Love Poems About Sunglasses or Sunglasses Love Poems
by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: happiness, summer,

- New Summer -

                                                    hot, blazing sun
                                       light clothes, naked, summer brown
                              sunglasses, sandy beach, sunscreen, sun umbrella
                      sunburn, summer love, summer kiss, summer joy, happiness
                                sun umbrella, sun hat, swimming, water skiing
                                      strawberries, ice cream, cold drinks
                                                   lazy days, pleasure

A-L  Andresen :)

by Stephen Kilmer |
Categories: drink, irony, love, lust,

Somebody Else

A lush
A hot tomato
Full of bourbon
Holding up a bar stool
Cigarette between her fingers
Manicured nails meant to kill
And I’m on a bender
And hell bent
Smoky crushed velvet
James Bond would be so proud
A jazz quartet is swinging 
To a heroin crowd
Sunglasses in the night
The brother is so cool
A nicotine queen
Is filing in between
Bartender named Lloyd
Says my money’s no good 
Drinks are on the house
They know I’ll pay in cocaine
When we slide on out the back
“What was that?” she says
“A double Jack straight up?”
No mixers for me
I’m drinking for the buzz
It takes a lot of booze to kill 
The memories of you 
And pretend I’m someone else.

by Black Eyed Susan |
Categories: lovelove,

Under the Sunglasses

You can see the love in his eyes
She's not a possession; she's a prize
And as for her,
She happily purrs,
Drunk on Love's fine wine

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Received 6th place in "first love poem on the soup" contest
Received 10th place in "Loveland Limerick" contest

by Mark Junor |
Categories: beach, beautiful,

Endless Summer

her endless summer dream
gathers dust on its sand encrusted photo of
beach blanket love affairs

jet planes departing for distant lands
she had her five and dime sunglasses
and a transistor radio
tuned to the cheerful forever summer song
still has that picture of her in the fall of 66
hamming it up for the camera with her Stanley
he passed a while back

now she shuffles up along the seawall
with her big hat and her bags
candy for little ones
a kiss on the cheek for the nice
young man who brings the paper
its miami in febuary
its endless summer
its brighton beach's southside
and i know ill have to stay

by Sara Chansarkar |
Categories: love,

Falling In Love Again

I steal glances at you in my rear-view mirror
Every morning we start for work
Those aviator sunglasses on that handsome face
Make me fall in love again

The way you lovingly attend to me
Every evening we sit for dinner
Ladling my plate, forcing me to eat
Hand feeding me carrots and greens
Makes me fall in love again

You don’t ever flinch
Every night when we go to bed
My ice cold feet seek your warm skin
And you raise your shins slightly to let them sneak under
Making me fall in love again

Written on:09/21/2016
Contest:Free verse love poem

by George Zamalea |
Categories: love,


True love begins in a dark paradise
	Filled with graffiti
And Diet Coke,
Wearing a Three Dimension sunglasses
	Against the white screen
Swallow popcorn in a summertime
	Stormy rain.

by S. Abdulwasi'h Olaitan |
Categories: 1st grade, africa, allah, arabic, forgiveness, funny love, storm,

Broken Wings


I spread my wings
And feather
But I couldn't fly.

I open my ears
And heart
Yet I couldn't hear.

I open my mouth
And lips
But I couldn't talk.

I close my eyes
Alongside thine sunglasses
Yet I see.

I see my past 
And fears
I take to the wood.

My obstacles,
Experiences I espy
I take my leave and the halt.

I'm eager to fly
Yet, my wings are broken.

by Alkas Poetry |
Categories: abuse, adventure, fantasy, irony, love, metaphor,

A Personality Woman For a Simple Man

Masked face
               painted mouth,
               obscure osculation...
               challenging look,
                razor tongue,,,
                deaf ears,
                 distorted view,
                 blind to life,
                 denatured... !

by Iolanda Scripca |
Categories: death,

A Final Tide
















by Sara Zahed |
Categories: people,

The French Guy

I have a moustache with a curl at its ends
                   Accompanied with small hair on my chin

                      I wear a suit that's black in color 
           And sunglasses that make me look like a counselor

                     I am French with a funny English accent 
          With a heart filled with love that shines with the crescent
                           I am Francois the French Guy!!

by Deepanshi Chaudhry |
Categories: allegory, happiness, inspirational, introspection, life, love,

Upon Needing Others

Your Ray Ban sunglasses
And your Levi’s shirt, 
Aren't going to fill the void
And deliver peace to you. 
They’re just possessions. 
My mind longs for knowledge, 
And my heart for adventure.
Feeling the gush of wind in my hair
And the gentle hand of a friend. 
I envy you, 
But I pity you too.
For I wish you could feel what I feel, 
And maybe we’d be content. 
Different, so different
In our ways of life, 
Yet content.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: woman,

She Has a Style and a Groove

She has a style that is full of florals and spring
We watch her daily, for her outfit is full of zing
Today she has sunglasses with flowers galore.
She wears gorgeous things daily, full of amore.

She is glitzy and ritzy, and we love watching her move.
In the seventies we would have said she has lots of groove.
She is a fashionista who knows what to wear.
Always with a hood, so we wonder if she has any hair.

