Love Poems About Sundial or Sundial Love Poems
by Aaron Combs |
Categories: death, life, love,

Love's Sundial

The great circle dawning light have given past, 
Cockcrows, birds chirping, life springs, into new beauty.
Noon, o how it warmed the humid fill air fast;
Afternoon, it grows cold, and weary, its neglect of duty, 
Scarcer the sight of life, to the evening cracks, 
Where the beauty sets its last warm felt glow, 
Loves journey, two way streets, once overflowed, now lacks, 
Daunting nightfall has crept where love lets go. 

by Sarai Virden |
Categories: faith, love, words,

Actions speak louder than words

Symbols cluster to form your speech 
As sprinkled emotions find their seat
Like echoes ricochet off hallowed halls
Resonate an evidence of a tangible fall

Oh mighty words
How you long to portray
Apologies and promises
Which deeds should convey

Ten in the bush or one in the hand
Shall proof lessen my faith
Does the hourglass lie by its last speck of sand
Or shade make a sundial fake

Eloquent phrases doth not expectations meet
Validation must have its day
A narrative cannot express silences feat
For its stone which endures not clay

Grant me the man 
Who's actions speak louder than words
With him through Hell's fire I shall stand
And love him without end undeterred

by Bozhidar Pangelov |
Categories: love

A clock hand

And if you
And if me
Under the sun
(to measure our shadows)
My heart
Would be a straight
hand of a clock


by Dylan Wong |
Categories: love

Love, Finite

That hidden glade beyond the 
Where the sun don't shine and 
time doesn't cease
My eternal pyre burns for you
The apple ripens therein too
Borne with care, bore with 
The lonely sundial without 
A hidden world
A hidden place
Maintained; a space for you 
and me
Where our love doth shine and 
time doth cease

by Chuck Novotny |
Categories: dedication, love, romance,

A Thunderous Silence

Her memories had her waiting
for his oft' tardy appearance,
and in her patient time
perhaps wondering,
"Has he ever noticed the scar
below my kneecap?"
His litany of lateness'
was covered by a bond 
of mutually assured affection.
She'd never hold him to a sundial.
And in those times together,
four eyes flickering
with a lingering seep of memory;
each owning a piece of time,
holding it to savor,
watching her, pleased more
by her company
than any assistance,
silence seemed to have been there,
waiting for them.
And in that moment's breathless anticipation
his realization was;
he'd wait an hour to watch her mouth,
the scintillating way words
unspooled from her lips.

by David Drowley |
Categories: love, sun, time,

Sunny Hours

I only tell of sunny hours...
Sundial yeoman;
Suntanned sentinel 
Stand watch,
Shedding tears for unrequited love.
My cooling shadow stalks sun;
Caresses with timely sunscreen
Sweet sundial’s gilt Egyptian face.
Ask me time of day;
“Shadow knows,” I’ll say.
Shadow will not rest
‘Til sun does nest.

by Janis Thompson |
Categories: sunshine, surreal,

The Happy Sundial

The Happy Sundial

I only tell of sunny hours...
My face is never dark or dour.
I make a point of sunlight’s cast 
and smile to see the shadows pass.

I only tell of joyful hours....
Love springtime days with pretty flowers.
I keep my face turned to the sky....
The bright sunlight shines in my eye.

I only know of happy times,
latitude and hour-lines.
My finger points to noonday sun
that warms the hearts of everyone.


by Jemmy Farmer |
Categories: lovelonging, love,

Old-Time Moves of No Regret

Through steely blue the spirits dance
The old-time moves of no regret
Begin to mingle retrospect
Inventing history of romance
To give new love a sporting chance
Demanding truth of intellect
Cavorting trust amid respect
As lovers share a fleeting glance.

A moment lost to longing stares
A promised kiss upon a smile
The hidden wants of visual style
That leads the knowing unawares
Revealing thoughts the heart declares
The talking eyes that stay awhile
Like the sun on an old sundial
For love has sworn its place is there.