories: love, passion, longing,

The Pedestal I Put You On

Within my heart of hearts there lies
  a place apart, enshrined for you,
secluded away from other eyes,
  a refuge out of view.
I visit each time I watch you pass,
  hide there so your gaze can't see
this admiration internalised
  within the very depths of me.
Herein a deeper sense of love,
  a structure sunk in flower petals,
encrusted with longing diamond smiles,
  constructed out of precious metals.
Its nature transcends the superficial
  skin of sex and cold desire,
beyond such mere transience
  there burns a different kind of fire.
Yet you may never know of this,
  and I must only dwell upon
the truth of whether you deserve
  the pedestal I put you on...

by Gail Foster |
Categories: beauty, drink, emotions, love, psychological, sad, world,

Drunk, With Love

Today, in Bath, I saw a drunk
Embrace the world with open arms
He'll be, by when the sun has sunk
Not quite so eager for her charms
And there'll be anger, old regrets
And sorry tears for lovers lost
And in the morning, shakes and sweats
And reasons to count up the cost
But for a moment, can in hand
The world's an oyster full of pearl
More glorious than God had planned
His beautiful, belovéd girl

© Gail Foster 15th February 2017

by Gleb Zavlanov |

Sweet Love, Your Cheek Is Pale

Sweet love, your cheek is pallid and your crest
Is laid with spleens of winter’s iron rage.
Your lip is faint, and your heart now does rest
Within the bowelled dungeons of sore age.
Your kiss, once but a touch of summer’s blood
Is now a stab of winter’s dreary gripe,
And your eyes now are with miasmas fraught.
Your soul presents no flower or fruit, ripe.
The visions of your dream have been expelled
By wanton winds that o’er the canyons sweep
And love that you within your gaze beheld
Has sunk within eternal, frosted sleep.
    That isn’t so: when summer’s ripening
    Sweet blossoms on your pallid face, then spring.

© 2013 Gleb Zavlanov

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: beautiful, desire, love,

Opiate Dream

There is a thirst
of many days
restrained in our body,
chained words on lips of dreams...

I think of her
the smell of oak essence,
memories of magnolia,
the salty wind of the sea returns...

She says she will be here
in just a few days,
her presence floats for a moment,
I wrap my whole being anxiously!

At that moment of full sensation,
my hands are sunk in grapes,
and my body feels surrounded
by her loving arms...

by B. Joseph Fitzsimons |
Categories: happy, how i feel, husband, love, soulmate, true love, water,

Dear Daniil

Words are lost upon my lips, 
And refraining from poetic scripts,
Which is why, I feel, I find it hard each way,
To display for you what I wish to say. 
A feeling is often but a passing fancy,
Which we sense in waves of nonce emotion,
And returns only in splashes of neural necromancy,
Unless it drowns you in its ocean.

That said, I’ve sunk beneath a deluge of feeling for you,
And wish for neither breath nor buoy, 
I’d rather stay stuck in its sappy glue,
As I prefer this feeling of being gooey. 

And so I, as are my words, am lost at sea,
My drowning has only been a rescue,
And now I feel a new freedom to be, 
Me, now that I am safe at sea with you.

by Jerry T Curtis |
Categories: adventure, lost love,

Rosy's Realm

While there on the beach
Not having to teach
What Rosy knew so well
When the night hit the sky
And the waves, stood on high
She said "Don't kiss and tell"

Not a sailor you see
Rough seas frightened me
With Rosy at the helm
Made my ship ran a muck
For my rudder got stuck
Heading for Rosy's realm

The waves tossed and turned
With a passion that burned
As I sunk in the sand by the sea
With a small wave good bye
I saw in her eye, 
She'd never returned here to me

You might think I was sad 
Or maybe just mad
For loving and leaving me so
But Now,  I'm a sailor, 
Looking to Hail her
In every port that I go

by Pipping Stars |
Categories: art,

Identity Crisis

identity crisis me too we felt the feeling i love you remember me gripping that cod in the boat here we are sunk in every note ?

by Kristen Bruni |
Categories: courage, introspection, love,

I Did It My Way

Longing for a visit with my gals 
Boyfriend said no , I start to scoul 
But it's been 2 years since I left 
A quick girls trip to LA I've got it set 

Why so controlling I then asked? 
He said I should leave my old life in the past! 
My heart sunk low with a warning 
This isn't normal as we started storming. 

Do I listen to my gut and go anyway? 
Do I say no because he said stay? 
In the end I went and trusted my heart 
I did nothing wrong to be a few days apart. 

He left me just because of that 
But I did my way and stood up instead of sat! 

June 19 , 2014

by Juan Paolo Galua |
Categories: love,

Wish You Were Here

A fireball flashed and seared the sky
When silhouetted man on boat
With oars sliced the quiet sea
Seagulls swirled around the gilded space
Tracked the swimming silvered flesh
Waves slugged on sands broke into a splash
For some moment I wish you’re here
Together we’ll fall into a trance
Watching Seagulls swirling round and round
That now looks like a dancing shadow
Floating against the vast expanse
The water had already sunk the sun
The sky is now a purple fabric
Yet I am still here lying in the sand, drunk

by Richard H. Dunsany |
Categories: conflict, lost,


Clear garish winds’ ascent grew plumbs renowned
Enunciating deftly to my heart:
If yon soot night inebriates the crowned,
No Lawyer can persuade a fire part.
Mere pigeons love blood in God’s tapestry,
Demure lungs and wrong idea atriums
Absolvent till Noon, their brewed majesty
Thwarts Edelweiss e’en to Chrysanthemums.
Dim cores all fight the luring sword of grace
Devout as Time sunk in an ink-tipped quill.
Touché, relaxing, elegant Lovelace:
Gore Kinderheim, by Night caress the ill.
The madness sways croon lig’ments by the shore,
For dances do all mired hearts censure.

by Tony Bush |
Categories: lost love, love,

There Is Always Something There To Remind Me

There is always something there to remind me,
And all I own reminds of you,
In picture frames and bric-a-brac
When I am passing through.
There is always something there to distract me
Moments ambushed in the days,
With no warning or foretelling,
Just in unexpected ways.
There is always something there to prevent me
Casting off your ghost at last,
A deeply rooted anchor
Sunk into the distant past.
There is always something there to inform me
I was happier back then,
Or at least that’s my perception
Of a life from way back when.
And there is always something there to remind me,
Scent or sight or faintest sound,
I can’t put your dreams behind me,
You will always be around.

by Mitch Green |
Categories: love, romance,

Beautiful Monster

You bring out my inner feel, although I am not sure who you are. Might it be a collaborative collage of power to heal this man of a thousand hearts, all broken? Romance has forever sunk its sappy soul motive teeth into my veins. Bleeding a poison for you to breathe in. don’t drink too much. It could possibly kill. There is a breathless gasp that my soul conjured a blanket from. Anti-venom holds me tight as I curl into dreams of cupids failed arrows.
You are the monster in my mind.