Love Poem: The Pedestal I Put You On
Tony Bush Avatar
Written by: Tony Bush

The Pedestal I Put You On

Within my heart of hearts there lies
  a place apart, enshrined for you,
secluded away from other eyes,
  a refuge out of view.
I visit each time I watch you pass,
  hide there so your gaze can't see
this admiration internalised
  within the very depths of me.
Herein a deeper sense of love,
  a structure sunk in flower petals,
encrusted with longing diamond smiles,
  constructed out of precious metals.
Its nature transcends the superficial
  skin of sex and cold desire,
beyond such mere transience
  there burns a different kind of fire.
Yet you may never know of this,
  and I must only dwell upon
the truth of whether you deserve
  the pedestal I put you on...