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: love,

Far Pen

Summer girl has come
On the summer beach full fresh
Hot thru sunglasses

Coconut fluid
Wet The heart with juicy lips
Under the clouds boat

Far poetic words
Wove charming wave of poem
Pen soul implores love

28.08.2020 Chattogram

by Teresa Harr-Pena |
Categories: confusion, hope, inspirational, life, lost love, love, sympathy, uplifting, me,

My Only Weakness Is Him

Time to move on
Love has come to an end
A week has passed
Nothing received, nothing to send

More memories to bury
Deep within thy soul
Many years to live
Focusing on my goal

For just a brief moment
I thought there was a chance
To have the man I've always loved
But I only got a glance...of his

soft lips
hard work
warm hands

and he walked with me just to let me walk away...again

by Njeri Hunjeri |
Categories: dedication, encouraging, poets, thank you, uplifting, writing,

Good Looking People

Look at you all
     So beautiful as you stand tall
Look at you all
      Fine as you roll this ball

No need for sunglasses, your eyes sparkle
Let's store the cameras away, twinkle twinkle 
I love your shave, your bear too, your smooth, your wrinkle 
Let's keep this beauty on, it will never dwindle

Let's keep the albums rolling, and keep the sprinkles sprinkling
Let's keep the emails active, with thank you
     THANK YOU's
Feeding the soul with the positive, all you

by Joanie Yeager |
Categories: love

Hidden Beneath Sunglasses

A girl walks by with her
Sunglasses on no one knows
What’s really going on
To lift those glasses off her face
And see the burse he left on her that day
She walks by acting if nothing is wrong
Walking back home to a painful mistaken love.

by Mickey B |
Categories: funnylove,



I love to peruse dating online,
You never know, who you may find
Brave patrons there, looking for love
Profiles varied, spelling misused.
Photos atop for all to see
But the biggest annoyance that comes to me,
Are faces with sunglasses, hiding their eyes
Like mysterious idiots thinking their spies!
Scared of revealing the eyes of the soul,
So what kind of love do you think you’ll behold?
You’re profile’s out there, the world to find
Get rid of sunglasses unless you are blind!

by John Watt |
Categories: cute,

Bright Orbs

My love, your eyes reflect the stars in radiant array;
  those eyes that glimmer like the moon and make my night like day.
But when those eyes reflect the sun, it may be time you learned
  to put on your sunglasses, dear, my headache has returned.

written 8 Jan 2020

by James Kelley |
Categories: for her, kiss, lust, romance, romantic, romantic love,

On the Hood

She was the inception of starlight's kiss. Blossoming on the hood of my car. Watching the Sun sink its head, and tucking my sunglasses between her breasts- Sprawled out beauty. Beckoning the glimmer of night as my burdensome breath pushed the clouds out of our world. I turned up the stereo until her head was nodding and had Devil horns in the air, leaned back into my seat as she tore away all the inhibition on this side of Texas. She slid her way off the hood and danced barefoot in the sand. The idle of the engine. The music. Our hearts racing. The smell of gasoline and suntan lotion. Stars colliding...

I can always feel it. 
When something is about to explode.

-James Kelley 2019

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: divorce,

Sad Day For the Beach

They stood apart
on the beach that once connected them
The place where they fell in love
the sunglasses were discarded
because they were broken
like their relationship

Others kept their distance
sensing their need for privacy
as they dissolved their nest
divvying up their material things
the argument about their children began
a sad day for the beach

by Mark Toney |
Categories: beach, lonely, love, missing you, sky, sun,

Not the Same

Sun scorching, sweltering, sizzling beach

My hardened soles resist the heat

Sunglasses shielding my eyes

White cotton ball clouds glide

Along deep blue skies

But I’m blue too




December 12, 2019
F F I series 34 nonet
Brian Strand, sponsor

by Dedu Son |
Categories: abuse,

To Love Cherish and Batter

He solemnly swears,
In sickness and in health;
He pledges to her,
Love and wealth.
Promises were broken and shattered love,
Jealousy that out ways reason;
Doubts, corruptness, and failures,
Min in tatters and outdone.

She wears sunglasses sometimes,
Not to protect her eyes from the sun;
Long sleeves to cover her arms,
A punch if she looks at anyone.

He loves her dearly,
He owns her or so he thinks;
Mistrusts every step she takes,
His mouth speaks his words that stink.

For sickness and in health they pledged with rings;
He shows his hate when her neck he wrings.

by Michael J. Falotico |
Categories: love, wife, love,

"for My Love"

Sunglasses off and blinders put aside..
A clearer picture forms inside...
Its time to value what's right in front of you..
An angels love that's been so true...
Years we have seen the good and bad...
We know how to laugh and how not to be sad...
A stumble or two on this road we chose ...
But always to the top our love has rose...
I look around and see your constant closeness...
Your undying love and warm thoughtfulness...
My heart is yours to keep in your soul...
I write for you my love, all these words that are told...

by Debjani Mitra |
Categories: lost love, sunshine,


Sun baked earth, yet another summer
Preheated oven burns, my sticky hour. 
Sunglasses hide me,"Did I really love her?"
Sweet lemonade,... tastes bitter and sour. 

8th May 2019
Sponsor	Caren Krutsinger
Contest Name   "Summer Quatrain"

by Veronica Joseph |
Categories: animals, love

Working Dog

the sun casts
beautiful colors 
trees and fields
I stand feet planted
holding Reds leash as he takes the bait
100 plus pounds want that bite and then
runs a blind the first time
oh the glory
of a working dog in motion
truely I tear up behind my sunglasses
as he turns
triumph in his eyes